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    Chiyu [idk his real name... We'll look for it later]


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    Chiyu [idk his real name... We'll look for it later] Empty Chiyu [idk his real name... We'll look for it later]

    Post  Chiyu on Sun Oct 09, 2011 11:25 pm

    Stage Name: Chiyu

    Height: 174 cm
    Blood Type: O
    Zodiacs: Capricorn

    For [Uh~m duh... Roses are obviously Pink.]

    Personality: Chiyu's a different kind of person-- the kind that you don't meet everyday and that you don't quite see after you meet them, but knows how to make his existence known other ways. He is a quiet and stoic kind of character and doesn't prefer being friendly or social more than he needs to in order to get his work done or to get what he wants [which is, generally, to get work done]. He may not be the highest of his class, but he works hard to get where he is now and when any of that is challenged, he'll fight full force with all he's got to make sure that those he cares for and what he stands for is protected and safe.

    Chiyu doesn't have many friends, and even those are hardly considered friends more than people that he works with in class. He does hold these people useful and convenient, though, so he ends up treating them well and being as social as he needs to be in order to not look like a complete jerk. Speaking of which, he isn't a complete jerk, per se, but

    Good Traits: Puts other's needs before his own, respects discipline, responsible, witty, loyal, calm.
    Bad Traits: Humorless, stubborn, unemotional, cautious around those he doesn't know well, holds grudges, jealous, mood swings.

    Likes: Reliability, professionalism, conservative behavior [it's easier to deal with], alone time.
    Dislikes: Loud people, those who get offended or distracted easily, ignorance, liars, when people don't take him seriously.

    Strengths: Courtesy, focusing on a task, manipulation of others or things, tutoring friends, strong rationality and will.
    Weaknesses: Stationary and unique writing utensils, traditional.


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