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    Post  Reita on Fri Aug 19, 2011 1:54 am


    ... What? What just happened...?

    Do you really want to let me go?

    What was that supposed to mean...? Let him go to what? Shera...? As if Shera would be so understanding of the brunette's seclusion like that. Who was Kai to suggest something so blasphemous? There wasn't even a way for Shera to understand Kai like Reita was capable of.

    Wait... What was he thinking...?!

    ... What did Reita know of tht sorrowful look in the brunette's eyes when he got all emtional like that? ... Nothing. Absoloutley nothing. And as shameful as that was to admit, Reita still felt as though he could relate to it more than Shera could ever dream of doing. 

    The blonde sighed and newly leaned against the counter. This was so frustrating-- he had no idea what was going on or who was governing his actions anymore. Reita had never questioned his sexuality before, and still felt stable about it all, but there something different about this brunette. He bit his lip and let his mind start to swirl from intoxication, then licking them, trying to remember that subtle taste. 

    Was it too quick to admit that he might fancy his classmate? Most likely. 

    Why had he gone for that kiss at all...? Why did he think that it would solve anything? Did it? No chance in hell. 

    Do you really want to let me go?

    The question might just haunt him for the rest of his days. But it wasn't a hard question to answer. As long as Kai would allow it, there wasn't anything that would deter this blonde from... Doing whatever the hell all of this was supposed to accomplish. The question itself had, in the way it was asked, made him feel as though he had maybe made things worse. 

    It wasn't like Reita knew why he was doing this or what his reasoning was for it at all, though. So maybe it was acceotable?

    ... With how terrified Kai looked after he leaked the question, it definitely wasn't. But how to fix it?

    Reita sighed and rubbed at a temple, guzzling down his previous beer in order to grab the one he had offered the brunette earlier and go find Sakito. The kid owed him almoat an ounce by now anyways. 

    He just wanted a distraction from the terribly anxious feeling that seemed to linger after coming into contact with the innocent aura that the brunette always to gave off. 

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    Post  Kai on Fri Aug 19, 2011 12:28 pm

    Where were all the flying hearts, the pink roses, the violins? Being in love wasn't supposed to feel in the way he did, right? Had he fallen in the wrong way? Had his mind realized something he hadn't yet, which made his situation so pitiful, thus already made him feel so miserable?

    Swiftly and subconsciously cleaning the tears out of one of his eyes, and forgetting the other, he stood up and pondered on whether he should go in and look for Shera to tell him that he was going home, or whether a rather cowardly text and leave. He just needed to be by himself for a little, or maybe it wasn't the right thing to do, he had no idea, but he just needed to not be there were Reita was for the time being.

    "Hey ..." suddenly called a voice, which jolted Kai to reality, as he turned to notice Kazuki, looking at him in concern "... didn't mean to scare you, are you okay?" he genuinely inquired walking towards him, and after having carefully examined his face he gingerly cleaned the stained side of the brunette's face, which he himself hadn't cleaned.

    "Yeah" quickly replied the brunette, while clearing his face, and flashing the best smile he could.

    "You know ..." calmly began Kazuki "... half of the people in there is drunk, the other is probably stoned or getting there, so it is not a surprise that anything could happen and nobody notice ..." he observed, as Kai bemusedly looked at him "but I don't smoke, and tonight, I had my reasons to not drink ... and I saw happened to be sitting right out of that kitchen ... I am sure you had seen me too talking to someone ..." he vaguely dismissed his making out on the couch.

    "So we were still in the kitchen after all ..." Kai teasingly observed smiling to himself, and the memory of the moment, which had felt as if they were in their own little world.

    "Not trying to pry but, since a lot of feelings are about to be jumbled up in this soon ... one of which is quite dear to me, as a very close friend of mine ... I think we need to sort things out before it gets really messy" kindly pointed out the red-head, at which Kai merely stayed quiet in sign of agreement "... you and Reita already knew each other uh? I can tell when strangers kiss and that wasn't the kiss of a stranger" concluded Kazuki.

    "We don't know each other per say ..." humbly began Kai "... we only have spoken a couple of times you could say ..." confusingly tried to explain Kai.

    "Old time friends? Friends with interest? just friends ..." tried to aid the red-head, but Kai quickly shook his head.

    "No ... we ... we are ..." he then tried to reply, shaking his head meanwhile not able to find a way to explain what he and Reita Suzuki were "... I don't think there is a yet a word in the dictionary that can explain what we are to each other yet ..." apologetically explained the brunette, feeling rather stupid for having professed something of the sort as well. But, it was true in the best way.

