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    Post  Kai on Mon Jul 29, 2013 4:59 pm

    It was just one of those things.

    The thing in which he "could have", "should have" but didn't and now it was eating him alive. What made it even more nerve-wracking was the way in which everything seemed to be proceeding just fine, or even more frantically, like the most important person to him hadn't just took up and moved a good 4124.91 km away from him.

    He'd googled it not too long ago, perhaps out of curiosity, perhaps out of boredom, perhaps trying to figure out how long would it have taken him, if he'd ever decide to venture out of New York and drive himself straight to San Fran, with the car he didn't have. Yet Reita was going to come back. It was just a summer internship.

    Just a summer internship.

    He hated the word "just" because nothing that followed it was ever "just" that. Though he was sure that the blond had to come back, given that he had a degree to complete, such as himself, he feared what could happen during their separation.

    A second in time was enough to change people's life forever, so what would three months do? How would they change his best friend? What or who could potentially become so significant to him to perhaps steal the Reita he had fallen for.

    Yeah, that whole weird crush thing, which he had come to terms with some days right before the blonde was eagerly getting ready to jet off. That whole "I think I like like you" thing which had been consuming him, restlessly ever since reita had left.  

    But what was he supposed to have done? Selfishly ruin the other's trip, just because ... he wasn't going to do that, he wasn't going to have Reita leave and perhaps think so much differently about him 4125.91 km away.

    It was best to have Reita think of him as good old Kai, his best pal, his "bro before hoe" guy. Yet, he still wanted to be more, or at least, he wanted the chance to prove that he could be more. But now, now that they even found it hard to communicate somehow, now that he was busy, now that Reita was busy, now that a brief iMessage text was all that they could manage at times in weeks at a time, he was scared.

    4125.91 was such a big number, and still, as he kept peering out of the window he felt like he could feel it, on the other side of the country, so reachable, waiting for him to make a move, with that same car which he still didn't have.

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    Post  Reita on Sat Aug 10, 2013 8:17 pm

    It was supposed to be a new chapter in his life. New city, new apartment, new things to see... new friends.

    But somehow, he'd messed up somewhere along the line and scored an apartment with a roommate who didn't speak much and lounged around for most of the day. He would eat at nice restaurants by himself with no one to talk to or enjoy food with. He was in his apartment on the internet and on his phone (doing things he could have been doing on the internet, of course) most nights, mostly because he hadn't really made friends.

    Well, he had made acquaintances that may or may not have considered Akira as a friend, but they were nothing like his friends back home--where he could say whatever he wanted and they would laugh and make fun of him for it. Here, with these people and their strange culture, he was tip-toeing around glass and doing his best not to act a barbarian. They weren't bad people, but things were just... too different. It wasn't easy to become close to people you didn't particularly like.

    But these people were good enough to join for a night on the town. It was never anything special, never anything more than people watching with a cloud of fuzziness in his head. Unfortunately, after the setting sun and the bustle of the city died down, he found himself coming home to flop onto his bed, no one waiting for him, no one to ask him to go out and watch movies or even to just sit back and play video games. It was a little sad, that he hadn't really found his place, but it maybe meant that he really did belong back home. Maybe he just hadn't given the place a chance.

    Work, on the other hand, was fun, albeit boring. Not a lot of work, but when there was he was learning. Now, he didn't consider paperwork or documentation as work, but he had to do it anyways. It played into the boring part of work. He would walk around the plant and hear boring stories from boring people about their opinions which always leaned too far in one direction. It wasn't a bad place, but it almost made him miss school. The people and the environment, of course; definitely not the work.

    He hopped onto the ever-famous social site and posted a new status:

    One more week...! Don't make me go T___T
    At least he could try and fool people into thinking he was having the time of his life, right?

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