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    Post  Kai on Sun Nov 20, 2011 2:56 am

    “Ne … Kazuki …” suddenly called Kai, as he decided that his ceiling had enough of listening to his thoughts “... I know this will sound stupid, extremely stupid … but ...” he then paused, lightly biting on his lower lip, pondering a bit longer on whether he truly wanted to hear himself actually say something stupid “... even though it is clear as day that he doesn't like me … even though I know I don't have a chance in hell … I really can't help but still feel something for him, and what's worse … I can't seem to even want to not feel for him- GAH” he then loudly grunted, while turning himself to hide his face into his pillow.

    “Hahaha, and how is that stupid? ...” amusingly spoke Kazuki “... I'm mean it totally goes against logic, sure, but I can say with quite certainty that love is the exact opposite of logic, reason why … it makes perfect sense!” nonchalantly laughed the red-head “... it makes sense to loudly profess that you hate the person you love compared to just whispering your love. It makes that we'd rather have them hate us for what we are not, fearing they will not love us for whom you really are.” calmly explained Kazuki, as Kai gingerly turned his face into his pillow to attentively look at the elder, whom had suddenly stopped talking “... and just so you know, if you hadn't noticed yet, there is also a tendency of suffering more than being happy, in love. And if you didn't know … brace yourself for that” he then concluded “... more cake?” he then smiled, getting off the bed, as Kai silently observed him.

    Well, obviously enough, given how he felt at the moment, he had a hunch about that, though he thought it was only because of his unrequited love situation. Thus, if what Kazuki said was to be taken as a fact, did that mean that human beings al had an innate streak of masochism? Because at a point or another people all want to be loved right? And even from the point they know they could suffer hell, or even when they are already suffering hell; they won't give up. How bothersome.

    “There is another party coming up this weekend, and the guy is kinda famous, but given your videogame otaku-self you may not know him. His name is Yomi, and Aoi, don't ask me how, got me to go. But, I blackmailed him into bringing someone else with me, if not I wouldn't have come … and I would like you to come” coolly explained the elder, leaning on the desk, while eating his piece of cake, as the brunette skeptically snorted.

    “You know I am not good in those type of places ...” quickly dismissed the brunette “... and that is exactly where all my disasters took place. I think I might be traumatized!” dramatically declared the brunette.

    “Which is exactly why you should go! To fight your fears … like … batman with bats! He is scared of bats, yet he totally chose to represent them ...” expressed the red-head with a wide-clever smile, at which Kai turned around, and gave him a nice try fuck no flashing grin “... common! Plus I will be there right by you this time, and you don't know … this will be a big party, and lots of people will be there, important and handsome SURELY gay people … you might find a new prince”.

    “With my luck, I'll get hit on again by another curious person. No thanks.” quickly refused the brunette, as he felt his bed sag.

    “They say that the cure for broken-heart is a new love ...” nonchalantly expressed the elder, hovering a bit of strawberry short-cake in front of Kai's mouth “... I promise you won't regret it pretty pretty pretty please …” begged the red head.

    “Okay okay okay!” agreed the brunette, whom was trying to move away from the piece of cake which was being forced to his mouth “... but get ready for punishment, when I will surely regret having gone with you … fuck … I'm so stupid, I hate you and myself ...” sighed the brunette, while the red-head amusingly chuckled with his mouth full.

    Kazuki then got up again, and sitting at Kai's desk, he logged into his Pandora account once on the internet, and the first song that came up was Cardigan's Lovefool. Ugh. Shit. Ugh again. It would have been great if he really could find a different type of distraction at this party, or at least better, less masochistic, choice of music as well.

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    Post  Reita on Sun Nov 27, 2011 3:28 am

    So today was... today was... aw, screw it. Did it really matter? It was too early for him to be up, that's what it was. The blonde cracked his neck a little more violently than he needed to, trying to hide the wince that came after. He almost jumped when he nearly ran into someone in the hallways, glaring pettily when he saw that it was Sakito.

    "It's only third period..." he mumbled quietly, feeling the cold from his laziness crawl under his skin, causing him to shiver just faintly. It still felt early and lunch was next period. What were they supposed to do until then? Classes were uneventful and Reita really had no reason to pay attention in them.

    "Rei~ita," Sakito hummed lightly, waving the pass he had to leave the free period area, "Come to the computer lab with me, I have to print something out for Mally before it's considered late and I find myself without a few limbs. We are siblings, after all."

    Normally, he would have declined and wallowed in his own corner, but keeping his arms crossed, Reita kept a simply distant look and shrugged. It'd be better than snoozing off here anyways, wasn't it?

    He followed the slightly taller brunette to one of the labs near the back of the school--normally reserved for the writing classes, and tried to make himself comfortable in one of the chairs. He sighed lightly again and was about to let his eyes close before Sakito piped up. Reita was almost disappointed. He knew that the silence wouldn't last for long.

    "Reita, you've been acting really weird lately, don't you want to tell anyone why? If you keep it in like that, you'll just give yourself a headache, you know? At least take a stand and make a move. Has the situation gotten any better since last night?" the brunette's voice was soft and hardly above a whisper in the small lab, but still kept that strange air of cluelessness that he always seemed to have.

    The blonde only managed to shrug and shake his head, chin tucked into his chest already looking as though he were ready to sleep. After a brief moment of considering Sakito's words, the blonde pulled out his phone and sent a text that he knew he would regret.

    You weren't at school yesterday.

    ... And... Wait for it...

    As soon as the saw the confirmation that the text had been sent successfully, he regretted everything. He would have glared at Sakito if he weren't so lazy in pulling his head back up. Instead, he took the small laugh from the brunette and closed his eyes, hoping that they wouldn't have to leave the lab. These chairs were surprisingly comfortable.

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    Post  Kai on Fri Dec 23, 2011 1:44 am

    It felt like he hadn't been to school in ages. Everything felt so threatening, so distant and he really just wanted to have been at home, in his room again. The fact that he had to cross paths with Shera first thing in the morning hadn't made his morning any peachier, even though, poor soul, he had done all he could to not make any of it awkward. So much so that once again, Kai just wondered why the hell couldn't he have fallen for Shera in the first place. He'd be so happy.

    Shera would do nothing to hurt him, literally not even with a flower. He'd take him places because he had a plan, he knew where he was going with life. He always seemed to have the answers to everything, and even if he didn't they'd most likely work together to find it. What else could anyone wish from a so called significant other.

    But they said you could learn to love someone you didn't hate, right? If you don't despise a person, but there is so much little as liking the person, it was possible to just learn to love someone. So shouldn't he have forced himself to do just that? He'd be happy in the long run.

    However, something told him that Shera wasn't going to go for that.

    Ughh. Forget that for now.

    The most important thing right now was to successfully enter his class, actively attend his class, continuously move on to his following classes, and follow the same pattern for the entire day. He could do it. He knew he could. He had it in him,Yes. You can do it Kai .. what the fuck; did he really need to cheer himself on? Wow.

    “If it isn't my favorite bruentte ...” called Kazuki after third period, as Kai tried to not aimlessly walk out of his class and into the corridor.

    “No I am not ...” smirked Kai “... what about Aoi?”

    “Oh, psth ...” brushed off Kazuki “he is the brunette I just so happen to love, has nothing to do with favorite” palyfully misled the red-head, at which Kai teasingly rolled his eyes, but added nothing more. He really wasn't in the position to judge after all. Was he? “So are we having lunch together? We are right? Right? Right? Right? Righ-”

    “Yes yes yes … stop righting” warned Kai, with a feign threatening look, as Kazuki took him by the hand and strolled along “... oi … aren't you worried …. about people … talking” hurriedly observed Kai, as he turned all colors of red, while observing his hand being pulled by Kazuki. It was indeed his first time walking hand in hand with someone, and though he had been kissed twice already, he somehow found this to be even more embarrassing.

    “Is not like they don't see us walking out of PRIDE every time ...” shrugged Kazuki “... plus we both know the truth of what is not happening between us … and ...” he then stopped as they turned a corner, while he nudged his head at a coupe of girls curiously staring at them.

    “And? ...” incited Kai, whom was keeping his head low, and had tried for the third time to release his hand from Kazuki's.

    “If this works the way I planned it to, it will stir up lots of waters ...” he then stated, winking back at Kai, whom looked at him rather confused “... hey did you know Miyavi senpai was here this morning? If I am not mistaken he is still around … and should be right about there ...” pointed out the red-head as they saw the boy walking towards them in the corridor.

