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    Name: Satoru Kano
    Stage Name: Ruka


    Height: 183cm
    Blood Type: O
    Zodiacs: Goat / Gemini


    For [White]

    Personality: He is overly straightforward, doesn't talk much, and is simple; but not simple-minded. He carefully chooses his surroundings, and will not give reason as to why he does what he does, but will tell you things the way they are if asked an opinion on something. So people whom are easily offended best not talk to him at all, because he would not anyways.
    He is attracted by beautiful people or things, making him incredibly superficial at first glance. Even though he is a hundred and ten percent gay, he would not refuse a girl flirting with him, or even him doing as well if the person is beautiful looking, but of course everything would just stop when it was time to get intimate. Then his eyes would only pick on handsome boys only. If you didn't look like a model or an actor, or have any sort high good looks, you absolutely wouldn't not receive any sort of attention from him. Unless you are a member of PRIDE, which is particularly dear to him.
    He has long ago was forced to learned that he needed not to get involved more than needed with people. He didn't need to get to know their real-selves because it usually always brought on baggage and trouble. Because of this unfortunately formed part of himself, he has already figured that he would most likely spend the rest of his life alone.

    Good Traits: Good memory, meticulously observant, honest
    Bad Traits: Straightforward, superficial in taste, selfish, impulsive, not a good listener (unless he can gain), not a good helper (unless he can gain, or it is PRIDE affairs).

    Likes: Looking at and flirting with beautiful and handsome people, play the drums, food, sweet-tooth.
    Dislikes: Talkative people, aloof people, stupid people, stupid sounding people, could be stupid people

    Strengths: Could care less about people’s opinion, can't be discouraged, can't offended.
    Weaknesses: Beautiful women & handsome men, his cat, his grandpa whom he revers.


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