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    Sakito [Takahiro Sakaguchi]


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    Name: Takahiro Sakaguchi
    Stage Name: Sakito

    Height: 172cm
    Blood Type: O
    Zodiacs: Rooster / Cancer

    For [White]

    Personality: On the outisde, Sakito holds a rather dark appearance with a mildly soft stature. At first, the only thing people notice tend to be the spaced-out air that cradles his expressions and that endless appetite. Contrary to popular opinion, the brunette tends to be on the sensitive side, but still persistant and productive when he needs to be. In most situations, he keeps a calm mind and can, more often than not, impulsively find his way out of a bad spot with ease.

    Sakito is not easily stressed, but when he is, his emotions fight to break through the barrier that looks to so many like stupidity; this generally results in an explosive expression of anger to vent or an increased level in energy to surpress things further. Regardless, he becomes much more physical during these times, whether it gets him into fist-fights or clinging to the nearest person to him.

    He has a wicked thing for seeing new things with an eye different than most, as well as the skills to put a lot of things together by something he fondly calls "his own style of common sense".

    Good Traits: Laid-back, observant, straightforward, active, sharp, resourceful, loyal
    Bad Traits: Blunt, blatant, cautious, unreliable, forgetful, judgemental

    Likes: Relaxing, "his own time and pace", sleeping, pen-twirling, learning new things.
    Dislikes: Excessive work, being forced to do things, sharing his food, being awakened in a rude way.

    Strengths: Remembering details and dates, calming people down, getting his point across
    Weaknesses: His sister's feelings, a big appetite, his obliviousness, loneliness

    History: Sakito and Mally, while not birth-twins, have been together for as long as they could remember, quite literally. The pair grew up in an orphanage together and, though located in a bigger city, was not a very well-kept one. Food always seemed rationed out in the smallest of portions so that kids would steal from each other in order to fill themselves. Mally was one of the easiest to steal from, so she was a big target in the midst of all of this. And, being talkative and ever-full of justice since the beginning, Sakito would offer her his food and do what he could to keep them away from this person he would soon see as his sister.

    The two moved in and out of two homes before finding themselves in a place who accepted and respected the individuals for who they were. Their first family had already adopted 3 other children and the extra two had been too much for them. All of this and the orphanage's original lack of food only served to show to Sakito that food was something very important and something not to take for granted. The second family had been one heavy in dealing-- whether it be money, drugs, or any other illegal business. Needless to say, the pair didn't stick around for too long knowing that even the adoption was a part of an act in order not to get caught by the big guns. But it was where Mally would stay awake most nights listening for any information to make her feel safe about her and her brother's situation--it probably helped shape her into the little sneak that she is now.

    But now, with those two families behind them, the pair are living in a decent home with a decent income. There isn't anything more than the usual there, and their parents now are laid back and understand that whatever they do, they do together and will keep each other safe. That's all a parent wants in the end, right?

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