    However, before Kai had the time to even rationalize the about the last time he had bumped into the senpai, he was pulled against a wall by Kazuki, whom was then on him really close, holding him by the chin. What the fu-

    “Just play along okay ...” he whispered on his lips, with the brunette slightly nodding, but still looking rather perplexed “... wrap your arms around my waist” he then lowly ordered, and Kai silently complied, as the red-head lowered his mouth on a side of the brunette's neck. Leaving awkwardly Kai, staring at a rather amused Miyavi.

    “Yo … the way ya slammed da po' boy I thought ya was going to fuck him right thurr ...” smoothly observed the pink haired “... dat aside, is this a way to ignore a senior Zukizuki? ...” he then playfully chided, as Kazuki slowly moved away from Kai, whose heart was ragingly beating.

    “Miyavi senpai … didn't mean to … just … this boy … I tell you … I can hardly keep away from him … seriously …. he is …” began to state the red-head, turning to stare at Kai for a while “... he's something else”.

    “Fo'ssho …” randomly shrugged and chuckled Miayavi “... haven't we met somewhere before?” scrutinized the elder, and before Kai could even open his mouth, the red-head was already talking.

    “Perhaps around Reita? And perhaps not … you see … it seems Reita might have been interested in him once, but then again … Kai might just said that to scare me away, cause Reita is straight right?” he vaguely pointed out.

    “Straight a'a board … A tell ya, de won even try getting close to another boy … from what I know, he'd have to be something really out of the normal like fo'reals, fo shait like dat to happen, n'amsaying?”

    “Yup gottcha senpai … well it was nice seeing ya senpai, but we gotta go ...” announced Kazuki, puling Kai by the hand, feeling more depressed than what he needed to be. Straight as a board uh?

    “I don't think I needed to hear that ….” mournfully stated Kai, as they arrived at the cafeteria.

    “Oh don't bother about what he told you ...” reassured Kazuki “worry about what he will tell Reita” he then concluded. Even though Kai really didn't see the point, if Kazuki was trying to play the jealousy card, he knew well as hell that that wasn’t going to work on Reita, in fact it might have simply made things even worse. But at this point, why bother fixing anything? Couldn't get any worse than this right? “What time is it anyways? ...” inquired Kazuki.

    On instict Kai brought out his cell phone, even though he had a full-functional watch on his wrist, and once he flipped it open, his heart beat stopped for a second; a text from Reita.

    “So? …” pushed on the red-head.

    “A-almost time for fourth period, gotta go, talk to you later” quickly replied the brunette, speed walking away towards his sure to be empty fourth period class, while ignoring all of Kazuki's wait. Though perhaps, running had been completely unnecessary, he had partly acted on instinct, and partly he hadn't want to know what Kazuki would have told him when he'd find out the text was from Reita. And now how to reply to this, sounding normal, not pushy, and not avoiding. Because he was pointing for normality right? What was it that his mother had said?

    From: Kai
    To: Reita
    Yeah. Needed something form me?

    That should have done it right? It was the most logical reply to that, the fact that he had known that he hadn't been at school, meant that he had searched for him at some point, and didn't find him. What for he had no idea, and at the moment it wasn’t his pace to start fantasizing about it.

    Damn though, it really was hard to keep his thoughts still.

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    Post  Reita on Mon Dec 26, 2011 12:38 am

    He was so tired. So damn tired... He had the smallest headache from trying to fall asleep too diligently from Sakito's constant babbling after getting back to the cafeteria. He sighed lightly as he turned his head on his forearms, snuggling into them with the smallest sigh. Sadly enough, something cosmic had him open his eyes.

    To Miyavi's face.

    He took in a sharp breath, but didn't have the energy in him to jump. He sighed again, this one draining him of all the care in the world. He closed his eyes again and willed the older away. His eyes fluttered open the moment he recieved a text, though.

    And now they were staring at each other.

    "Hoi, is that any way to greet a lover?"

    "He only wants you for your ass, Reita. Don't listen to him, he'll only break your heart," Sakito piped in with a catty smile, not looking at the two.

    "And dat ass is a wonderful thing. Com'ere, we need'a chat."

    Reita was going to kill him. He was going to rip his arms off and beat him to death with them. Holy shit. Why was he pulling him away from the table?

    Maybe he should have just stopped walking and dropped to the floor and be a dead weight.

    But he knew that would only end up in being dragged around on the floor across half the school, right? He wouldn't take the chance. He was hardly awake for where they went, blinking lightly when he was pulled down to another chair on the opposite side of the room at an empty table.

    "This had better be worth it, Mister Miyavi," Reita mumbled with the smallest of glares, crossing his arms over his chest and expecting requests of a favor. Not that Miyavi was a selfish person, but it was something to expect.

    Miyavi shook his head, "Nothing special, I promise," and there was that smirk that everyone knew him for. "But you still straight, right? Gay as a lamp, right?" he frowned at the blonde as if waiting for anything out of the ordinary to happen.

    Reita only stared, knowing that his insides were rather curious as to how Miyavi of all people would question this, but managed to keep the facade up regardless, "What."

    It wasn't even a question-- the only way to deal with people like Miyavi and his pink hair, really. Be blunt and to make them do all the talking.

    As expected, and to Reita's relief, Miyavi's hands went up defensively after a brief moment of scrutinizing, "Juuuuust asking. Word on the street is that you've been hanging out with a few kids from that... one club," he waved his hand in the air carelessly, "Two of 'em were going at it in the hall and they mentioned you, so," he continued to wave his hand in the air, losing any track of the thought he hardly had a grasp on. But it made Reita frown, brows crossing.

    "Spreading shit?"

    At this, the pink-haired frowned and looked at him skeptically as if considering this for the first time, "Not sure. They didn't say nothing that I remember sladerish, but..." his frown deepened as he shook his head, "I really can't remember what it was, but it wasn't anything signifigant. If it helps, it was Kazuki and some kid I ain't seen a'fore."

    Reita nodded to himself and noted it-- it was probably Kai. Most likely, right? Wasn't Kai with Shera...? Why was he with Kazuki? He sighed lightly and shrugged, "I'll talk to Mally about it and see if she's heard anything," he mused with a small smirk.

    "She still know everything about everyone?" Upon receiving a nod, Miyavi shook his head, "Hot damn, 'at girl, I tell ya. If she weren't such a force to reckon with, I'd think her to be cool. Scares the shit outa me, man."

    Reita only shook his head, "She's always like that. Just don't piss her off," he chuckled lightly and sat back in the chair, "Anything else?" He regretted the question the moment he asked it.

    "Any spare hits for a poor man?" that smile; Reita realized in the back of his head that he actually missed it. School had gotten boring after Miyavi's loud personality and presence left-- but Kai had brought that back along with countless other emotions.

    Reita shook his head with a smile and stood, walking back to their table with Miyavi in tow. He didn't know why this kid was still here, but it was a nice change. The blonde realized he was a bit more awake now and wondered when life got so tiring. As he sat back in his chair and texted his brunette back, he silently felt his mood drop as he figured that he was still hated.

    Maybe. Are you okay?

    Couldn't get any worse, right? Right?

    The more he thought about it, the more he felt as though he needed to text Mally. ... ... ... So he did.

    I need you to look into something for me. Red hair, PRIDE.

    The wait was the worst part about it all. Hopefully Mally would bring him good news, but sadly, she only spoke the truth more often than not.

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    Post  Kai on Mon Dec 26, 2011 2:32 am

    Quickly glancing at the text, which Reita had sent in reply, after which he shoved his cell in his pockets as his classmates began to enter the class, somehow fearing that Kazuki would be among them. Fear which was rather impossible given as to how the red-head wasn't in his class, and also given as to how, even though he didn't show it, he hated missing class or acting any less than the A-student he was.

    Lightly sighing, he raised up as their professor got in class, bowed as accustomed, sat as he was prompted to sit, just like everyone else around him, silently, obediently. No reason to act up, no reason to express their thoughts regarding the fact that perhaps they didn't see the need in having to bow at a professor. Such a random thought.

    Yet, he wondered whether it was defying such a moment that got people into detention. How exactly did people get detention in his school. How did Reita Suzuki always got detention. Why did he spike up his hair the way he did. Why did he smoke the way he did.

