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    Post  Sakito on Sat Oct 08, 2011 3:40 pm

    Sakito felt a sudden, warm shyness come over him when Ruka scooted closer to him. Ah, Ruka was really cool, wasn't he? Why was he hanging out with Sakito and helping with homework...?

    It was too late to doubt that though, wasn't it?

    He nodded his head before he would look like an idiot for stalling so long. He put his hand on the paper and let his mouth hang open for quite the while as he attempted to complile a reasonable-sounding question. "But what about getting so far away from a point that the Earth looks like a particle? Or using a particle from the center of the Earth...?" he was still blinking rather stupidly, hoping that these questions were even valid.

    Because he definitely wasn't thinking about the problem. They could have been talking about history or literature at this point-- as hard as he was trying not to, Sakito kept feeling his eyes draw towards the blonde's features. He really wasn't bad looking and seemed like a tolerable person. Why would Mally not like him?

    He yawned tiredly and stretched out his legs, trying not to look too surprised at how dedicated Ruka was... And then taking him back home? What more could he ask for?

    He laughed genuinely-- when was the last time he'd done that before today? It was different from the small chuckle that he gave with his smiles, "It's a lot easier to understand outside of class," he said nodding and pulling a lock of hair behind his ear. The brunette also noticed how little he himself was talking... Was he nervous?

    ... Of course he was. He had to pull himself together though-- remember that he had to stay himself no matter what. Compose yourself, idiot!

    He shook his head, "I really appreciate you staying here, but really, don't let me stop you from leaving and I can take the trains home," he said, bowing his head. "It's not a long ride to my house the way that the trains go anyways," still ignoring the fact that he was only insisting on the trains because 'straight home' sounded like 'get rid of him quickly', and it wasn't in his style to inconvenience people when they didn't really want him around.

    But Sakito did want to stay for a bit longer and not do work in order to find out more about this interesting person that put up with him and even more outwardly-caring towards him than his own sister. There wasn't anything he would have enjoyed more than to forget his work, enjoy this food, and just chat. But Ruka probably wouldn't want to, right? It probably would have been bothersome anyways.

    "But I think I've understood everything so far," he tried to smile again, probably not quite as enthused as compared to last time. "Is there anything else that you wanted to cover or explain?" He'd probably just stolen Ruka's question, but whatever. He shoved another cake into his face and tried to keep quiet, not really wanting things to end, but still not sure of what to say.

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    Post  Ruka on Sun Oct 09, 2011 12:38 pm

    “Well ...” he then began, snapping out of his thoughts, and concentrating on the brunette's question “... because it get really far … the force would weaken, imagine ...” he then paused and kept thinking of an example he could make, to make it easier “... it's like if I were to gradually move away from you … suppose I began being so close to you that you could feel my breath ...” he then stated “... my breath, the sound of my voice, my actions, are all the force of my planet, and the same your breath, your voice and your actions are the force of your planet.

    “When we feel, see and hear these force, we are affected … in a certain way right?” he continued explaining, sadly already noticing the peculiar flaw of his reasoning before he could even get to the end of it “... happiness, sadness, anger, relief … if we however were to keep moving away from each other, there would be a point in which we would be able to feel, see, and hear each other no more … the force will then be gone … so force would be equal to zero” he then lightly and awkwardly smiled, realizing that his facial expression had somehow turned serious as he explained what felt like such a dreadful scenario.

    And the flaw. In the reality of the blond's case, if they were to drift apart, the force acting on Ruka would most definitely not be zero. If he were to truly fall so madly for this brunette, the chances were that the force would increase the more they were to be separated, until eventually they were far enough, and the force strong enough to break him.

    That was a dreadful scenario indeed, but somehow … somehow … he was looking forward to it. Looking forward to actually feel something, anything again, after such a long time. No matter the hurt that the situation might have caused. You should act more your age Ruka! You always carry yourself and think like you could be my age mate! his grandpa would always playfully admonish. Act his age uh? … how did that work?

    “Like I'd let anyone walk home that I brought along ...” skeptically observed Ruka, serenely shaking his head at Sakito “It has happened a couple of time that I just couldn’t stand someone's company and I did just take up and leave, but even then, I did give them money for a taxi” he plainly explained taking a sip of his by now not so hot cappuccino “that's one thing with me, if I can't stand something, I can't stand something. Period.” he rather nonchalantly observed “So you have nothing to worry about, or doubt ...” he then paused, randomly turning to stare out at the sky.

    “There are a lot of things you might not understand about me, even though I think I am rather simply in all I do, ironically enough, I am being told that that makes me complicated. However, ever since we left that cafeteria this morning, I assure you that there hasn't been a moment in which I thought I would have rather be anywhere else, or with someone else at the matter. I'm fine, here, with you. It's perfect” he concluded, glimpsing at the younger, while smiling and taking another sip of his cappuccino.

    Yes, this, was just perfect. But as many a person, from highly educated folks, to the dumbest of idiots, had professed; All good things come to an end.

    “But if you are really okay with everything, then I suppose I should take you home then ...” he then stated, as he looked at the beautiful mess they had on the table “You can go order any other pastry or-and drink you want to take home … you can get some for your family as well if you want … whatever you want don't hesitate, just order and I'll get as many as you need” he smiled at the brunette, strongly keeping the desire to pass his fingers through the brunette's hair, and cup his cheek, as he waited for the brunette's order.

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    Post  Sakito on Wed Oct 12, 2011 2:01 am

    Of course Ruka would suggest more things that the brunette wasn't used to. Just going up and buying whatever he wanted? That was just a huge no-no. Despite that, he stood.

    "I'll go up and see if there's anything, okay? Wait for me." he smiled innocently and tried to stroll as confidently as he could to the front counter.

    After a solid four minutes later, Sakito found himself walking semi-confidently back from the counter with a small slice of cake, sadly scrounged up with whatever change he had in his pocket. He sat down at his seat and clacked the plate down on the table louder than he'd wanted to, and with a determined look, slid the plate over to Ruka, bowing his head curtly.

    "Thank you for treating me to all of this. I really appreciate it and know it's probably troubled you a lot, so... this is a cake that a small shop near my house makes from scratch every day and I normally go there often because they're so nice to me and I don't need to pay full price but it's really good there but I don't know if this place makes it the same and it was kind of expensive so it should probably be good though I don't know if it's as good as the place I normally go you should check it out sometime if you like the taste of this it's really unparalleled and if you don't know where it is I could give you the name and directions or show you or we could go together sometime though I don't know because generally couples go there together and it'd probably be weird because it's a place you want to take a girl and sit down and have a nice cup of coffee and talk about nothing and..."

    ............. What just happened?

    "It's really good, you should try it." he mumbled quietly after a long pause, hiding his hands underneath the table and not brinigng his head back up.

    WOW SAKITO. Way to go. Ramble off everything your life gave you and more, why don't you? Perfect. He'll never talk to you again. Some way to thank someone who's done so much for you. Ruka probably didn't even care that it was a free cake. From what Sakito had seen today, Ruka could have bought the entire building and chain if he'd wanted.

    But Sakito hadn't been thinking about that. Goodness, no. He only wanted to repay a favor in one of the only ways he knew how to someone who had been so unconditionally nice to him for no real reason. He had completely forgotten on the walk up that Ruka was a person of short temperament and didn't normally like the company of others.

    And he probably just blew it. Just like that.

    So, he wouldn't even apologize. He wouldn't even say another word.

    Sometimes, from the bottom of his heart, he really wished that he wasn't so careless.

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    Post  Ruka on Wed Oct 12, 2011 2:57 pm

    Ruka just stared. He couldn't catch a word of what Sakito was ranting on about, but it didn't matter because it didn't sound annoying in the least, and he was too concentrated staring at the piece of cake that had been given to him.

    Somebody had actually gave him something. When was the last time he had been given something? Wasn't it sad that he couldn't remember? He felt so happy at the moment, actually it was beyond happiness, and he couldn't quite describe what it was but, if he could have, he wouldn't have eaten it. He wished he could have kept it, as a sign, a prove of what just had happened.

    Sakito was certainly divine punishment. A way of god telling him that he existed that he had been watching him, and now he was going to be punished. Keeping his head lowered, and remaining silent he picked up the tiny fork that laid on the tray they already had, and slowly began to eat it.

    It tasted good, but then again he probably wouldn't have been able to give a subjective opinion, could have he? Sakito could have given him an over-salted piece of cake, and it would have tasted just as good. He was so moved, by this simple gesture, he couldn't even speak. He hadn't even said thank you. This was bad. So bad.

