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    Takeru [Takeshi Miyamoto]


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    Name: Takeshi Miyamoto
    Stage Name: Takeru

    Height: 5'3”
    Blood Type: O
    Zodiacs: Taurus /??

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    Personality: Selfish, and like every good Taurus he is so headstrong it is not even funny. He is a neat-freak, with a diagnosed mild OCD. He likes to look pretty & cute even though he is perfectly aware that he is a boy. As a result he also loves to be surrounded by all that is pretty & cute.
    He is not very good in handling criticism, he takes everything personally, basically you can't tell him anything. He very prone to tears, but also quick to seek revenge. When he is sleeping (his so called “beauty sleep”) good luck at waking him before he intends to wake up.

    Good Traits:Determined (all that he starts he finishes), uncharacteristically Smart (though he rarely uses it), Reliable (… once his word is given …), genuinely nice and loving with does he cares about (… so far … mother, Shiina, his band mates, his dog PakuPaku ... and his Plushes …)
    Bad Traits: Headstrong, Liar, Talkative, Hyper

    Likes: Sweets, Plushes, Make-up, Fairy-tales, Singing, little animals.
    Dislikes: Anything taxing, Dirt, Sports, hates Vocaloids.

    Strengths: Persistence, skilled Singer.
    Weaknesses: Heavy sleeper, Bad eating habits, “terrified” of water (can't swim, and hates rain).

    History: He lives alone with his mother and elder sister Shiina, whom is only two years older than him thus a senior, whereas his a freshman. He is incredibly spoiled by his mother and Shiina, he knows and sometimes (more than less) takes advantage of it. Though Shiina tends to keep him in line, more than his mother. On the other hand, he spoiles PakuPaku rotten.

    Their father died, when he was only eight, but he still has very strong and endearing memories of him, being the only man he ever looked up to and daily lights an incense for him before going anywhere in the morning. They are a middle class family.

    He is in a band with his three best friends from middle school, as a vocalist, and they all went together to the same high school as freshmen now. He still doesn't know why they stand him, and or even care for him, but they do, and even though he will never admit it, he appreciates it.

    For quite sometime he's been debating with himself on whether or not undergoing a sex-change. He hasn't told anybody though, and it is a thought that pops up not so often. But it is lingering.

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