    With a bitter smile he silently began to write down what the professor was writing on the board. Those were the type of question which people whom were trying to get to know each other asked, right? The type of questions they should have been able to ask each other, normally, naturally. But there was always all this run-around with the two of them.

    What was with all the implicitness of their everything.

    The way the two of them talked, acted, even the way they simply looked at each other was full “I really want to this, but I'll show you that”. What the fuck. To make things worse, with the two of them it didn't seem to be a simple matter of this and that, in their case there also was this over here, this over there, that over here, that over here, thing under the surface of the Earth, and ...shit on Mars!. Yeah.

    Damn though. He kinda really wanted to know the answer to those questions. Most of all, what was with all this concern? Okay, there was to admit that whenever Kai did have some uncharacteristic behavior he did punctually received a text from the blond. Missing school could be considered as uncharacteristic.

    So it was safe to suppose that it was just that, inquiring the reason for a school-mate's absence. Then what was the “Maybe” about. Did he actually need something from him, but was scared to perhaps ask because he would refuse? Given as how Reita knew about all the drugs, perhaps he needed money? Which Kai had.

    That was a sad thought. But what was sad to him wasn't the fact that Reita would use him for money, rather the fact that the first thought in Kai's mind was that he would have must likely not minded giving it to him, if it meant they could interact again.

    From: Me
    To: Reita
    I'm fine, just took a day off. How may I help you?

    Sent. Just as the class was getting ready to empty again. And just before he could get out of the class, and meet a vexed Kazuki, he sent a second text.

    From: Me
    To: Reita
    [1/3]Also, in case you've met with the senpai with pink hair, whose name I still haven't caught, if he told you about me and a red-head, please don't read anything into that. [2/3]I and Kazuki (the red-head) are just friends, and I don't know what he was planning to do, or actually, I realized only after. Though I know it probably wouldn't bother you, [3/3]I just wanted to say that.

    Sent. That was perhaps completely unnecessary, but he was really tired of shitty misunderstanding, and If there ever were to be any, it wouldn't have been because of him.

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    Post  Reita on Tue Dec 27, 2011 5:04 am

    What? Is he getting a little too close to your boy? Kazuki's already got himself an interest that doesn't go here though. Word on the street says it's more one-sided than anything and complicated , but he's a loyal kid. He's on the board for PRIDE and he's been there for a while. I wouldn't worry about him getting too close to Uke, but I'd watch out for him being protective. Anything in particular you wanted to know?

    Wow... Mally really was something else, wasn't she? The blonde shook his head to himself and put his phone away before he got caught. So Kazuki wasn't overstepping any boundaries?

    ...Not like there were boundaries at all, but... just... even if boundaries existed, he wouldn't be crossing them? Well, from what he heard from Miyavi, they were "going at it". And from what he remembered about the definition of such a phrase, it wasn't anything too close to friendshi--

    His thoughts stopped when he felt his phone go off in his pocket, sneaking it out to take another glance. He wouldn't admit to the wave of relief that washed over him when he read out those three texts, but he felt his shoulders fall down from their tense stance and his back finally rest into his chair. Okay, so he'd been suspicious and midly concerned, but this made things okay, right?

    So... was Kai mad at him or not? Not, right? This meant not? Or... this meant he was clarifying things that should have been clarified given the situations he'd been put in--especially around Miyavi. He just stirred up so much trouble, didn't he? Well, that's what happens when someone makes things interesting, huh...

    Now what? The safest way to go from here... The safest was...

    Well, to get yelled at in front of the classroom for having his cellphone out and get threatened for another detention, for one. And with the cellphone away... he could... now... think of a plan-- a way to weave around all of these obstacles and find his way back to a safe spot.

    The period passed by before he could get to any good ideas of how to proceed with this. It was too much trouble, being in school and having to deal with all of this. He found himself back in the hallways and towards his next class but still without an idea. A class between now and lunch... what was he going to say back? It'd be weird if he waited too long, right? But he didn't want to end up sending a really stupid-sounding text...

    Since when did that even matter? The blonde had no idea what was going on.

    And when in doubt, Mally always had an answer for everything, right? Right. He had forgotten to text her back anyways. Strange how he didn't care what he could have said...

    I think that was it, thank you. What about Uke? Know anything that I should? ... How much do you know about this, anyways? It makes me nervous when you turn into a 411 line like this.

    He stopped by a vending machine before heading to his class, just enough time for Mally to reply.

    What do you think I know about all of this? I know that your eyes have been wandering ;) But I wouldn't be too worried about myself. Uke's been wandering around the school for a few years unnoticed but recently joined PRIDE and has garnered quite a bit of attention to himself from the members. I expect to be paid in full by the end of the day.

    That didn't help me at all. You're slacking. Earn your keep.

    Don't lie, you need me. :3

    You make me sick.

    Have fun in class and go chase that rainbow!!!

    ... He was never going to text her again. Ever. Not if his life depended on it. It wouldn't be worth it.

    How embarassing, to be exposed like that. Even between two people, it made him feel unsettlingly vulnerable. And with useless information and no diregard, he sent that stupid text he knew he wasn't supposed to send.

    Do you hang out with Miyavi? He's a crazy kid. What are you doing during lunch time?

    What? No no no no~ He would never come to see you for lunch, stupid. He confessed to you as bright as day and you shot him down. What do you expect back??

    This was the regret talking again. Maybe he should have just left this all alone. So many things were going though his head at that moment, staring blankly at his phone before class started. Why did he do things like this to himself? Was it really neccessary?

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    Post  Kai on Tue Dec 27, 2011 11:29 pm

    Why would he hang out with a person whose name he couldn't remember? That was the first random thought he had as soon as he'd finish reading Reita's text. As for the serious thought; why was he trying so hard to make conversation with him?

    Scratching his forehead in slight frustration, he joined Kazuki whom was waiting for him so they could walk together to the cafeteria. Soon Reita and his group would see him walk through the doors of the eating facility thus there probably was no need for him to reply, was there? Well … replying … with anything, would have been some sort of courtesy he supposed. Maybe he would … later … after eating.

    After all, he should have aimed at achieving normalcy. Right? And if seen from that point of view, he supposed that those were very normal texts. Basically, Reita was unknowingly making his job easy. Mmm, he needed to reply something.

    “If you keep playing with those mash-potatoes they could actually liquify ...” observed Kazuki, to whom Kai instantly blinked, and flashed a grin, as he lightly sighed, and kept unknowingly separating and reuniting his food with his fork, while Kazuki was looking in the direction of Reita and his group's table, with quite the disturbing smirk

    “... stop it” gently warned Kai.

    “What?!” replied Kazuki with feign innocence “... I'm not doing anything that is considered illegal, and I do have the right to wander my eyes wherever I please” explained the red-head, wildly smirking, while Kai shook his head. He' hadn't looked in that direction one single time. Somehow his neck couldn't turn that way “... say aaaa ...” then cooed Kazuki, pointing a forked broccoli at Kai's mouth, while mischievously glimpsing at that table.

    “You are incorrigible” lowly hissed Kai, aggressively picking up a piece of broccoli from his plate and shoving it in his mouth, while the red-head laughed, and shoved his in his mouth. He really wanted Kazuki to stop doing that. Not that he thought Reita would be provoked by any of it.

    “Why hello handsome ...” suddenly greeted Kazuki as Ruka sat next to him. The tall blond merely nodded “... okay, I'll be right back, need more jello”.

    As the red-head momentarily left the table, Kai couldn't help but observe Ruka. He sure was handsome. But beyond that, he was quite the intriguing character indeed, and he would have simply left it at that, if he hadn't caught him glimpsing at Reita's table.

    “It seems like today everybody just can't keep their eye's off that table ...” he impulsively stated, while resuming his play with his mash-potatoes. He hadn't meant it in a mean way, but it was just really frustrating at this point. Did the whole world knew that he liked Reita Suzuki.

    “... I really shouldn't be, and I find myself being quite vexed at not being able to do what I knew I shouldn't be doing” plainly declared the blond.

    “And why is that?” curiously inquired Kai, not quite sure he was following. He wasn't supposed to watch Reita to not hurt his feelings?

    “Because I have absolutely no chance with the person I'm glimpsing at … meaning my behavior is being quite masochistic, and I am disgusted by this.” plainly explained the blond, at which Kai slowly nodded. Did he like Reita too? Well, the boy had his charm, it made sense for other people to like him as well he supposed.