    Once he had finished, he placed the for on the plate, and sadly looked at its emptiness, wishing it had lasted a bit more. But once again; all good things always came to an end. Looking up at the brunette, he smiled and tried speaking “Sorry … I didn't get much of what you said, I wasn't paying attention ...” he awkwardly began “... but the cake was, perhaps one of the best cakes I've eaten so far ...” he surprised himself saying, then lowering his head back to the table he humbly professed “Thank you”.

    “You did mention a place to go to though I think …” he then resumed, still staring at his plate “... I think it would be great to go there with you but ...” he then paused, taking a low breath “... When I take you home today, there is something you need to do okay?” he then began, raising his gaze to the brunette.

    “You need to ask your sister all she knows, or heard, or anything, about me. Everything. All the bad things, and the good things .. if any ...” he uncertainly spoke, and bitterly smirked when he said if any “... once she has told you, if you want to confirm, question, if you still want to have anything to do with me, then you could find me tomorrow after school at PRIDE ...” lowering his head, he paused for a second, and as he randomly played with a napkin in front of him he resumed “... there is no point in me telling you all this stuff, because for one it is me, so you have no certainty that what I tell you is true, you'd still need a second opinion, so I'd rather be the second opinion, and confirm or negate whatever Mally has said … and trust me, it is likely I will confirm everything she says ...” he paused again, and mustering his little bit of strength he then looked at the brunette and finally stated.

    “One thing though, I want you to know in advance, I ...” he began, but some how the rest would come out “I ...” he repeated, losing himself into Sakito's eyes, and somehow getting the more frightened the more he forced himself to say the words I really like you “I … I hope” he then lowered his head, deep, in such a way that his bangs could hide the anger in his eyes at having failed to straightforwardly say something for the first time in his existence “I hope you'll come and ask me after you've heard.” he concluded, getting up to his feet.

    “Ready to go?”

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    Post  Sakito on Wed Oct 19, 2011 10:15 pm

    Well... that worked well. Sakito was nearly frozen to his seat as he watched Ruka pick away at the small cake. He winced to himself-- the blonde probably hated it. He hadn't said thanks or smiled or did anything normal people did... then again he wasn't too sure as to how normal Ruka was even now.

    At least, he'd looked like he hated it. Which was why the brunette was so surprised when Ruka said he liked it. That much. He felt his toes curl as his cheeks started to heat up. He was so relieved, it was strange. When had he gotten so worked up anyways?

    "Y-you're wel--"

    He had started quietly, but stopped when Ruka continued. He sounded so solemnly serious about this task that... was it... was he supposed to hear bad things from this...? It worried him faintly, knowing that Mally really did know people in the school and was in on all the gossip going around at all times. She was rarely wrong.

    "I wouldn't change my mind based on that." But would he? He was afraid of what he would hear and how Mally would react--if she would react. Sakito was hoping that she wouldn't, but Ruka was definitely making it sound like only bad things could come from this. Why would Ruka put Sakito in a situation where he would find out bad things about the blonde anyways? That wasn't normal.

    But how much did Sakito care of what anyone else thought? It was rare of him to, but he really didn't want things to change now. Ruka was so nice to him, how could he be a different person to anyone else? He pressed his lips together and shook his head, as if reinforcing his previous statement, raising his head with a reassuring smile (one that likely comforted himself more than it would Ruka).

    "I'll definitely come talk to you tomorrow if you're not too busy and you dont' mind, okay?" he asked, grabbing his things and following suit, the smallest of smiles showing through pursed lips.

    "Let's get out of here, I kept you for a long time." He bowed his head, feeling his skin tense at how bashful he felt, but he couldn't help it. He was already thinking about going to see the blonde tomorrow and where the PRIDE place was... He didn't even care about studying now!

    It was still unnerving how he was asked to talk to his sister, but that could wait, right?

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    Post  Ruka on Thu Oct 20, 2011 11:00 am

    “That would be great ...” genuinely smiled the blond. He really appreciated the feeling, but he knew the chances of it turning out to be like that were pretty slim “... but don't be too hurried, I don't want you to say things you might regret, and don't worry, I will also will not hold you accountable for what you just said” he then calmly replied, as they waited for the elevator to arrive.

    Had he just said something worry-inducing again? For some reason, Ruka had he impression that the brunette was slowly starting to synch with him. It was only an impression. Though it was obvious that he still wasn't disliking him yet, which Ruka appreciated as well. Ah … this brunette, he was so cute, so so freaking cute.

    “Sakito Sakaguchi ...” began the blond, with a pretense skeptical voice “... do you even know where the PRIDE club room is?” inquired the blond, as an image of the brunette trying to find a [i}yellow Lamborghini[/i] quickly flashed in his mind, which really made him want to laugh. And that he did, lightly, affectionately, because it hadn't meant to be derisory, it was just another reaction to just how much cute he was “... it is on the first floor ...” he then kindly informed “... room 115 … the third tot he last room on the right, when you enter the school and walk left” concluded the blond as they walked out the elevator, and towards the cashier, where he gave the girl the card.

    “You spent a total of two hours and a thirty-six minutes … thus your total will amount to $30 each” announced the girl, as Ruka nonchalant brought out $60.

    “I am taking care of it all” instructed the blond, as the girl politely nodded, and took the money “... I don't need a receipt, thanks” quickly announced the blond, as he resumed walking, and a few seconds later found himself out of the cafe, into the parking lot and towards his car.

    So this was it.

    Now he would have to take him, and the magic would fade away, at least for the brunette. Who know how long it would take for Ruka to get over this, because he could already feel it, it won't be too long before he'd fall really badly in love with Sakito, having, and wanting to spot him at school everyday would not have helped either. Perhaps after they graduated, things would have been easier? So many days still to graduation though. Sigh.

    As they got into the car, he stared at his steering wheel, and silently thought for a second. His heart was really getting serious pangs wasn't it? Maybe … Mmmm … would it be bad if he kept the brunette for himself for just another thirty minutes. Thirty minutes would have been enough.

    “I know I promise I'd take you home … but ...” he then began turning to look at the brunette “... there is a place I would really like to go with you, if you don't mind, if not its okay I'll take you home, no biggie” he genuinely smiled. It was really no biggie, he had after all given his words that he would take him straight home, so no reason to be offended at the brunette refusing.

    But just how grand would him accepting have been.

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    Post  Sakito on Thu Dec 22, 2011 2:50 am

    Sakito followed the taller blonde out of the cafe almost timidly, he still wasn't sure as to why talking to Mally seemed more and more intimidating than it initially seemed... He had hardly registered anything Ruka had said since the inside of the cafe though, so he would worry about that later and focus on this strange new person until he had to cross other bridges.

    And Sakito could tell that he was being quiet. It felt strange, but he didn't want to rant off in his ways where he knew he could upset others nor bore Ruka to death. Since when did he care who he talked to as long as he could talk about whatever decided to flit over his mind? He followed the other out to the parking lot and back into the car that seemed so hard to spot back at school.

    He was still feeling a little self-concious, and was about to reply to Ruka's question when his phone started to go off loudly in the quiet car. It seemed like things between them always had this delicate, quiet, ambience that Sakito appreciated, but didn't notice until now.

    Surprisingly enough, it was a text from Mally.

    Where are you? I heard from someone that NiYa was working today...

    Well... there went that lie. He stared at his phone for a long moment, unsure of what to do and knwoing that in the end, he wouldn't be able to go with Ruka to wherever he wanted to go.

    "It looks like... Mally sent me a text and it sounds like I've been found out, really," he tried the smallest of laughs and bit his lip, "I'm not too sure how she found out, but I guess it was inevitable and I got sloppy this time. I would like to go, I really would, but... Mally gets worried sometimes when I'm out like this and it sounds childish and overprotective of her, but I don't like her to worry and I appreciate that she's honest with me, so I hope you don't mind if... ... ... I have to go home for now."

    Sakito hadn't moved his eyes from his phone since he'd checked for this text and he honestly wished that he hadn't at this point so that he could ignore it... but it was proably best like this. He could see Ruka tomorrow. He just... didn't really want to talk to Mally about Ruka.

    "If it's alright, it's... better for me to go hom now. If you turn left out of here, I can guide you to the area," he mumbled quietly, still looking at his phone. How ashamed he felt at such an inconvenience...

    He made himself the slightest bit smaller in the chair and gave his phone a pleading look as if asking it to take him home right that second so that he wouldn't have to bear the guilt for the rest of the car ride. He bowed his head once in an apology, still not looking at the blonde.

    Well, there was always tomorrow... Now, to look forward to that talk with Mally... Had he ever dreaded his sister so much?

