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    Kai [Yutaka Uke]


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    General Information

    Name: Yutaka Uke
    Stage Name: Kai


    Height: 168cm
    Blood Type: B
    Zodiacs: Monkey -- Scorpio

    --Distressed Damsel
    Personality: Obnoxiously smart, over-the-line OCD, incredibly picky, and somewhat stubborn, but quite sympathetic; with those he cares about, which currently are his mother, and his twin best friends Miwa and Mika.

    His parents separated when he was merely two, thus, having spent most time with his mother, Miwa and Mika, he tends to show feminine sides of his behavior, when caught off guard, and he is not quite comfortable around boys, which his father had been working on, ever since he requested to be allowed some days with his child once Yutaka turned eleven.

    He doesn't like to stand-out, which giving the flamboyant nature of both Mika and Miwa, it is quite impossible, and even though he is smart, he doesn't boast about it and keeps it to himself. he loves to write poetry, which Mika and Miwa have tried so long to snatch and read unsuccessfully.

    Good Traits: Honest, Responsible, Loyal, Modest, can cook, sew, clean, do hair (braids, other complicated styles).
    Bad Traits: Impatient, Shy, Slightly KY (=can't read the situation), Overly-sensitive.

    Likes: Poetry, Alternative Rock Music (or any kind of introspective music or sound), Kado (flower arrangement), Chado (Tea ceremony), perfumes.
    Dislikes: People in general, ignorance, sweat & bad odor.

    Strengths: Smarts, Perseverance, almost feminine looks,
    Weaknesses: Underlying naivety

    History: ...

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    --"Ignore my Presence, Acknowledge my Absence"
    Kai for [White]

    Personality:A quite friendly personality, he never complains about anything, because he really find nothing to complain about. Even when he is not amused, he just finds that it is boring, but does nothing about it.

    He is quite handsome, so that unfortunately brings upon him attention that he doesn't necessarily want, but once again, he does nothing about it. Smiles at you when you do, doesn't when you don't. Just stays in his own world.

    In his own little world, he is looking for something, or rather, he is waiting for that something to come look for him. Though he's recently given up.

    Good Traits:Always inclined to help when asked will not refuse, and will do it willingly.

    Likes: To be amused. To laugh, but he is not easily amused, so when that happens, he feels doubly grateful to whomever or whatever made him laugh.

    Dislikes: Nonsensical shit. If you have to give him a reason it better make sense or don't give it at all.

    Strengths: Good listener and observer.

    Excessive passiveness

    He was adopted at the age of one, so has no idea whatsoever whom his real parents were. He loves his current parents, they are really good people. He's never had any crises of wanting to meet his real parents.

    He has a lot of online friends, but not really any real life person he can call "friend" per say, just classmates or acquaintanceship.

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