    “Well, he … is sort of attractive …” agreed Kai, still picking around his carrots “... that nonchalant air he has … the way he never says anything about anything that could pertain him … I guess it's the air of mystery ...” lightly sighed Kai.

    “Mystery? ...” confusingly inquired Ruka “... all he does is talk, even when he doesn't need to, he talks talks ...talks” endearingly smiled Ruka, while Kai furrowed his eye-brows. Wait a second ...

    “You are not talking about Suzuki are you? ...” gingerly inquired Kai, at which Ruka made the most plain expression he'd ever seen anyone make. Obviously not.

    “Talking about Sakaguchi” clarified Ruka.

    “Oh god, really?” disgustingly replied Kai, at which Ruka wholeheartedly laughed. How did people like Sakito Sakaguchi got people like Ruka Kano to fall for them?! God, he knew life wasn't fair. But this was down-right fucked up.

    “Wow, Ruka in the cafeteria?! ...” spoke a familiar voice, as Kai looked behind Ruka to see Shera with his tray, who sat next to Ruka, while Kazuki also returned sitting on the other side of the taller blond “... first time I've seen you in here, and having a pleasant conversation with someone at that!” baffingly observed Shera “... you really are something Kai” tenderly concluded Shera. The brunette merely smiled, even though he wanted to tell him something, but he couldn't help thinking that anything he'd say wouldn't do any good. SO he kept quite.

    “We just seem to have a few things in common ...” shrugged Ruka.

    “Such as? …” spoke Tomo, whom nonchalantly sat by Kai “... and isn't something wrong with this picture? ...” he then quickly added “... why are you here?” he inquired, skeptically looking at Ruka, and then … at that table “... don't tell me.

    “Then I won't.” calmly replied Ruka, as a very awkward but also somewhat funny silence fall amongst them. Maybe he should reply to that text. Yeah.

    From: Kai
    To: Reita
    No, I don't know Miyavi, and I'm in the cafeteria eating with my friends from PRIDE right now. You know, if you need anything from me, you need but to ask

    That was normal enough a text right? It didn't sound mean right? … maybe he should have added a smiley or something. Sigh.

    Just lovely.

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    Post  Reita on Tue Feb 07, 2012 11:41 am

    Of course he wouldn't have come to lunch with him. What was Reita thinking? Of course, so why did he try? Was the urge so strong to make a fool of himself?

    "Blondie, you still look tired as shit. Chin up and get rid of that wet-dog look... tupid." Mally had dropped a book down next to him and set he lunch off to the side by the time Reita looked over at her. When did all the people fill into this area? Apparently he had been staring at the table for a lot longer than he'd thought.

    "Ah, shut up," groaned the blonde, stretching out across the table and resting his chin on his arms with the smallest of frowns.

    "Reita, watch your mouth before I ruin your... day..." Sakito had suddenly stopped his talking and focused entirely on the food in front of him. If the blonde hadn't known him, he would have wondered why he was trying to devour the table...

    Reita wasn't sure why he did, or why he cared, but he felt his eyes go to where Sakito's were flicking to and trying to avoid. Did Sakito know?

    He was thinking to apologize to the brunette, but Kai probably didn't want to hear it. He didn't even know why Kai replied to the first text.

    Hell, he hadn't even thought about apologizing until just now. Why had he wanted to talk to him about privately, anyways? Of course it would be to apologize. There was nothing he had really thought of saying, but... He had just... Just wanted to talk to him... Without the veils that school had put on them and without any other-worldly confessions...

    Ah, he had messed up pretty bad, hadn't he? But his intentions now were genuine... There was no awkward feeling yet to push him away.

    And that was the problem. This whole feeling of awkwardness that seemed to shroud him whenever things got too strange or intimate between them always ended in pushing them so much further apart. He had to do something about this though, right?

    "Hoi, the two of you have been staring at that table since you've sat down. Could you give it a rest?" Mally's question was surprisingly half-hearted, but only Reita noticed as Sakito bowed his head down to only concentrate on the food in front of him. There was a light sigh as the blonde eyed the youngest and she only shook her head in response. "So much trouble from that group, I'm telling you. It's driving me crazy," she stopped to yawn, stretching her arms out across the table.

    "It's not effecting you, is it?" Reita asked smugly, sitting back in his chair and crossing his arms. He averted his eyes in an attempt to make it clear he wasn't insulting her. He honestly didn't mean to jump when he got that text, though. It definitely caught more of Mally's attention than it needed to, though. She smirked at him and turned her head back to her book, but Reita knew--he could feel it--that she was looking at him through those dark locks of hers. It made him want to go to the bathroom to check the message.

    But no way was he going to pull a bitch move such as that. He'd rather bury himself in shame first. Shine twice as bright for half as long, right? With a heavy sigh, he pulled out his phone and felt his lips press together in response.

    Is it so hard to ask someone out for lunch? I thought the courtyard out back was a nice setting. Tsk tsk... Maybe next time.

    He almost started a, "I only want some of your time," but erased it and sent it without. It was quick to a point where, if he didn't put his phone away, he would melt under Mally's stare.

    "Can I help you?" he asked adamantly, almost frowning when she smiled back up at him.

    "I got all I need right here," she swept a small hand to cross Reita and Sakito, giving the blonde one more smirking wink before looking back to her book for real this time. How terrifying.

    ... But Sakito was still looking at that damn table, though his sister was well aware. It unnerved Reita to no end, so he pulled out his phone again, aiming this text to the nosy brunette across from him.

    Does your brother know?! Why does he keep looking at that table like that? Bothering the shit out of me.

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    Post  Kai on Wed Feb 08, 2012 3:29 am

    And that … was the end of that?

    Before he could even have the time to think about any regrettable actions, Kai absently pulled out his cell just to double-check that indeed he hadn't received any other message from the blond, and as soon as his eyes met with the notification-less screen, he felt his cheeks lightly blush.

    Hoping nobody had noticed, he then tried to quickly shove his cellphone as nonchalantly as possible, but a now rather familiar pair of eyes was fixed on him. Kazuki. The red-head was resignedly shaking his head with a smug grin, as the color on the brunette's face quickly matched the Kazuki's hair color.

    “Everything alright?” suddenly asked Shera watching Kai in concern, and then turning to eye Kazuki, who shrugged and calmly resumed eating his lunch.

    “Yeah … everything is perfect, nothing ...” he then stressed quickly glaring at Kazuki “... is happening” he then added, the red-head suddenly feign to be deaf, whereas Shera lightly smiled, and soon after frowned at his plate. Kai needed to learn how to be subtly subtle.

    “Seriously, nothing is happening,Kazuki is the one trying to make it look like something is happening but there really is nothing ...” Kai added in a reassuring tone, as Shera merely attempted an understanding nudge still dejectedly staring at his plate.

    Oh God why.

    “T-there are, there is, a part of yesterday's homework I haven't done, just remembered. So I gotta go, go and do it. Yeah, so see you guys later ...” then hurridely explain Kai, as he got his being, and his tray along. After having dropped the tray he dashed out the cafeteria, and leaning on the immediately wall by its doors, he breathed. A bit longer in that cafeteria and he might have died of asphyxiation for real.

    He had no homework, but then again he wasn't a good liar so they might all have caught on that, particularly Shera with whom he shared next period, thus aready knew he was bullshitting, and making the situation even more awkward if possible.


    Today was a proper whatever day, they could all fuck off for all he cared at the moment. Everyone, Shera, Kazuki, Ruka, Reita, Sakito, and even himself! He just wanted to be left alone, even from himself. No thinking, no wishing, no nothing which took nowhere.

    And that was all he decided as he calmly began his aimless walk away from the cafeteria.

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    Post  Reita on Sun Mar 04, 2012 2:19 am

    Reita watched as Kai checked his phone, not bothering to glimpse back down enough to make it overly-obvious that he was watching. But when Kai checked his phone a second time, the blonde honestly thought of sending another text, but stalled for too long for it to matter.

    Kai was up and out of the cafeteria before he could reach for his phone.

    Was it not enough? Should he have said more? All these questions and doubts hit him like a semi and made the food in him uneasy.

    He was too excited for the text he received though. He knew that Kai hadn't sent a text. He had seen it with his own two eyes... Far too excited. Tsk tsk...

    Reita's reply from Mally was a simple one, at best, but only provoked more questions from the blond.

    Saki? I doubt it. Maybe a hint or two, but I'm sure he doesn't suspect much. He has things to worry about on his own about the things that inhabit that area.