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    Post  Ruka on Fri Dec 23, 2011 12:29 am

    akMdfhkdA#%9jLb#%9L$^gYjdfg was exactly what went through his mind as Sakito read him the message. What the fuck. This was perhaps the last moment they would spend together with such a cam and serene atmosphere, and Mally, freaking Mally, had to take that away as well. Fuck fuck fuck fuck. Fuck he was really pissed, but he wasn't going to let it show. Sakito looked sorry enough for the both of them, and he was sure that any change on his face would have further mortified the boy.

    Yet his knuckles changed color the stronger he held the steering wheel as he silently obeyed the change of path directions that Sakito was giving him. He really had wanted to take him to that park, take a picture together as well, and that would have been enough to last him for a long why after the other might begin to despise him. Because that was the life of a Japanese man, they believed in true love, but didn't believe in the fact that they would ever get to spend the rest of their miserable lives with said love. So a picture in his favorite place would have sufficed, it would have been enough proof.

    God, hopefully they'd get to his house quickly enough, because for the first time in … who know how long … he felt like he couldn't keep that cold wall up at all.

    Tomorrow. Was there going to be a tomorrow? After someone came to the light of fact that the person whom treated you so kindly, and for once actually meant it was nothing but a superficial-careless-slut … how much tomorrow was there? BUT first of all; what was this found out story all about? …

    “I thought you only had to meet with Mally for homework ...” he inquired sounding more direct than he had intended to, but there was a mixture of too many emotions he was trying to hide and that was the best his voice could pull “... I mean, you did tell Mally that you are with me right now right? She wasn't expecting to see you somewhere, where you are obviously not … right?” he then kept inquiring, thinking of the outcome if none of that had happen, and the results of dropping Sakito off, and a livid Mally righteously standing at the door waiting on him.

    He suddenly felt like the bad boyfriend, and there wasn't even nothing of all of that yet, except for another thing to add to Mally's Reasons To Avoid Ruka Kano List.

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    Post  Sakito on Fri Dec 23, 2011 4:16 am

    **Hello~! Good morning. ^^ I'm just putting this here to let you know that I accidentally didn't fix the part in Sakito's last post-- he didn't read the text out loud. My bad! Hope you rested well. ^^ **

    "... Eh?" Sakito turned to Ruka for the first time since getting in the car and put his phone away with the smallest traces of a frown, "Mally's my sister and I'm normally home, so there aren't many other places I would be on a weekday evening..."

    The comment was soft, but Sakito managed to hide any defensive tones in it. Only meeting Mally for homework?

    But wait... of course Sakito hadn't told Mally that he would be with Ruka... She would clearly be upset and challenge it, right?

    "She wasn't expecting me anywhere, but she still worries. I only told her that I would be out, that's all. But... right now, it's better that I go home. She'll probably wait for me." Sakito could only continue quietly, trying not to feel any bit selfish or defensive though he could clearly feel it in the back of his mind.

    "Ah... You can pull over here. It's easier to get through if you cut through the back of the bakery here." Sakito offered the dashboard a smile and ducked his head, ready to pop out of the car and run home. He was confused and his insides were at war with each other. He had a bad feeling about all of this, but this text from Mally had woken him up. There had to be reasoning behind why Mally was so aggressive when Ruka came up to talk to her earlier that day, right? Mally knew a lot of things about a lot of people, she wasn't one to judge so harshly without reason.

    It was probably what scared him the most.

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    Post  Ruka on Sat Dec 24, 2011 1:49 am

    There probably wasn't worse feeling than the one of the person you care of acting defensive in one's regard. That feeling of subtle distance that was being formed, and that anyone in such a tiny space could feel, because there was only so much distance you could put between two people in a car. It wasn't physical obviously it wasn't. The boy was still being careful, which he quite didn't know whether to be grateful or not at this point.

    It was the choice of words, the movements, all little things which pieced together all served to create that feeling of wanting to be anywhere other than the present place. Needless to say, such a realization stung a little. Just a little, just enough to render him incapable to even look is way as he got out the car. He hadn't even been allowed to see the angry father waiting at the threshold with a rife in his hands. That bad uh?

    Once he heard the door close, he didn't wait a second more, and left. He perhaps should have waited to see if the other had something else to say. Yet he really didn't want to hear it. Perhaps he should have waited to see if he got home safe and sound. Yet he had no means to physically witness such. Perhaps … perhaps he should just forget about everything, and go back to being good-old-jerk Ruka.

    He just was bad at this whole thing. This emotion thing. He knew not half-measures, he wasn't thought that, and had nobody willing to either. Well perhaps not nobody. He was sure that Tomo wouldn't have minded. Yet he didn't want to change right? He either gave it all, or gave nothing. He either crushed you to pulps, or shoot you to the highest heights. That's just how it was.

    He wasn't your everyday Joe, he knew that, and had nobody to blame for it, nor he even wanted to. Yet Sakito wasn't your ordinary Joe either, and so he thought … but obviously thought wrong. Before he had noticed, the blond was already in front of his grandfather’s house, which courtyard he entered, with his yellow Lanborghini, which he calmly walked out of. Calmly approaching the entrance, he then pressed the bell and waited. Grandpa always took his time to answer the bell.

    Once the door was opened a good ten minutes later, the elderly man took a good look at his grandson, and folding his arms on his chest, he then inquired “what bad news are you bringing forth?”.

    “A confirm” replied the blond with a bitter-sweet smirk.

    “There's no one percent?” cautiously but still directly inquired the elder, as the younger silently walked past into the house.

    “There is ...” lowly corrected Ruka stopping on his steps, lightly turning his head to the side to regard his grandfather “... but add it to another one percent, it is way far from a whole.”

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    Post  Sakito on Wed Dec 28, 2011 4:09 am

    With the way Ruka sped off, Sakito could have been offended if he already hadn't. Maybe he was being a little too protective of his sister, but Ruka was hardly a friend and Mally was family.

    It only made sense, right?

    The blonde was probably mad at him, but hell, he wouldn't be the first and definitely not the last! The worry settling into his skin regardless of whatever he tried to do to convince himself of that should have made the most sense.

    In the end, he had actually made Ruka upset instead of chasing him away with all of his talking. Go figure that the only time he cared about pushing someone away with his forwardness, he'd chase them away with being quiet and trying to avoid eye-contact with them. But he shouldn't have been so upset at something like this-- he really shouldn't have.

    And the only reason he actually did acknowledge that he was probably a little thrown off by all of this was that Mally seemed to pick up on it the moment he walked through the front door.

    "I'm home," he chimed lowly, closing the door behind him and heading straight to the kitchen, setting his back down on the living room sofa on the way there. His mission was simple: eat all the food in the house. He didn't know why he got like this, but he did rather quickly and at such times he didn't quite know how to hold himself back. He would start off with something small such as those little chocolates that their parents would buy on occasion. Just a few while he took things out from the refridgerator to make a sandwich or two... or four. It was just something to keep his jaw busy while he prepared his food and started a pot of boiling water for ramen.

    "Sa... Ki... To?" Mally called curiously as she walked into the kitchen. The scene probably wasn't a surprise.

    "Mally, do you know how quickly we run out of sandwich meat in this house? It's ridiculous. And bread. Don't get me started on that bread. It never lasts--I think we should buy two at a ti-- And we need more ramen, I know it's not all that healthy, but we should probably start making a grocery list for next week and I know they just went two days ago but it's really starting to run low and the handle on the fridge door is wiggling a little bit, I think we need to take a screwdriver to it because it's really bothering me right now. And you know how often I look at this fridge. I think there's something wrong with me because clearly I'm not good at this and it's probably why people don't like to stay around me for too long so--"

    "Sakito," Mally only said his name to get his attention, knowing that he would still talk over her in the end, "What's got you so wound up? I haven't seen you like this in a while. You don't have to eat everything in order to make things better, and talking that fast will only get you to bite your tongue. Slow it down for a second, okay?"

    "And besides, it's not like anyone would want to hang out with someone who talks so much and can clean out a house in twenty minutes like this anyways. It's no surprise that I would be foolish enough to think that Ruka would be any different, right? It was my bad this time, but trust me when I say that ne--"

    "You were with Ruka? This entire time? What about Niya?"

    "--easy to fool. And I know you don't like Ruka and I'm really really really sorry for lying to you this once but he seemed to misunderstood like me and it just hooked me in and I couldn't stop wanting to know more about him. He looked like someone with a good heart and--"

    Mally sat herself down at the table behind where Sakito was ranting to himself and sighed lightly, "It's not that big of a deal, but don't make this a habit, okay? If I don't like someone, then fine. I don't have any choice in who you hang out with because I look like the criminal," she mused, laughing in the lightest when she realized that Sakito hadn't stoped for a moment.

