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    Ruki [Takanori Matsumoto]


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    Name: Takanori Matsumoto
    Stage Name: Ruki

    Height: 5'3”
    Blood Type: B
    Zodiacs: Aquarius / Dog

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    Personality: Me, myself, & I … need say more? Well, he doesn't care what you think about him, he doesn't care what nobody thinks about anything of what he does, and why he does it. He just wants to live a comfortable life, with no recollection of anything that begans with PO and ends in OR. Money is the only way to avoid that, and his present job as a host/high-class-prostitute allows him to easily achieve his goals.

    Good Traits: Professional, adapts to anything, Doesn't settle for less, perfectly distinguishes business from “private”...
    Bad Traits: … Has no “private”; it's all about work. Emotionless when taken out of work.

    Likes: big spaces, everything that is expensive, not being talked to if not necessary (meaning you will give him some sort of income). Soft spot for chihuahuas.
    Dislikes: cheapness, poverty, ghettos.

    Strengths: Determined, Intelligent, Not easily deceived.
    Weaknesses: Expensive jewelry.

    History: Born in the poorest of districts in Nagoya, to a cheap prostitute mother, and an abusive-alcoholic father, Takanori hasn't exactly had the best of childhoods. The time he was running away from his mother's clients whom were trying to have their way with him, he would be running away from his father whom seemed to not like him breathing, until eventually; he managed to simply run away.
    Haven stolen all his parents money, as his goodbye note, he was able to buy himself a ticket to Tokyo, and live on that money for a little bit, until it was clear that he wouldn't have been able to last for long, and fearing his previous life, he desperately searched for something he could do, that could have brought him any sort of good income.
    Quickly understanding that he needed a university degree he didn't have, he resolved that perhaps selling drugs was his only way, when one day walking past nichiome, he was approached by a drag-queen, whom pointed out that his face would sell instantly.
    Thus it was that he got into the Ruby Diamond Club, and quickly became the number one host, undisputed every since. It's been five years now, and he is 25.

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