    What the fuck was that supposed to me--

    Wait, no. This wasn't about Sakito, Kai was out of his sight and it was bothering the shit out of him. What had he done wrong?

    ... The fuck kind of question was that? What did he do right?

    He was still staring when light snickers caught his ears. He looked back to Mally and nearly glared, frowning pettily before averting his eyes. She huffed then, it sounded bitter; it should have alerted him.

    "Are you leaving?" She asked nonchalantly, sitting back in her chair with a smug look on her face, as if she already knew how this would play out. The look only fueled his discontent.

    "What is that supposed to mean? I have better things to do than to wander around the school." he grumbled, putting his head down and wondering whether a follow-up text was a good idea or not.

    "Good. Because," the brunette stood from her chair, "I have to go to the bathroom."

    Reita watched her leave without a word, mind still fuzzy from that idea that he knew was a bad one. And he realized that he let two brunettes out of his sight; two that he knew he should have kept his eyes on when he had the chance. Today just wasn't his day, was it?

    He felt his stomach complain instantly about how upset it was that he let such people escape, especially the latter, and how it would hurt him tremendously in the end.

    Mally's boots made a loud kind of click as she walked down the hall, following Reita's claimed blonde. Now, now... where could that-- aha. Her pace quickened as did her best to close the distance between them.

    "Uke," she called out casually, voice soft and her normal demanding style, "Where are you headed?" A hop, skip, and a small leap later, she had done all she could to keep up with him, "You've garnered a lot of attention lately, haven't you?"

    She did her best to put on a curious face but knowing that it would eventually fall into a concerned frown.

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    Post  Kai on Thu Apr 05, 2012 9:14 pm

    This was perhaps the first time in his life he felt like screaming. At the top of his lungs, with all his might, in order to release it all, the frustration, the pain, the hope. Even the time he had so stupidly acquired that bag of white dust which started everything, the way he felt on that day were probably a hundredth times less powerful than he currently did; considering that he felt nothing.

    Where to go, what to do? Or rather what did he do, where was he now? Looking up at the sign by a class which said 'music room' he began he lightly scratched his eye-brow as he wondered exactly how had he walked up without even noticing.

    Had he known how to sing, he'd enter the currently empty room, like the main character of every drama or anime, cry his emotions out. But he couldn't, there wasn’t much he could really. Maybe finding a hobby other than the internet would have been a simple answer to drugs. He snickered at the simple thought.

    Then, as he heard a voice call his name he turn around on instinct, and at the sight of the girl presently standing a few feet away from him, his face froze, not quite sure what reaction to give. Friend or Foe? He had a half idea to ask said question, instead however, he repositioned his gaze on the empty music room, and silently kept staring into nowhere.

    “I've ...” he then spoke, speaking more out of curiosity rather than accusation, but wondering which of the two emotions actually surfaced “... I've never had close friends such yourself and your brother, Reita is lucky indeed” he observed, absently kicking the door of the room “... had I had someone to butt in every time I had an issue, I wonder if I'd still feel half a bothered as I do right now” he concluded, grabbing the door's handle and as he opened the door, he stopped for a second turning to face the girl.

    “Really, he is lucky … kudos to the both of you” he stated in a plain face “but you'll have to excuse me for this one time, and you'll have to please not be offended by the following but you these, whatever you want to call the events between me and Reita, aren't any of your business. If he needs something from me, I've told him already, he should come tell me” he stated, as a rather loud voice within kept yelling to just shut the fuck up and get into the room already “... I seriously … have nothing against you … I just also have nothing to do with” and after somewhat of a bow, he finally entered the music room, where he sat at the first chair he found, and speechlessly stared at the piano.

    So he let out some of whatever he had pent up. But then why wasn't he feeling better?

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    Post  Reita on Sat Apr 07, 2012 12:19 am

    Mally rested most of her weight on one leg, crossing her arms as Kai simply walked away from her. Nothing she hadn't seen before, but it was still mildy unexpected. She had always figured that Kai was more of the soft-spoken type. Not that she really knew much about him anyways.

    That was probably what bothered her the most. In this game of high school cat and mouse, it was funny to be the general watching the fights. She didn't often care who won, but at times like this, she had always found it more interesting to "push things forward" in her own way. So she strolled into the small room after him and took a seat at one of the keyboards to the side of the room, but close enough to where Kai was sitting. She crooked her head at him and rested on the back of her chair.

    "Now, now, don't think I want to go off and help either of you in your... endeavors, or what have you. I just want to talk," she played an imaginary rift on the keyboard, old keys slipping like water underneath thin fingers, but silence coming quieter than a printer's white noise. What was she really here for again? She had originally wanted to stir things up, but the longer those words from the boy at the other piano lingered, the more hopeless this journey seemed.

    "And if you would rather not, I understand that too."

    On a normal day, she would have just turned around and left at the door with a snide remark. Now what? Maybe it was the pianos. She hadn't touched one in ages.

    It took her two more seconds to realize that she wasn't wanted just as much as she didn't really want to be there. Standing up with soft, airy sigh, she walked back to the door and made to leave, but not before hesitating and adding, "He thinks about you a lot, you know."

    It was a quiet remark using a side of herself that most didn't see, but as she slipped back into the hallway, she realized it was probably all that she could have said without making it really awkward and super imposing-- not that she hadn't already.

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    Post  Kai on Mon May 07, 2012 11:29 pm

    Sticking to his gun would have made him look so cool. Just letting her go, would have made a clear statement, one he probably wouldn't have been able to take back, without anything less than a tremendous efforts, or more like miracles and good chances. And that he didn't want now, did he? Particularly when miracles and good chances had already "made it clear", several times, that they absolutely wanted nothing to do with the both of them.

    And then there was that sentence ...He thinks about you a lot, you know … how to deny, or even just hide the raging emotions that the mere sentence brought by. The anger at hearing something that made absolutely no sense, considering the way they'd left off regarding their emotional ordeals. Yet, there was still that part of him that couldn't help rejoicing, that couldn't help diving and hanging one really tight to those eight words as if his life depended on it.

    Was it possible to leave in such contradiction? Every breath, every second it took for his lips to move, he was regretting it on the spot, but still the lips kept moving, and the sounds which was barely audible, but nonetheless, came out was akin to “ … 'kay”.

    “Okay ...” he then spoke once more, this time sounding clear, and more motivated “... I still would have preferred to hear whatever from Reita ...” he quickly pointed out, but then humbly also added “... but ... I suppose that beggars can't be choosers ...”.

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    Post  Reita on Sat May 12, 2012 1:11 am

    It was a good thing Mally was hardly out of the door before Kai called her. She stopped and looked over her shoulder, her face void of emotion but curiosity playing in the back of her eyes. Maybe this wasn't as bad as she'd thought. She frowned in the slightest-- something between a frown and a purse of her lips, as she turned back to face the brunette.

    "I... don't have anything to tell you from him," she explained slowly, her head tilting in a way that almost looked concerned as she leaned against the doorframe, "But I can talk to you... about him." Her speaking was still slow as she chose her words as carefully as she could.

    She wasn't really a social butterfly and she knew this-- just a rat and a sneak, the same as she had been for the past eight (or so) years. But despite this, she could never stay away from wedging her way into things when she knew that she was relatively safe. Kai was a quiet person-- it generally meant safe.

    "He's very flustered," she mused, "You should... be nice to him."

    She looked out of the windows on the far wall and tried to correcting the twitch to her brows. "He doesn't have... bad intentions."

    It was then that she looked at Kai expectantly, waiting for a retort or an argument or a question-- maybe none of them. She crooked her head to the door this time and rested on it, asking her own silent question to continue.

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    Post  Kai on Sat May 12, 2012 1:42 am

    Why was it that every single one of that blond's friend made his blood boil faster than water at a 1,000,000 degrees? Reita was … flustered? he had no bad intentions? Why all of the fucking sudden was it seeming like he was the one that did something bad, when non other than himself was the one whom had been rejected?

    Deciding that not assaulting a girl was perhaps for the best, Kai closed his eyes and loudly sighed. What perhaps bothered him the most at the moment, was the fact that deep down inside he perfectly knew Reita not to be meaning any bad. Even after all they'd gone true. Because Kai had to have fallen for something in the blond, and he was sure he wasn't the type to fall for a complete jackass.