    "--I was foolish enough to do so. But he kept giving me this weird feeling at the end, telling you to tell me all you knew about him and that I should know some truths of something petty like that. But I don't judge, right? I don't like to and I don't like it when people do that to me, so why was he so insistent on this case? Does he really have to be so cautious about me knowing? You would think that someone like that would be more careful of the dirt that they spread around, especially about themselves, but-- Ho, shit. My noodles are going to over cook. Anyways, where was I? ... I still shouldn't judge though, right? Ruka isn't really what you would call a normal person-- he has that really fancy car and everything. I wonder if he--"

    "He told you to ask me about him? Are you sure?"

    "I know, right? I'm sure you know the rumors going around him and they can't be good things from the way he talked about them... so... I... just figured, that... maybe they're bad things," Sakito was eating now, talking between chews and swallows, "so I don't get why people would want others to hear that. You get me?"

    And, finally, with the ramen done and Sakito's face stuffed, it was Mally's turn to talk.

    "Of course. It's a strange request, but I can tell you about him if you'd like," to which, the older nodded obidently, mouth still full and head down to concentrate on his eating, "Well, Ruka... He's known for being a kind of rude person, but from what I hear, it's more that he's blatant with everything with disregard to others. It's something he doesn't do on purpose, but he can still come off as a bad person if your feelings are easily hurt. As those affairs... He's quite the promiscuous fellow. He gets together with a lot of people and really just doesn't feel anything for them. I honestly don't know why he does it-- he comes off to me as someone who wouldn't do something unless they had a purpose." She frowned to herself and rested her chin on her hands, continuing to watch her brother eat. "I don't particularly like him."

    "So," Sakito swallowed a huge lump of food, "He likes people and he likes... going out, right? So is this a really bad thing? He maynot always be a really nice person, but he was nice to me."

    "Is that all that really matters? I would say to be careful around him though, until you're sure that you're safe. I... hate to judge people, but I do know a lot of what others already think of them. A lot of people think of Ruka as a bad person, you'll want to watch yourself, Saki. It's typical that you would find the needle in the haystack, but this is much more like finding a strand of hay in a pile of needles for sure. I wouldn't call him a bad person because I don't know him, but... he has a bad reputation with the school and he isn't a very nice person. Just... Just... Caution, is the only thing I can say."

    She was frowning again-- it made Ssakito feel so powerless, seeing Mally say these kinds of things and knowing that she felt the same way. It wasn't easy in the slightest, but... he would have to think things through and probably have a long converstion tonight with Mally about this.

    "But I have work for History due tomorrow, let me bring it all down here and we can keep talking about your troubles and... appetite." She shook her head with a smile and dashed off, leaving Sakito alone in the kitchen to lament over these findings.

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    Post  Ruka on Wed Dec 28, 2011 2:01 pm

    “Is your intention to keep messing around with my karesansui garden? Or will you actually talk to me ...” irritatedly inquired his grandfather, as he kept tracing lines unaffected.

    “Messing around in karesunsui gardens is what you do when you don't want to talk, you out of everyone should know this much ...” drily stated Ruka, making the elder man sigh.

    “Talking to me was what you did when you don't want to talk ...” observed his grandfather, as he picked up another rake and began on another part of the garden “... that much I knew” silence fell between the two, as Ruka kept raking around aimlessly, pondering.

    God he hated thinking. And this was probably just the beginning of his punishment. It was true though that talking would less the amount of thinking he had to do.

    “I met a boy. I seem to have fallen for the boy- yeah that quickly gramps” he quickly interjected himself as he sensed the elder trying to make an observation, most likely regarding the love-at-first-sight “... I am pretty sure that that was love at first sight.”

    “What type of boy is he? ...” nonchalantly inquired the elder.

    “He is obnoxiously talkative ...” began Ruka, as he heavily raked the side of his garden “... but … he is also genuinely naïve ... adorably simple … and he has this black eyes …” he tenderly explained, his movements then becoming gentle, and the lines more circular “... he is imperfectly perfect, for me” he then concluded, dropping the rak, and sitting down to look up at the sky.

    “Sounds like an interesting kid indeed doesn't he?” genuingly professed his grandfather, gently placing his rak to the ground and walking to stand besides his grandchild, and looking up the sky. “What do you see my child?”

    “The sky is grey ...” stated Ruka

    “It's bright blue … in my eyes” stated his grand-father.

    “Good for you gramps ...” mechanically replied Ruka, looking away, from their actually full of white clouds sky.

    “The fact that you were able to experience pure love the way you did, just made my sky a brighter blue” calmly explained the elder “... I never thought you'd ever be able to, but this makes me so relieved”.

    “What's the point. I've screwed around badly and long enough to have indirectly screwed this up before I could even begin anyways” hissed the younger.

    “Well then it's time to throw away the old table and start building a new one from scratch ...” expressed the elder with stern gentleness “... and this time, make sure to … insert all those screws correctly … it will be hard, without instructions, but, I'm sure you'll recall where you made mistakes with the past table … and not make them again” he concluded, and walked out of the garden and into the house.

    Now laying flat on the garden, Ruka kept looking up the sky, ignoring the discomfort caused by all the tiny pieces of stone beneath himself. True it was going to be a fucking pain in the ass to pursue this one. True he had put himself in this situation. But it was also as true as hell that he didn't want to give up. Felling a couple of drops on his face, he quickly closed his eyes, and allowed the following drops of rain to dance over himself.

    It felt cold, uncomfortable, and the piece of stone were indeed starting to hurt. But it was alright, he needed to engrave this feeling into his body, so that he knew the reason why he would begin to pursue Sakaguchi Sakito. So as to not feel this way ever again. He'd go for it, pursue that warm, understanding and soothing body, with which his body could finally just be.

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    Post  Sakito on Fri Dec 30, 2011 3:26 am

    "So, now what? Honestly, there isn't anything more that I can tell you unless I've forgotten it. And if I've forgotten it, then--"

    "Then it's not important enough to remember," Sakito snickered as he moved to lay down on the carpeted floor next to his sister, "But I don't know where to go from here. What do you think?"

    Mally rolled over onto her stomach and sighed, giving her brother an uncertain look. "What I would want you to do the most," she started, taking the smallest of pauses and rolling the idea around in her head for but a moment, "Is to wait it out a few days and, you know... See if he's not just messing around or if he's serious. I mean, he's taken you out to lunch and an after school snacking place already, right? He even helped you study. I can't tell you how well it went, but you said he didn't try anything funny... It might be a genuine effort."

    There was a veil of silence that fell over them before Mally barked out a laugh, "Yeah, right. And I'm a princess." She rolled back down to the floor and on her back with a loud sigh and wiggled to get closer to her brother, "I don't know if it's a safe bet at all. What if he just wants you for your body? You're lanky as shit, but hell, you might just be his type. What happens if you're in a situation and can't get out?" She crossed her arms over her chest, "I don't want you to get hurt. That's the bottom line."

    She sighed again and grunted as she got up, "I'm going to make dinner... You'll want some, right?"

    Her brother, still on the floor, opened his eyes in the slightest and turned over and curled up into a lazy fetal position. "I think.. I think I'm okay, Mally."

    The pair paused for a long while and Sakito made a frantic move to roll over and sigh, giving a pouting look to his sister, "He wouldn't hurt me, right? ... Right? ... What are you making?"

    Mally just shook her head and motioned for him to follow her into the kitchen, "As long as you know that I have your back no matter what, then nothing can hurt you." The statement was quiet and she knew that Sakito wouldn't be able to hear her, but she felt that if she didn't, he might not feel it.

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    Post  Ruka on Sun Jan 01, 2012 3:46 am

    What was this? Running through his entire being, making him extremely focused, making each and ever of his movements calculated and careful. Was this that feeling? The one they called nervousness? No, it wasn't that. Had felt that with Sakito all the day before. It wasn't that. This feeling … this feeling … was most likely fear.

    Staring at the empty mug from which he had sipped green tea a good ten minutes ago, he then got up as the housekeeper made her entrance in the kitchen announcing that there was a driver ready at his service.

    “I have my car” plainly stated the boy, looking up at the woman, as his grandfather came into vision.

    “You'll leave you car here, and let my driver take you to school and back” ordered the elder man

    “What? ...” irritatedly laughed the blond “... what do you think I'm going to smash myself into a tree just because I'm being rejected? Please ...” calmly replied the blond, getting to his feet, and grabbing his bag.

