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    Reita [Akira Suzuki]


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    Name: Akira Suzuki
    Stage Name: Reita

    Height: 172cm
    Blood Type: A
    Zodiacs: Rooster -- Gemini

    For [White]

    Personality: Reita is a person that likes to have fun with life and enjoy it without too many things getting him down. He's a little mischievious and has fun messing with people, but generally backs off before he gets too annoying-- laziness is one of his faults, but not to the point where he's useless. With others, he's generally laid back enough to start a conversation about nothing too special, yet interesting enough to be considered at the very least, nice.

    His friends, of which he doesn't have too many, are dear enough to him for him to want to help and protect from whatever they may need protection from, but not so much that they see each other each day. It's always been just enough for someone to have each other's back when they need it.

    School-wise, Reita prefers to sit at the back of classrooms simply because he doesn't like the pressure of the teacher staring at him when he's on his phone or, better yet, sleeping. While his grades aren't horrendous just yet, they probably won't get too much better from his lack of attenttion to it.

    Aside from school, Reita drinks and smokes pot, but knows his limits and doesn't go after them. It's his way of having fun and his own silent revenge-- but there's no way he's going to kill himself doing it.

    Although he would never admit it, he's a little more than lost and searching. In all reality, he's rather lonely and bored with the parties devoid of any kind of meaning, but that doesn't stop him from going. Regarding new people and even his own friends, he puts up a cool front that's been developed enough for anyone to believe-- he just doesn't trust anyone enough to let them in.

    Good Traits: Decisive, patient, a quick and efficient worker.
    Bad Traits: Cautious, obnoxious, nosy, easily bored / jealous / nervous, competitive, blunt.

    Likes: Soccer, colder weather, being by himself
    Dislikes: Surprises, being sick, sickeningly introverted individuals

    Strengths: Driving, memorizing/reading, adapting to change, hiding his intentions and past
    Weaknesses: Free drugs, mentions/attacks on his family, being alone for long periods of time

    History: Reita's mother is a lawyer and his father, a doctor. He was raised in what most would call a fairly wealthy home, but with this came it's faults. More often than not, Reita was either alone or with his grandmother, whom he was incredibly close to until she moved due to medical and health reasons [when he was around 12]. Since then, Reita has been on his own for the most part and hasn't really been able to get close to any new people-- not that he has any urge to. All he really wants from this life is a purpose and something more to look forward to than the next high.

    For [Translating Memories]

    Personality: Akira's current situation puts himself in a position where he can only act without trying to make a fool of himself or mess up entirely. All he's trying to do is to take small steps forward and listen to what people say but still try to figure things out on his own. He doesn't really know his place yet and still has that "I'M LOST" air about him, but he's doing what he can and trying to be patient with all of this new direction that he isn't used to. All he ever really wanted was to make people happy, so he'll try his best.

    Good Traits: Hard-working, likes to make people happy, can be independent if he needs to be.
    Bad Traits: Timid, sometimes loses himself trying to make people happy, many of his actions in good spirit often look unusual to others, can get tunnel vision when trying to reach a goal.

    Likes: Cooking, building things, cold air and a big blanket when he goes to sleep, people when they smile.
    Dislikes: Hypocrisy, when lamps give off yellow light instead of white light, cats, lies.

    Strengths: Memorizing patterns, fixing things, being able to talk himself out of many situations, being able to rationalize situations.
    Weaknesses: Dying/wilting plants, animals (including cats), smiles, candy, hot and sticky summers.


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