    “I don't know, how much you know about what has happened between the two of us … reason why I am very hesitant to talk to you ...” he then began “... and in all honesty I am also not quite sure how I am to reply to that ...” he then went on looking straight at her “... as far as I am concerned, I am being nice to him … any nicer, and lines will start erasing again, and we want to be keeping this lines right?” he then pointed out “... the ones that separate friendship … from all the rest ...” vaguely expressed Kai, then sighing, and shaking his right leg feeling himself restless.

    … Did he really want to know the answer to that question?

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    Post  Reita on Sat May 12, 2012 4:00 am

    Mally hummed softly, eyes drawing back to the window, "I don't know very much, I don't think," and she wouldn't admit how badly she wanted to know... "But he's not a very smart person, especially when it comes to people."

    She sighed lightly. How lucky Reita was to have someone like this. Even if it were troublesome for now. It was cute, in a really abstract sense, wasn't it?

    "Stupid and misunderstood, really." She shrugged and slowly walked into the room, sitting down at the same piano before so that they could face each other if they felt like it, but weren't forced to. "But that's everyone nowadays," she played with the keys on the unpowered board. After a moment of silence, she looked at him suddenly. Everyone was misunderstood, so who really knew where any lines were and if they even exist??

    "So does that mean those lines are put there from you, Reita, or other people?" She blinked once, "It's all up to you, at the end of the day."

    She made a face as she looked back to the window, unsure of how she felt, "At the very least... Know that I won't talk to Reita about this," she smirked at the window, more to herself than anything else, "He doesn't deserve it, no matter how hard he's trying."

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    Post  Kai on Sun Jun 03, 2012 6:45 pm

    Completely ignoring the last statement regarding a Reita supposedly trying, Kai loudly smirked and promptly replied “I'm the one who is putting lines now, cause your boy had put up a fucking Berlin wall, all by his little self, in the same way he recently decided to knock it down, once again, all by his little self” raged in Kai, sounding angrier than he meant to have, particularly being his anger directed to the wrong person.

    “And now forgive me if I still can't look at the wall-less in the same way it used to when there wasn't any, cause the fact is that there had been, a big one, and it ain't easy to all of a sudden forget about it. Forget that until some days ago the side over there[i] was off-limits, that I wasn't [i]welcomed there.

    “So as a self-protection mechanism … I put a mere line, right in the same spot, because I won't be a hypocrite and pretend that I wouldn't want him to cross into it, a line is much easier to cross than a wall, but … I also want him to be sure that he is indeed crossing. Because none of his fucking excuses are going to cut it this time. None” he concluded, folding his slightly trembling arms over his chest, presenting to be absolutely untouched.

    “You are his close friend … he seems to listen to you, a lot, tell him that all I want from him is to stop running, or dragging me around … if it is not too much to ask … I want clarity. I want to hear from him that he knows what he is doing, that he is really aware of the fact that I like him as a friend and romantically, and ...” pausing he bit the nail of his thumb lightly, making sure to completely avoid any eye contact at this point in the game with Mally.

    “and I demand he states it out clearly, that he like me, romantically, if hr does ...” he added “you have to understand that I have absolutely nothing certain about Reita to hold on too … all the things I had … he snatched them away from me, every single one of them.” he pointed out, thinking about their first kiss.

    “I just want him to mean it” though it was probably more correct to say that everything he had said after him was superfluous. But Mally didn't need to know that.

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    Post  Reita on Mon Jul 02, 2012 10:57 am

    Mally kept her eyes on the keyboard for quite some time, fingers hovering just over a symphony that she could create in an instant if she had the talent. Unfortunately, she had no such skill, and turned to the brunette instead.

    "I'm sure he would like to hear it from you himself," she started, only able to imagine how furious Reita could get if he found out about this. Despite his cool exterior, he was rather easily embarrassed. "Just... Know that he isn't good at ths and that he doesn't have a clue as to what he's doing."

    She smiled faintly at the fact, lettingout a shallow breath and looking back down to the instrument in front of her. She almost wished she could help, in some faint sense. The pair seemed, from her perspective, lost and without much hope. When people had hope, the least that they could do was try, but Reita and Kai seemed to be at a rather prolonged standstill.

    "I don't think... I really know what you're talking about," but she appreciated the rant-- it gave her a vague idea of what was going on, "So it's probably best if you tell him on your own time. But with the mindset you have now, I don't think you two would match. Maybe... Think for a while whether you really like him or not, and then... "

    She pursed her lips and stood up, looking directly at Kai and slowly walking to the door, "If you speak to him in such a way, it'll never work." They way it was said was a real attempt to be frank and not mean or discouraging. Maybe Kai didn't know what he was doing either and he just sounded like he did. She just... didn't think that, someone with the bit of personality she'd seen so far would be well-fitting for her friend. She offered a small, almost sympathetic smile, "So if you want anything at all from this, I say... that a different point of view is in order."

    She bowed her head at the other brunette, "Have a good day, Uke-kun. Please consider... what I've said today. Good luck~" She chimed in, not excited and not condescending

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    Post  Kai on Thu Aug 09, 2012 7:41 pm

    As Mally made her borderline dramatic exit, a wave of anger lightly graze his soul, in the same teasing way a sea wave grazed the feet of random bystanders and quickly withdrew. Kai honestly didn't have nor the will, or the strength to get even irritated at such an unfair request, particularly when said unfair request made him realize something of quite relevant weight.

    For some reason he gave for granted the fact that Mally and Sakito were Reita's buddies, and by buddies he meant the type of person on a personal social scale, to him a person tend to confide everything. However, by the way he was being approached, first from Sakito, and now from Mally, it felt like they all knew one side of the story, if any at all.

    Basically, there was a very high chance that Reita told them absolutely nothing. That he wasn't opening up, to anyone, unless there was someone else he wasn't aware of, but he doubted that. Sure, he himself wasn't the real life social butterfly, but he confided a lot with his friends online, in fact some of them knew him better than any real person. Not to talk about Kazuki, whom somehow find a way to sneak his pretty read head right beneath his skin.

    This was only a hypothesis, Mally was telling him to tell the other how he felt, and he had, but the way in which the girl was saying it, it was like she wasn't aware of the fact. It was just an hypothesis but if indeed Reita wasn't opening up to anyone, if he didn't believe even Mally capable of handling his inner thoughts; what chances did he have?

    Just how truly miserable was that blond soul?

    But what use was it to make such a discovery now? He didn't have much experience with real life relationships, but it always appeared like the two or three people with whom you always hang around, and that usually go as far as standing up for you care for you. Sakito and Mally genuinely cared for him, yet they hanged around this boy, whom only shows them this one side of him; how must they be feeling as well? Obviously, since they were all still happily hanging out they either weren't bothered or simply they got used to it. Yet, something like this wasn't supposed to be any healthy for sure.

    Nonetheless, the room was still so empty, and the sky so blue, why was the sky so … blue? Lost in thought as his usual, the brunette mildly jumped on his chair as he heard a couple of claps, and saw instantly paled as he saw Reita, at the entrance of the room.

    “So you found me out ...” cynically expressed the blond, a sarcastic grin flashing over his now quite rigid features, his eyes glazed in something very akin to hate, and Kai wasn't sure he could handle that “so no what? What are you going to do about it uh?” pushed on the blond, as he firmly walked into the room, stopping by the piano, the brunette wasn't looking at the blond anymore, but he could sense the increasing rage in the blond's voice, and words just weren't ready to leave the safety of his mouth.

    “What? After all the analyzing and conjuring you did in your head, you are just going to fall silent, just like that? You are not going to try and pity me? Offer me some sympathy? …” trampled on the blond, as Kai instinctively closed his eyes. He had no idea what to say, he was genuinely scared. His greatest fear, finally coming true, and there he was, paralyzed from head to toe.

    “But then again, did you really think you, out of all the people I could truly trust, that I would even allow you to truly come any close to me? What? Because I kissed you? Because I played around with you for a little? Get over you for fucking self ...” finally hissed the blond, as the brunette began to shake his head, trying to tune him out, his head still firm on his desk.

    “Coming up at me with drawings, like a retarded kindergartner, did you think I was going to draw you something, and we'd go play together hands in hands? ...” continued the outer voice, getting closer and closer, steps incrementing, as well as the level of anger in the blond's voice “... Look at how you are shaking, how dare you think you can even try to understand me. And there you go strutting around with such airs, demanding me to love you. … I could never love you. Never”

    “I'm … sorry ...” uttered the brunette in a barely perceptible tone, which the blond however didn't acknowledge.