    “I don't care what you youngsters think. You are not using that car, and you are being driven to school. That's that.” concluded his grandfather turning around to retreat to his own room, leaving the bond rather confused and even more irritated than what he had been.

    Apathetically sitting at the back of his grandfather's Rolls-Royce he watched as people normally went by their day, weirdly wishing he'd be anyone of them, at least for today. Nonetheless, as obviously meant to be, he arrived at school, right in the front, catching every eye that was possible to catch with a fucking Rolls Royce; not like the Lamborghini was any less. But at least he always came from the back. Either with cars or in life; always come from the back.

    However, before that could ever even happen with his dear Sakaguchi-san, there were miles to be ran, dragons to defeat and princesses to save. Probably would have been quicker for him to bang one of said princess instead. But no. He needed to focus. Forget the banging. Get to the conquering.

    “Hey ...” he nonchalantly called as he walked by the president of his beloved PRIDE club.

    “Ruka” instantly replied the shorter blond in slight bewilderment “You are early … but that aside … you are looking for me?” he then inquired.

    “Got questions ...” shrugged off the blond.

    “Ask away ...” genuinely laughed the shorter, as they kept walking towards their first period class.

    “About chivalry ...” he drily stated, making the other stupidly blink “... where do I start?” he finally inquired.

    “Why are you trying to hurt yourself?” sarcastically pointed out the shorter blond, glimpsing at the taller, as they sat at their desks.

    “Believe me ...” calmly replied Ruka “... at can't any worse than this, and I'll do whatever it takes, to reach my goal, and learning chivalry is what I'll do it.”

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    Post  Sakito on Mon Jan 02, 2012 4:37 am

    Having a free period before lunch was so... boring. Sakito had run out of things to do already and this was one of the few days that Reita had class before lunch, so... now what? He was left sitting here in the cafeteria by himself with no one to really talk to and bother. The people who were at the table with him now were people he just normally sat with-- not people he talked to. Sakito could always feel the wariness in some of them whenever he tried to pitch into a conversation-- everyone seemed to know how long winded he could be.

    Hrm~ How lonely-sounding. He kept a small laugh to himself and took his phone out, going to text his sister.

    You seemed troubled earlier. I hope it wasn't because of me! I'll play it safe today, promise ;3 <3

    He didn't want to bother Reita more than he had already done so today though. It'd been a boring start to the day and he didn't really want to--

    His thoughts stopped when his shoulder was shaken roughly and a shock of pink hair came into view. With surprised eyes but a genuine smile, he bowed his head to the older, "Miyavi, you're back."

    "To you, always," ah, how Sakito had missed the cheeky grin of his, "But isn't there anything better to do than to sit around nowadays? It's gotten so dreary here," he commented, putting on a pompous look to which Sakito could only shake his head in response to.

    "Everyone's gone now, and the interesting ones are all in class, aren't they? You've been hanging around a whole lot, though it certainly brightens up everyone's day. We've missed you guys a lot. What have you been doing here, though? Anything interesting?" Sakito asked, tilting his head to rest it on his shoulder.

    "Ah, you know. Same old, same old," the older was waving his hand around in the air again, "Just around to check up on my kids-- they grow up so fast." He spun his chair around and reseated himself with his arms on the table and his chin atop them both.

    "We try to make you proud," Sakito offered with a flash of his tongue, sitting back in his chair and looking around the table, "It's been really quiet around here recently and most times I feel like I'm the only one talking, but still talking to no one. Reita and Mally are too social to be talking with me, I guess." he snickered, "But what did you pull Reita off to earlier? Is anything the matter? He's been really tired lately, it's been bothering Mally and I a lot. A few days ago he was just really really awake but now he's sunken back into that old habit, but I feel like it's gotten a lot worse. I hope no one's bothering him, but I feel like he would tell us if he--"

    "Nah, just some kids talkin'... Maybe talkin' smack, I wanted to make sure he was aware, just in case," Miyavi shrugged, "But I doubt it's a big deal, he's probably just going through a phase. Leave him be and see how it goes, eh?"

    Mally, Sakito could take advice from. Miyavi? The brunette wasn't so sure.

    "Who would be talking about someone like him? It's not like he goes out of his way to bother people." The way that Miyavi was talking about this too was just a little off from what he remembered. Of course, it could have all been in his head, but better safe than sorry, right?

    "Nah, I don't think it was meant for ill." The pink-haired shrugged his shoulders and let his head fall slack to one side, "Just that Kazuki and some little kid saying weird shit and mentioning him and..." he shook his head then, "Aaah, I don't remember the rest. Not too important." he frowned nonetheless, "Don't you get carried away startin' shit now, you hear?"

    Sakito pulled the smallest, most innocent laugh that he could and shook his head, "Of course not, I just worry about him sometimes. No one at home, not many to talk to... he's so quiet too, it bugs me sometimes." The brunette shook his head, hiding the frown that was so tempted to come out. Kazuki and a brunette most likely meant Kai, right? And the two of them together meant PRIDE. Which led him to thinking about Ruka.

    What the hell was going on her--

    "I'm hungry, do you know if they're still selling those breakfast bagels?" Sakito said suddenly, standing up and looking around, "Miyavi, are you hungry? I feel like I haven't eaten since--"

    "Nigga you's was just eatin' when Reita was here! The hell...! You haven't changed a bit, shit." Miyavi ranted, standing up and shaking his head. He followed the brunette out to the serving line with a loud sigh, "Some things never change, huh? As much time passes by and as many different kinds of people you surround yourself with... some habits, you just can't let go of..."

    "What was that?" Sakito asked, turning around abruptly, trying his best to make it look like he hadn't heard anything at all. But in truth, he was just hoping that he had heard completely wrong.

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    Post  Ruka on Sun Jan 15, 2012 12:35 am

    Okay so let's meet tonight, at this my house, I have club and other activities until 7 tonight so sorry but I won't be home until 8. Thus I'd say 8:30? and that had been the agreement he'd made with Shera.

    “Sorry, but I'm not going anywhere for lunch today” plainly spoke the boy, as he talked into his cell-phone with the driver of his grandfather's Rolls-Royce

    “That is very unusual of you Ruka-bocchan, is anything the matter” asked the driver in truthful concern.

    “I just feel like … some cafeteria … food today, sorry for the inconvenience ...” he calmly explained, as the tiny traces of appetite he had left his being thinking of the said cafeteria. His stomach had been upset anyways, thus all that wonderfully cooked food wouldn't have been done righteous justice in it today.

    “... Then I shall be back after school, do take care Ruka-bocchan” concluded the driver.

    “Yes, thank you. Bye” replied Ruka and severed the conversation. Pacing his phone in his pockets, he got off the bathroom's window, walked out and directed himself towards the cafeteria. Once in front of the door, he peeped through the window in it's closed door, and his heart lightly lept at how fast he had been able to spot him. Sakito was standing in line, with that awkward pink haired dude; hadn't he graduate already?

    Little did it matter, in fact it mattered not. Right now all that was to be his primary concern was the sudden weight his body had seemed to acquired as he pushed through the doors and walked in. Or the way in which all the air in the room was being slowly stolen from him the more steps he took towards the same food line.

    As usual, he attracted all the useless attention in the entire room, whispering began and girls began to awkwardly agitate. Usually he wouldn't give a fuck, but at the moment, he was really trying to not make any of the stuff that Mally might have told Sakito so blatant and vivid. Maybe coming to the cafeteria hadn't been such a smart idea after all.

    But he really had wanted to see him. So badly. And given as to how they had absolutely no class in common, this, this nasty ass cafeteria had turned out to be his only way.

    Perhaps a good ten, fifteen people were now standing between himself and the brunette, and he just couldn't detach his eyes from that typical mass of black hair, yet how was it that he could easily tell it apart from all the other black masses?

    “Hello Kano-kun.” suddenly greeted a very pompous voice of a girl, quite loud at that as well, as if intentionally trying to get everybody's attention. She was successful “I suppose I do not need to introduce myself, given that everybody in this school knows me it might be repetitive for you to here this” she added with a silly laugh at the end.

    “I have no fu- idea who you are” plainly stated the blond, as he kept himself from saying the words fucking, apathetically staring at the girl, whom looked like someone had just sent a blade between her eyes.

    “Well ...” she shockingly resumed “... my name is Sakaguchi Elena, and I heard that you had yet to find someone to go to Yomi's party on this weekend, thus I came here to say that I would be delighted to go with you.” concluded the girl, gracefully moving some of her blond locks aside, as the cafeteria's whispering sudden became a loud buzz. How fucking annoying.