    “Do me a favor would you? Stay away from me. In fact, do us all a favor and stop coming to school completely, you've done that already for a day, you shouldn't have any problems in making it permanent ...” lowly spoke the blond, whispering into the brunette's ear “do you understand me Kai? … Uh?! Do you Kai? ...” kept whispering the brunette “ … Kai? ...” he then began to call, as the other merely nodded “... I don't need you to nod silly, wake up!” exclaimed a second voice, as the brunette snapped his eyes opened, and found himself face to face with Kazuki.

    The red-head's hand was laying flat on the brunette's back “Boy you were gone! I kept calling you, but you started blabbering, and I decided to wait and see if you were going to speak in tongs but I gave that up, when you began to tremble, and I thought you were getting possessed or something, so I tried to wake you up...” joked the red head, making the brunette contagiously smile “… are you okay?”

    Kai merely nodded, as he rubbed his eyes as he confusingly stared at the piano “Good, and by the way, you successfully skipped the whole previous period, and we have about ...” explained the red-head, stopping to check his watch “... threes minutes to get to the next one” he then smiled, as the brunette got to his feet, while grabbing his bag.

    “How did you know where to find me? …” curiously inquired the brunette, as they rushed out the classroom.

    “Like I was going to let you exit the cafeteria in such a failed diva fashion...” explained the red-head “I simple gave you and miss Suzuki a head start, and then tagged along, and right when the whole discussion was getting interesting … I had to pick a call … which I had to cut short, when the bell rang … how you slept through that, you'll have to explain … but yeah, after that period, I went back to the music room, and well, there you were knocked out” concluded the elder.

    “Was it Aoi? ...” quickly inquired Kai, as they made their way through the mass of students changing class.

    “Who else, but this isn't about me, it is about you and that dream, or should I say nightmare, dude what did you see?” promptly replied Kazuki.

    “Didn't see much ...” replied the brunette, as the stood at the threshold of the brunette's next class “but heard each and ever single word I didn't want to” he concluded, as the red-head merely nodded.

    “Well I'll get back to you after school” quickly announced the Kazuki, as he dashed off to his class, as Kai nodded, and went to take a seat.

    Each and every single one.

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    Post  Reita on Fri Aug 10, 2012 12:18 pm

    Three periods had passed.

    Three of them.

    Reita had gone completely insane the moment Mally had stood up at the cafeteria table. His nerves were lashing at his throat and grating at the back of his mind. Neither had texted him since and, so as to not give away his nerve-wrecked state, he hadn't texted them either.

    But he was about to.


    But what if they found out that he was nervous? He refused to look so terrible in front of anyone.


    But did Mally find him? Did they talk? What did they say? Would Kai ever look at him again? Did he chew out Mally for being so nosy?

    Like a scab that shouldn't be picked at, he reached for his phone six times before finally grabbing it and leaving it on his desk. It took him another three glances at his phone to actually go to pick it up. After fifteen minutes of thinking, he started a text to Mally, deleted it, and sent one to Kai instead.

    Did you run into Mally at all earlier today? She's been running off a lot lately. It's hard to keep her in line. My apologies if she's caused any trouble.

    He was jittery in class and couldn't quite hold still. It was troublesome, really. But his thoughts were rampant... Maybe he really was going crazy.

    So he texted Mally too. Who cared if they thought he was crazy. Didn't matter.

    ... I don't know what you did, but I don't trust you. Not even with the crust of a sandwich. What happened?

    AHHHHH... He was so nervous. Mally knew a lot of things for seemingly no apparent reason and the way she spoke didn't really come off as a nice one even when she intended it so.

    Why couldn't he just live a regular life with regular people?! It'd be easier on him if he knew how to manage people to people relationships. He hadn't cared for them much before, but recently he'd seen signs of it being useful.

    But it wasn't like Sakito and Mally weren't friends with him--they were just... not closer than they had to be. They ate together at lunch, attended parties together, complained about homework to each other, and would chat about normal things now and again. There were even times where they got to lay down and really talk. It wasn't something that happened terribly often, but Reita preferred it that way. Not because he was really so guarded, but so that caring for each other wouldn't become a burden to anyone else. It was his opinion and, whether Sakito or Mally thought the same, he had no idea. But it was a kind of unspoken set of rules. For now, they seemed comfortable enough with it, so he was content.

    Content until his phone lit up fifteen minutes before the end of class.

    You can have the crust. It tastes like butt. But am I such a bad person~? <3

    His reply was quick and swift, like a majestic cheetah on the prowl in the vast savann--


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    Post  Kai on Fri Aug 10, 2012 12:51 pm

    It wasn't like he wan't expecting his cell phone to ring, but when it suddenly did on the way out of his class, he almost dropped the thing to the ground; why was he holding it anyways, instead of having it well kept deep down the pockets of his jeans like every other regular teenage boy.

    Weirder than his reaction to the name of the person that sent the text, was probably only the reaction of Kazuki to his own reaction.

    “Who is it? Adolf Hitler?” curiously inquired the red-head with a straight face.

    “W-w-what?” Confusingly replied the brunette, as the other merely gave him a scheaming grin “No … it's … Reita ...” calmly replied the brunette as he resumed walking.

    “What does he say?”

    “He is asking about Mally ...”

    “Oh how dare he-”

    “No no, not in that way … he is just wondering if I saw her … like you know, I could do the same thing by asking him if he saw … if I lost you or something you know ...” tried to offer the brunette, as the other stared back at him as if he was Sid from the Ice Age.

    “Would you truly ask Reita about my whereabout? … really now?” skeptically stated the other.

    “Why not?” defensively inquired the brunette, even though he perfectly knew that Kazuki had a rather solid point.

    “Because there other, more suitable, people you could ask, and have a higher chance they would know my whereabouts … in his case, Sakito for example ...”

    “But that's it isn't it? … maybe he tried already, and he didn't know so the next, maybe not logical, candidate was me ...”

    “Did he .. rape you in your dream or something?” suddenly and quite frankly inquired the red head.

    “No!” shockingly, and quite loudly replied the brunette, making everyone else around them in the corridor stare “ … no … I'm just giving him the benefit of the doubt alright? People don't always have second purposes all the times, Kazuki, maybe he truly was wondering just that … plus what second purpose could he ever have with me?”

    “I don't know? Like … get in your pants?” scandalously replied the elder

    “Wrong blond”

    “Whatever ...” Kazuki resignedly replied “... reply already”

    “Right ...” quickly replied the brunette, as he began to type.

    From: Kai
    To: Reita
    [i]She was with me some periods ago, but haven't seen her after that. Don't worry she didn't do anything bad. You have a good friend you know.

    “... Sent ...”

    “What? What's that face? What you wrote ...” pressed the elder

    “I simply replied … I think ...” stated the brunette, as they kept walking, wondering exactly why was he so concerned about anything at all. It was all just a dream. Just a dream.

    Just a dream.

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    Post  Reita on Thu Aug 23, 2012 8:31 pm

    Ah, you worry too much. Don't sweat it~~
    I only told him my opinion... But he seems a bit big-headed about it. You should ask him about it!! He had a lot to say. ^ - ^

    She was such a terrible person. He knew that she was teasing him. And that he was letting her, but he was so curious... Maybe he should find Kai and talk to him...? But the blonde had really screwed up before. Kai could hate him at this point. He could also have not changed and still present something as awkward as before. But it was just that Reita wasn't... exactly ready to hear what he had heard.

    Sure, he was just coming to terms with feeling... differently towards Kai than he did towards most people, but... he shook his head--this wasn't something to be thinking about during class.

    But class was the last thing on Reita's mind as his phone lit up with another message notification. The moment he was able to process the words on the screen, he felt his stomach turn in the uneasiest kind of way. He replied without thinking.

    No. I don't. She's a terrible person.
    Are you ok? She didn't put any stupid ideas in your head, right?
    Don't believe a word she says. Ever.
    ... I'm sorry if she bothered you.

    He could have shouted in frustration at how this situation was slowly playing into every favor that wasn't his own. Maybe he would just go crazy and forget about everyone. It'd make things a whole lot simpler, right?

    But those were his honest opinions on Mally at that moment. He was well aware that she was nothing but trouble when she felt like being so. It was a lot to put up with at times, but Reita had never necessarily had such a force agaist him. Maybe... just maybe... Kai had been able to totally chew Mally to pieces for bugging him... Hopefully it had turned out that way.

    He shouldn't have ever bothered with this kind of mess. When he saw the other brunette in the bathroom, he should have minded his own business and walked away. He knew it was a bad idea to get tangled in all of this-- but he... at that party... he just couldn't help it. There was just something he saw or felt that he wanted to... connect to? He had no idea.

    "Suzuki...! Eyes on the board. Space out at the clock in some other class."

    Right... school. Paying attention. He sighed silently to himself, looking back down at an empty notebook and trying to console a disappointed mind.

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    Post  Kai on Sun Mar 31, 2013 4:50 pm

    If anything, the fact that Reita was replying, meant that he didn't hate him. That had to count for something. If it didn't though, it really didn't mind, for it had been enough to calm him down a whole notch.

    From: Kai
    To: Reita
    Don't say that (^_^), she just worries about you, which ...

    He began to write, when then something else occurred to him, which made his heard plunge again. Reita had already turned him down once, and Mally trying to suggest that it wasn't so was perhaps what she thought was going on and Reita had seen through that was trying to make sure that he didn't get the wrong idea once again.


    Erasing what he had just written, he quickly thought things through once more, which wasn't an easy ask in the midst of their professor throwing chemical formulas at them. That had been most definitely a very inconvenient thought, because stupidly enough, some part of him was already working on some sort of reunion.

    However, if the other was going to look at him and think of him only having second intentions, it was going to make everything quite awkward and uncomfortable.

    From: Kai
    To: Reita
    I'm fine thanks and she didn't bother me at all. See you around then.

    Thus, that he wrote and that he sent, hoping he didn't sound any desperate and at the same time hoping he didn't sound any cold either. He just wanted the other to think nothing bad about him, even if subconsciously Kai might happen to still have some second intentions.

    Gently, placed his phone back in his pocket and fidgeted between the board and sky-watching, his favorite subject in school. As he watched in the distance he then wondered why.

    Why was it so heard to just forget about certain people. Why was it that he couldn't get to think about Reita in any other way, why couldn't just want him as a friend truly, shouldn't have that been enough? Rather than not have him around at all? Was he being greedy? Or was just that what love was really all about?

    Wanting someone, wanting them badly.

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    Post  Reita on Sun Mar 31, 2013 9:01 pm

    Reita's phone was like a life line at this point-- he was so curious for any sort of reply; any sort of recognition and acknowledgement. But what was he suppose to do when receiving a message like that one?

    "See you then. "

    He almost scoffed out loud. With friends in such a tight-knit club, who would want to see to someone like Reita?

    He stared at the board with a blank face for a long time, wondering if he should reply and, if so, with what kind of lame conversation that Kai probably wouldn't be interested in. Scrolling through their past conversations, the blonde couldn't really find a topic in which the two of them held a steady conversation without any misunderstandings. It was always a game of cat and mouse--one person chasing while the other ran like wildfire over a dry savannah.

    Wondering if Mally indeed had fucked up this one time or not, Reita texted her again:

    What is that supposed to mean?? I doubt he even wants to talk to me right now. What did you do to him...?

    And, after an excruciating few seconds of not-in-contact-with-the-rest-of-the-world, he went to text Kai as well.

    Are you sure? You sound--

    Oh, okay. Because sometimes she really--

    For crying out loud, why won't you talk to me? All I want is--

    And with that, he gave up. Sighing shallowly, he stood up with the rest of the class and filed out with a drag in his step. Maybe something would come by eventually and just smash his and Kai's lives together in a way where they somehow would fit--in a way where Kai only fit with him and no one else.

    Maybe they were selfish thoughts--but they were thoughts that would keep him thinking that maybe he could find someone to confide in more than Sakito and Mally. While the pair were decent company, there would always be that barrier between them that wouldn't go further than casual chat and mildly-entertaining rumors.

    All he wanted--all he had ever wanted, was for someone to speak to him like they knew him and knew him well. When that something flashed across Kai's eyes that night at that stupid party, he had thought that maybe Kai... would know what it was like, to wait at night until the world became silent to fall apart; to tie everything back together in the morning so that he wasn't noticeably broken to anyone who wasn't looking.

    He was hoping that... maybe Kai would be the one to notice him for long enough to tell.

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    Post  Kai on Sun Mar 31, 2013 10:19 pm

    No reply. As he bowed and followed everyone out of the class he listlessly stared before himself reasoning that the situation was to be expected. What was there really to be replied to an See you around? Nothing really. Though, perhaps, even just an cool, k would have suffice-

    "Uke" called out someone behind him, quite abruptly interrupting his train of thoughts. Turning around the brunette found Ruka standing right behind him, his expression emotionless as usual.

    "Ruka? Did you call me?" dumbly replied the brunette, somehow stupid replies seemed to come easy lately.

    "About what we were discussing before, that table you know" began the blond as he randomly stared somewhere else as if he wasn't talking to Kai, whom cringed at the mention of that table "... how about teaming up?" nonchalantly proposed the elder.

    Kai rather stupidly blinked at the elder in silent. Team up? What were they? A tennis duo?

    "We should join forces. The source of our problems seem to be pretty close, and though i usually like solving things flying solo, i think I am now desperate enough to admit that I might need help" clearly stated the blond.

    "Al ... right ..." unsurely replied Kai, whom was still very skeptical. This really screamed BAD IDEA quite loudly but it was so bad he couldn't help but be weirdly intrigued "... what would you suggest we do?"

    "I figured what we need at this point of the game is to isolate them, and the best way to do that is in the midst of a crowd"

    "Isn't that a paradox?"


    "No, okay"

    "Let me see your cellphone real quick" swiftly inquired the blond, as Kai mechanically obliged, before the other could resume "People rarely pay attention or can even notice shit that happen in a crowd, thus it is the perfect means of isolation ... you can disappear in a crowd. Quite unnoticed" Kai found himself nodding against himself, scaring himself at how utterly pulled in he was now "And where do we usually have crowds?"

    "... During a very busy Tokyo afternoon downtown?" quite earnestly replied the brunette, receiving a quite perplexed stare from the blond, whom sighed and pretended not to have heard what Kai had just uttered.

    "A party my friend, a party" simply pointed out Ruka and Kai cringed again. Wasn't exactly too fond of parties ever since ... "Yomi's coming up soon and I can make so that shit will go according to my plans, my problem is getting Sakito to wanting to come to it ... and that is where you get in" concluded Ruka as Kai narrowed his eyes at him, spotting a very big hole in the plan.

    "And exactly how would I be able to pull that off? Should I remind you that I do not quite fancy your boy and i am pretty sure it is reciprocal ... plus, where does Reita come into play? ... I also see you gaining in this ..." replied the brunette in a very pragmatic way, making him feel like he was somehow being very much on top of things and so naive as he felt a few second ago.

    "You have been texting with Reita all the time in the cafeteria ... hadn't you?" simply inquired the taller, at which Kai's heart skipped a beat, as if he had been caught red handed planning on someone's murder.

    "Y-yeah ..." he admitted.

    "Well as you can see, you seem to be able to sustain a normal conversation with your boy, I can't even have that, for i doubt he wants to talk to me at the moment."

    "O-okay ..." tentatively replied Kai, not liking where this was going.

    "So all you have to do is text him, once I have organized the party and have him come to the party with Sakito"

    "Ha ..." lightly snickered the brunette, as if the other was a crazy old man "... and exactly what would i say that could pull this off?"

    "Oh but you already have" calmly stated the blond handing back Kai's cellphone to the owner, whose eyes widened and heart started racing as he furiously grabbed his cellphone, and quickly darted to the sent box

    "Why?!! W-w-w-what did you say?!! Oh my god i could kill you!! Nononononononono ..." muttered the brunette as he shakily held the device

    From: Kai
    To: Reita
    When I said "see you soon", I meant at Yomi's party, you plan on going right? It would be nice if you did

    Kai wasn't sure whether he wanted to beat Ruka to a pulp, or jump out of the window. All the hard work he had put into soundings normal, gone, completely, in one text. There was so much implication in this mere line, a couple of words.

    "Come let's go, we'll drive to a cafe i like ... this will get a bit long, but I doubt you'll know how to reply, and we need your cellphone and my brains to do this so ... yeah" simply replied Ruka as they walked out the school, Kai in toe wondering exactly what he had put himself in.

    ... Someone somewhere, must have invented a time machine. Time to google search.

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