    To begin with how dare she had the same last name as Sakito. Second, he was probably the king of insolence, but what the fuck was that? She had practically invited herself to be his partner to a party all out of the fucking blue. He'd have to give her props just for that, because indeed it had been entertaining for the 30 seconds she spoke. Blinking to the stupid seen a coupe of times, Ruka silently turn his head back to the line, and took a step forward as the line moved.

    “So should I be waiting for you at 10 by my house on Friday?” cheerfully inquired the blond girl. God. Well, he supposed he did owe the girl some sort of answer.

    “There isn't on the planet an amount of money, smiles, or compliments you can give me that would make me stupid enough to even consider going anywhere with you.” plainly began to reply the blond,a s the whole room got silent “... who self invites themselves? I mean are you n-... you know what, forget normality, that has nothing to do with this, just please don't talk to me. Thank you.” he concluded, once again turning to face the line, and take his step forward.

    The girl had walked away with furious steps, followed by her clique of grumbling girls, as he sighed, and stared at his shoes which suddenly turned out to be might interesting, in the same way he was sure that Sakito was probably not. But he didn't need to look up and witness that, no, his shoes sufficed for the moment.

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    Post  Sakito on Wed Feb 08, 2012 3:47 am

    Miyavi only answered Sakito's question with the slightest tilt of his head, a mildly glazed over and confused veil on his features. "Eh? I don't remember," he hummed, shrugging his shoulders and shoving his hands into his pockets.

    The response only made the brunette that much more wary of his situation. How could Miyavi always say the most random shit and have it all still relate to whatever was going on? It was out of this world, the amount that Sakito could be creeped out by something so coincidental. But the brunette only hummed in response.

    "So what are your plans for--" Sakito's speech was cut short for the first time in a long time from the sight of Miyavi's brows raising paired with that smirk that everyone knew meant trouble.

    Looking over his shoulder, Sakito was greeted by a scene he was hoping that he'd never have to bear witness to. Maybe the brunette had taken things the wrong way-- maybe there was something more in Ruka's relationship to this adamant girl beyond what he had just seen, but... did... did he have to be so brash about such a rejection...?

    He could hear Miyavi snicker as he turned back around with Sakito still staring at the blonde further down the line.

    "Yo, 'at bitch just got smoked to hell," he mumbled in a sing-song voice, "Rich little Ruka hasn't changed a bit, has he?" his words slid through those pierced lips and made Sakito suddenly very nervous. It caused him to look back to the pane of glass that separated him from the cheap cafeteria food. Lunch was starting soon, wasn't it? Had Ruka skipped the last part of his class?

    Sakito checked an empty wrist for a watch that he had forgotten this morning--he didn't think that he would still be so distracted by these thoughts halfway through the school day, though.

    How troublesome.

    He felt his shoulders tense as he desperately tried to calm down and not worry about anything. Keep it on the down low and play it safe for a few days, right? What if it didn't even last a few days...? Sakito had been looking forward to this working out. Why was he getting such a rough start, then!?

    Unfair. That's all he had to say.

    "Hoi, listen when I'm talking to you," the elder huffed, nudging him hard enough for him to stumble and earn a strange, almost concerned look, "What's got you so worked up?" he frowned for the slightest, but only just a moment. Sakito would never understand that doped up mind. "Shit, don't tell me you like her...? No no no no, Saki Saki Saaaaki... You need to... No. This can't... no. It'll end up terri--"

    "Miya! Shut up! I don't!!" Sakito nearly hissed, instantly turning into a girl about things and bowing his head down, "That was... just really mean of him, wasn't it?"

    "Eeeeeh, Sakito," the elder shook his head, "You're too soft for this whole high school thing. That's just... the way that kid is. It's how most people are, but... amplified in a lot of ways... Probably for the worse, but we can't change it," he shrugged nonchalantly, "The most we can do about people like that are to avoid them and pray to shit that we never get their attention for too long or we'll get treated worse than that. You shouldn't mess with people like him, you're too sensitive, Saki." Miyavi shook his head, "You know that sister of yours would have the balls of anyone that got to you as soon as she found out, so you should stay away." he paused for a moment as if to think, "But not because she might hurt him, but because if you were near me and got insulted like that, she'd have my balls first. I need those."

    Sakito only stared and offered a light laugh, grabbing what he wanted and moving up further in line. Hopefully this awkward, timid feeling wouldn't last long.

    Miyavi and his damn advice popping up at the worst (best?) times...! It was so frustrating...! He just wanted to get out of this line, wait for his sister to get to the cafeteria, and eat his damn lunch so that this day could end. Good grief.

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    Post  Ruka on Fri Feb 10, 2012 2:22 am

    Indeed he hadn't want to find himself staring at the brunette, however he had apparently forgotten to ask the younger to return his magnet the moment he had left his Lamborghini, given to how his pupils just kept darting in the same direction as were Sakito was.

    To be in the presence of the person you'd like to be in a closer presence with, and knowing that you can't was harder than he thought. And the fact that the brunette seemed to be avoiding him added salt to a wound he had already immersed in salt by his own will.

    But exactly what was he trying to accomplish? Going all the way to Shera in order to get some lessons in chivalry … now that Sakito knew everything, what was it going to change? He could only imagine, the satisfactory grin on her sister's lips at the thought that he had saved his brother from his paws.

    Oh well it was of no importance right now. All that it was now, was that he was stuck at a table with his people, but his eyes still looking astray, same as the new PRIDE arrival (what was his name again?) whom seemed to have something for the blond at Sakito's table (… what was his name again?).

    This wasn't going anywhere. He needed to get out of there, make an exit like the typical Ruka would have. However, just as he was about to Kai beat him to it spouting something about some homework and very obviously running away from their table. He had no idea what had happened, apparently his ears, his entire body in fact, was at the other table.

    And now he wondered just want face Mally would make if he were to casually go and sit at their table. What face would Sakito make? Something told him he didn't want to find out and deciding wise to stick to his guts, he merely sat and wondered why hadn't he taken his number the time he saved his on the brunette's phone.

    If he had he'd text him, what he had no clue, but he would make that magnet work both ways. The way it was supposed to.

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    Post  Sakito on Mon Apr 23, 2012 12:51 am

    Sakito huffed, deep enough so that his head felt light at the end of it all. All of this had to be a sign--some sort of sick and twisted way for someone to tell him that he was wrong by using everyone and everything around him to clearly point it out.
    What a terrible feeling.

    But regardless, he tried his best to focus on his food and ignore every urge in the world to go out and wander the parking lot. He only had to last a few more minutes before he was sure that this blonde was off campus for good. Then he could enjoy his food, or at least eating it... strange concept, since it was something he never really had problems with before.

    Some hints to subtle bickering between Reita and Mally caught his attention, he glanced up from moving his food around on the styrofoam plate just once to watch them. It iddn't work a bit, though. As soon as his eyes lifted, he saw straight past Miyavi's drone-like texting form and a clear form of blonde hair from across the cafeteria. The way his mind zoned straight into what he was looking for the most was past him, but he knew now that he defiintely wasn't going to enjoy eating lunch today. He dropped his head back down to his food and continued to ignore everything around him. How was he supposed to ignore someone like this?

    He pulled his phone out and texted his sister, Mally, what's got Reita so riled up? He seems... really down since he came back to the cafeteria.

    "Hoi, you," Sakito looked up from his phone as he sent the message to see Miyavi pointing a plastic spoon at him, "Since when have you gotten this quiet? What happened to you while I was gone?" he frowned with a shred of concern and waved the the utensil around until Sakito was sure it would just fly out of his hand before Miyavi got his point across.

    Sakito only shrugged his shoulders and continued eating after offering a small smile to the older student. Miyavi groaned a muffled complaint and went back to rolling his face on the table or whatever he did nowadays. Why was he here again? What was the purpose of it all? What was the purpose of Saktio giong to school at all?

    ... His next thought involved his stomach, staring down at his down empty plate and realizing that this milk was about to make him sick. He stood back up without a word and found his way back to the cafeteria line. More food would fix this, right? Fruit, this time. No more of those junky bar-things that he'd get just because they were cheap. The fruit was just as cheap, if he remembered correctly...

    So did he want an apple or orange? Why wasn't there any choices when it came to eating in this place??

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    Post  Ruka on Tue May 08, 2012 12:42 am

    The feeling of wanting something you can't have, was officially the worst feeling ever, and it was making him angrier and more desperate by the minute. It was making his "PRIDE comrade" start to feel annoying, and his food even less appetizing if possible.

    Maybe he should transfer school, just like that , in the middle of the fucking semester, and just oh so randomly like he himself was. Then he'd get a section-specific lobotomy, and erase everything that had anything to do with Sakito, and if he died in the process, which was likely, oh well.

    He could have also kidnapped him, and rush away in his Lamborghini somewhere far, his bank account being sufficient enough for the two of them to live their lives again twice. That looked like a less messy way, but Sakito would have probably hated him more, and theirs wouldn't have been a happy life together so, it was altogether pointless.

    Everything was pointless, it was all pointless, it was all pointless, it was all poin-

    “Hey … Ruka ...” suddenly spoke a voice, but Ruka was holding his chest, and his vision was beginning to look blurry “... oi Ruka! Are you alright?!” this time the voice was louder, and even though he could hear it loud and clear, but why was he gasping for air?

    When had he got to his feet? When … had he got in-line … and … allow as black.

    Oh, this was going to be one for the books.

    “You just had a panic -attack ...” said a familiar voice, which made him quickly open his eyes just to find Sakito smiling at him. It was just the two of them, in the middle of nothingness “... it was quite the scene … you should have seen yourself!” cheerfully stated the younger “... first you got yourself in line, looking so lost, almost cute ...” began to explain the brunette, as if talking about a TV show he saw the previous night “... then out of nowhere you started to blink a lot, and you grabbed your chest, as you began to bend and hardly breathing, as if gasping for air, and then just like that … you were on the ground”.

    “Where are we? ...” then dumbly asked Ruka “... am I dead?” he hesitantly inquired, not too sure of the answer he wanted to receive, for if he were dead, and Sakito was part of it like he was at the moment, then he supposed that it wouldn't have been bad after all.

    “No, silly!” replied the brunette “... there was the commotion of the century for our school, but there is no way they'd let their golden cow perish in their own school now, could they?” nonchalantly chanted Sakito, in the way Ruka loved him to “I mean you are obviously breathing, if you concentrate a little bit, you'll realize that you are just sleeping right now … the worst has gone by … I think that is the voice of the nurse ...” randomly went on Sakito.

    “O … so I will eventually wake up …” asked the brunette, in a rather disappointed tone.

    “Well I mean … Aren't you curious to see, if I accompanied you to infirmary? ...” playfully inquired the brunette.

    “Did you?” instantly asked the blond, as he other shrugged.

    “I'm just a figment of your imagination, so when your eyes went shut, I stopped seeing too~ ...” serenely explained Sakito “... but I'm so curious you should definitely open your eyes like right now I might be there you know but even if I am not who cares right? There is nothing much you can do just sleeping in this emptiness so it is best for you to just wake up and do something anything would be fine just do something you know it is Sakito we are talking about whom is me well not really but you know what I am saying right? Just ...” kept rambling the brunette, and Ruka didn’t get half of what he said, but it sounded so awesome, so relaxing.

    Waking up was absolutely not an option at the moment.

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    Post  Sakito on Sun Jun 03, 2012 5:17 pm

    He knew that Ruka walked into the lunch line. He had seen it out of the corner of his eye, but the last thing he wanted to do was to acknowledge it. The very last thing. So he ignored the zombie-esque sway that the blonde had and ignored his own concern about the strange steps. The brunette's stomach was hurting and he wasn't sure as to why. Maybe he didn't want food. Maybe it wasn't a good idea.

    He started to head back. Maybe he was avoiding Ruka. At this point, who knew? Sakito himself surely didn't.

    And then there was commotion. Lots of it.

    It started with a girl's intake of breath, and everything happened as she screamed it out. There were people pushing and shoving to see the source of the commotion and it wasn't long before school staff were rushing in as well. He was about to continue his normal routine when he calculated his choices. The fruits would still be there even he took a check to see, right?

    He scooted ever closer to the crowd and frowned when people were chatting far too incessantly to make anything out of the clammer. Somehow, he had completely forgotten that Ruka was there earlier. How could he have not noticed?

    Of course everyone would be concerned about the most popular boy in school. The one that helped people with their studies and bought them great food and drove in a strangely conservative manner for having such a nice car. It shouldn't have been surprising, but seeing all of these people gather around Ruka shouting in distress for their classmate's safety opened his eyes to the situation he was really in.

    Ruka was a very popular person. Sakito was not. Ruka had been nice to him. Sakito had been wary.

    So what did this all mean?

    He didn't deserve it. He didn't deserve any of it. All of these people liked this person who was being carried away to the nurse's ward and were pushing against a tall and lanky brunette that could only manage to get roughed up by the motions. Sakito also felt worried, but wasn't that just making him a part of the student body? Part of the whole that adored this blonde for his good looks and money, only wanting to see what they want and ripping to shreds anything which they did not? [Something of Mally's own verses on one of her countless rants about the school as a whole.]

    So as he watched a more dedicated group follow the security of the school out, he knew for a fact that he wasn't a part of them and didn't deserve to go. For the first time in a long time, his appetite slipped away and faded into an empty, nauseating feeling. What was he supposed to do now?

    Miyavi appeared behind him and set a hand on his shoulder. "Na, you okay? It's a lot of commotion, huh? Pretty boy knocked out, it looks like." Miyavi started to lead Sakito back to their table, mumbling in his own slurred speech and not noticing how bummed Sakito seemed to be. "I wonder if it was one of the girls again trying to give him some love potion shit." he shook his head a held back a snort.

    They had almost reached their table again when Miyavi finally realized that Sakito had been quiet.

    "What...? What's bugging you? Got your shit up in a bunch?" Two bright green contacts analyzed his features for a moment, before narrowing almost dangerously, "Do you... want to go see him? Nigga... Nigga, are you worried about that? That??" He made the strangest of faces and stood back up, features now torn between upset and confused.

    The hell was he going to do with this kid?

    "So... Now what? You're not sitting down? Sakitooooo~ You're killing me." Miyavi made a gargling sound with his throat, a habit he claimed to be from his Korean father, and crossed his arms. "Are you going to go see how he is?" Pressing his lips together, he sat back down took in a deep breath, "I don't know if you'll make it through a crowd like that... You saw it, right? Everyone is probably going to be rej--" The elder stopped when Sakito plopped down onto the plastic chair next to him. There was a strangely thin silence between them before Saktio spoke, not looking up from the table.

    "You're right, you know." He nodded and chewed on his lip, trying to look upset, "he'll be okay, right?" He rested his chin on crossed arms staring blankly across the cafeteria.

    Miyavi blinked curiously before snapping back to reality, leaning it a bit closer. "What did you say?" Why was the brunette being to quiet??

    But Sakito only shook his head, "Nothing, I don't know." He pursed his lips and closed his eyes lazily, "I don't... know what to say. Is... that weird?"

    "... Yes," Miyavi continued to stare at him, "If you keep this up, we might have to take you to the nurse too."

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    Post  Ruka on Fri Aug 10, 2012 5:47 am

    Never in his life had he been so scared to open his eyes. Never so excited, never so hopeful, and never so disappointed to find himself, the ceiling and nothingness. That was the way it always was, every morning he woke up, every afternoon he lay on his bed in that house he was forced to call home. That was just how it always was, so why was this supposed to be any different?

    Why was his pillow wet? Was he crying? Was he really hurting that bad? Perhaps, it merely was the awakening of a reflex, which had ceased to work, long time ago. The reflex to pain, to resignation, to the acceptance of undeniable truths, like that time, long long time ago, in front of that grave.

    He held his grandfather's hand so tightly. So tightly. His father had made it clear he didn't want anyone around, so alone he had been left, apathetically staring at that grave. The smiling picture of his mother over the grave. The best picture they had of her, looking so alive, yet, she was so dead.

    She wasn't going to smile at him like that again, or in any other way, she wasn't going to hug him again, she wasn’t going to play with him in that park again. As he watched people paying their respects and leave, everything dawned on him, so he gripped his grandfather's hand even tighter.

    Because the person laying beneath that stone wasn't just his mother, she was his closest friend, his only true parent. His father was never there, and the few times he was, they still managed not to meet, how was that?

    “Is something hurting? ...” asked the voice of the school doctor.

    “Something entered my eye ...” promptly replied Ruka.

    “Both eyes? …” cautiously inquired the physician in a gentle implying tone, but Ruka didn't reply “I called your home, there are coming to pick you up soon” informed the doctor “just rest until then, I have to leave for a moment” she announced and went for the door.

    “Could you lock the door, I don't want any visitors” dryly demanded the teen.

    “I'm afraid this isn't your five star room at a hospital Ruka-kun. Other students my get injured and they will need access to it” pointed out the doctor, as she smoothly placed both her hand into the pockets of her lab coat.

    “Then I'm leaving ...” announced the Ruka, getting off the sick-bed.

    “Kano-kun” admonished the head physician “You are not going anywhere, you will lay down, rest and wait for your … party to come and get you” expressed the doctor, hesitating a little when having to state who exactly was going to come and pick him up “Kano-kun!” newly admonished the woman, as Ruka was getting ready to get his bag.

    “I do not even listen to my father Mizushima-san, so-”

    “Excuse me ...” then spoke a calmer and polite voice, as Ruka observed Tomo walk into the infirmary “Where are you going?” accusingly inquired the brunette, as he saw the blond walking in his direction.

    “He supposed to be resting, and-” attempted the physician.

    “I'm going home, I'm tired, and rather annoyed, so for the sake of your emotional vulnerability, I'd stay away from me” clearly stated the blond.

    “My … emotional vulnerability uh ...” cynically expressed Tomo, pushing the blond back, by strongly hitting him on the shoulder, leaving everyone present wide-eyed blinking “... don't fuck with me Kano, pardon my french doctor, now you are going to sit your pretty ass on that bed and do as instructed, do you understand?” plainly spoked the brunette.

    “This must be the second time i've ever heard you curse ...” nonchalantly expressed the blond, who was carelessly massaging his shoulder.

    “Then you know how pissed I am, now sit” strongly demanded the brunette “I'll wait with you … and help you fend off all the girls, and daily wannabe-gay-party-goers, that are about to flood this place, deal?” proposed the brunette, as the doctor silently, hand hopeful, awaited for the other's response.

    Ruka was indeed tired, and his head was considerably pounding “Absolutely nobody is to walk passed that door. No matter what and no matter what they say” warned the blond, as we walked himself back to the bed, ungracefully dropped his bag on the floor, and newly laid down.

    “Hai hai ...” serenely agreed the brunette.

    “I'll leave him in your hands then” genuinely smiled the doctor as she left the infirmary.

    “He is in good hands” assured the brunette then, as he turned to watch the blond laying on the bed, he thought to himself that today was turning into one hell of a good day. At least for himself.

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    Post  Sakito on Fri Aug 31, 2012 9:17 pm

    Sitting idly waiting for his next class to start, Sakito snuck his phone out and started to text aimlessly on it, cancelling the text several times before actually sending it.

    Mally, I need your help~ Could you look into something for me?

    Sakito had not wanted it to come to this, but he hadn't exactly wanted to wait much longer with his nerves being so irritating and Miyavi being so incessant and his stomach entirely sick. He was just about to go and snatch a drink from a water fountain down the hall when his phone took his attention again.

    Not this time. I heard what happened, but this is your business now, isn't it? I still won't enable this. Just let me know if you get into trouble. I have your back, but I don't want to push you in such a direction.

    The brunette frowned at the text and stood to go to the fountain, gears in his head turning furiously all the while. He had so many options but so many things against him at that point. He just wanted to go home and stop worrying and quit being concerned over anything or wanting to help. So why was it that the only time he wanted to think of anything else, nothing came to mind when he wanted to pull his attention away from something?

    And, well, he couldn't exactly skip class, right? Mally would have his skin... Well, not really, but it's what he told himself in order to stop him from going straight to the infirmary. He glanced down at his watch, frowning when he realized how many periods were left in the day. Maybe he'd just up and die first. It'd make things a hell of a lot easier. With a heavy sigh and a large helping of water, Sakito headed back to the classroom, hoping that he could at least make it home.

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    Post  Ruka on Fri Apr 05, 2013 4:04 pm

    "Is it really okay for you to jump all your classes?" curiously inquired the blond. Tomo stretched in his chair and pushed himself closer to the laying patient.

    "This would be my first time doing so this year, and i would have a valid excuse" he calmly explained as he stared down at the blond and almost as if possessed he began to slowly play with the blond's bangs.

    "What are you doing" Ruka instantly inquired.

    "What does it look like i am doing?" replied the other on point looking straight into the blond's eyes, whom closed them and lightly shook his head.

    "Why are you doing that?" gingerly inquired the blond

    "Does it hurt?" playfully rebuked the other

    "... Does it?" finally inquired the blond looking straight in a somewhat serious manner, into Tomo's eyes, who then stopped and brought back his hands to himself while looking away.

    "I think it is safe to say that all the girls, or any other student who has no business being here outside of regular hours is gone. You are safe now my lord!" the brunette kept teasing as he stood and walked over to the window absently looking out of it "There's is only the extracurricular people ... that's all"

    "Did anyone other than girls attempt to come this room? ..." then inquired Ruka, whom thought against asking the question but still went ahead feeling masochistic enough.

    "Do you mean, did Sakaguchi show up?" stated the other, receiving Ruka's silence in return "no he didn't" stated the brunette, at which answer Ruka got up and was getting ready to leave when Tomo rushed to his aid.

    "Wait, you can't go just like this"

    I'm fine" kept pushing Ruka, who was really all but fine but he'd survive. Somehow. At the moment all he wanted and needed was to get home, or any place akin to the definition.

    "Okay okay you stubborn head, you'll go home but only after you ate something. I'll go get something real quick and only after that you'll be allowed to leave!"

    "What am i? A prisoner?" joked the blond.

    "Call it whatever, but you don't want me to get angry so if you know what is best for you, you will sit there wait for me to come back and eat" informed the brunette, as he got to his feet and left the room.

    Ruka smirked to himself for a second and then listlessly turned to look at the sky again. Then deeming it enough time lap, he got to his feet and began to make his way out of the school and towards his grandfather's Rolls-Royce out of which the driver ran out to his rescue.

    "Master Ruka" called the man as he came to his support.

    "I'm okay" kindly replied the blond "can we go to my grandfather's?"

    "Must certainly" replied the driver, and after Ruka had been safely placed into the car, they drove off.

    To: Tomo
    From: Ruka
    You really shouldn't waste any second of your precious time trying to take care of a retard like me. YOu are too kind for your own good. Thank you

    Once sent, he fell asleep.

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    Post  Sakito on Sat Apr 06, 2013 1:06 pm

    On the way home, Sakito walked with his toes curled all the while, an unsettling feeling in his stomach. He should have walked down the hall of the infirmary instead of staring at it for so long from around the corner. He sighed tiredly and shuffled a quarter step behind his sister's side.

    "What's on your mind, Kito-chan~?" Mally mumbled, casting a sideways glance over her shoulder and pouting in a way that made her look unhappy rather than cute or disappointed.

    Sakito hummed in reply, long and drawn out like a bee, but dropping in tone every few seconds until he ran out of breath. He stayed silent until Mally spoke again.

    "You know... I don't even know what that means... right?" She sighed after she, once again, received no reply. "What am I going to do with you....?"

    She sighed and scuffed her heels against the ground for a few steps, almost stopping when she heard Sakito mumbling next to her.

    "I just... wanted to know if he was alright or not," he mumbled slowly, shoulders down but tense all the same. "Is it weird? I mean, he... really was very nice to me." He pressed his lips to a thin line, not wanting to seem so focused on this one person, but it was all day that he had been wondering and worrying. It almost made him sick. It certainly curbed his apettite.

    "I know..." Mally droned, hanging her head. "But what do you want from me? I don't want to make any of this sound okay. I'm sure he's fine. Even though no one saw him leave the infirmary since he went in. If they didn't take him to a hospital, he might just be waiting until school was over to get out. People kept trying to see him all day." She glanced at her brother, as if checking to see exactly how interested he was in what she was sying. "But that's all I have to say. We left school on time so he will probably leave once everyone is gone. If you see a nice car pass by, he's probably in it... I'm done."

    Sakito slowed in his steps and stared at Mally for a long second before resuming his walk, catching up with her with a small scuttle. They were silent for a long time, with Mally mostly staring at her phone, occasionally typing, occasionally scrolling and reading through passages and passages of gossip.

    "Thank you," he attempted, trying to smile, but knowing by the tone that she hadn't really wanted to tell him any of that. He sighed lightly and hummed a random lick before turning to his sister, "What about you? What's on your mind? I always talk but it's not like I ever give anyone else the chance to speak, so tell me about your day and about anything that you're excited or nervous about because I'm really tired of hearing myself talk all the time..."

    He pouted in his own way, unsure of how to talk to someone who didn't want to talk to him. He wouldn't have done so with anyone else, but Mally was Mally, right? And, in the same sense, family was family.

    But it made him wonder in the back of his head... What, then, was Ruka?

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