    "Okay ..." skeptically replied Kazuki, walking to lean on one of the porches columns "... is it good then or bad? whatever it is that you have, which, considering that type of kiss ... I can only assume good ... boy, you should have seen the two of you, like ... lost in your little world, and so drawn into each other, something to so many would kill to experience" observed kazuki, ending with a bitter smile, as he absently stared at his feet.

    Slightly blushing at what Kai guessed he could consider a compliment, the brunette thought about the question, and once again he didn't quite know the answer "... I am hoping it is good" he then replied.

    "Okay, well ... you look shaken enough for tonight, what do you want to do next?" smiled the red-head.

    "I want to go home" swiftly replied the brunette "... but I wanted to tell Shera since he brought me here, but I kinda don't want to ... I can't face him right now ... I don't think I don't think I did anything wrong, but I don't know how to handle this right now ... and as you said ... I don't want feelings to jumble ..." sorrowfully explained the brunette.

    "Hm-mm ..." resignedly nodded the red-head in agreement "... come I'll take you home, I am trying to avoid the owner of the house anyways, which don't ask me why I came here in the first place, cause I can't even answer you at the moment ... and you I'll call him later, telling him you weren't feeling well or something, so don't worry ..." reassured Kazuki.

    Kai over-looked the wanting to avoid whom he concluded to be Aoi part, and gratefully smiled at the red-head, since he really wasn't looking forward to have to walk and train himself home "Thank you" he replied, and just like that, he was following the red-head into the still night, away from blonds and all sorts of heartaches.


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    Post  Reita on Fri Aug 19, 2011 7:20 pm

    "What? Damn, Reita. We'll crown you champ for this. What happened?" the blonde grumbled tiredly and leaned his head on the car's window. It had only been two hours or so, but Reita was already lost and gone.

    "Nothing," he droned for the umpteenth time that night. He was tired of thinking-- drinking and smoking with Sakito wasn't as successful in getting rid of the tornado of thoughts surrounding a certain classmate. 

    "He had an interesting turn of events tonight," Mally mused from the back, voice dancing in excitement as she rolled down the window.

    "I missed it?" Sakito asked in disbelief, pulling the car out of the driveway, "Reita, you know she won't tell me, at least put us all on even ground...!" the brother nearly pleaded, sighing frustratedly when he received only silence from the blonde. 

    Reita was too busy trying to calm the spinning of his mind despite the fact that Mally had just added another spin to it all. How had Reita done something so reckless with all those people around?

    Who was he to sudeenly care about what everyone else thought? What a mess he'd gotten himself into... It was all a terrible idea, really. But he hadn't been able to help himself until after things were too late-- he was glad enough that he was able to stop himself before getting carried away. 

    He felt light and nervous as the thought of repeating such an action flitted over his thoughts. He wouldn't want to do that again, would he? Since when did Reita Suzuki care about anyone other than himself and his next high...?

    He would have said that this was getting out of control, but it had barely stared, right? He had to end it all before he fell too far into this. 

    Do you really want to let me go?

    Correction: before he fell too far into that question and realized how much he really didn't want to let go at all. As boring as his normal schedule was, he would have to get back to it. 

    "It's okay if we stay at your place tonight, right?" Sakito asked quietly from the wheel. Was Mally asleep already? The blonde hummed and shrugged his shoulders, expecting it anyways.

    They three practically crawled into the house, sleepy and drugged to the point of no return. The weekend would be a long one, but there was a chance that it was worth it. Reita would figure out on Monday. 

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    Post  Kai on Fri Aug 19, 2011 8:29 pm

    Shera had ended up calling him up first thing Saturday morning to check on him, given as how Kazuki had told him that he was sick. The bleach blond sounded incredibly concerned and guilty, since he had been the one to have taken him there, but Kai spent half of the conversation trying to reassure him that he wasn't at fault at all. The other half of the conversation he had spent it reassuring him that he wasn't angry at him in any way for having been taken away from Aoi for so long.

    As for the rest of the weekend, the brunette had spent it sighing. He opened a window, he sighed. He walked from room to room, he sighed. He chatted with people on line, he replied, genuinely enjoyed the time ... then sighed.

    He dind't even have to think of Reita per say, or about his kiss, he had done too much of that the same night, even dreamed about it. All the sighing was caused by the fact that one he realized just how much of a foolish crush he had on the blond, how much of a righteous crush the bleach blond had on him, and how he was going to end up crushed in frustration for not having even the most tiny indication of how Reita felt about anything at all!

    He didn't have the blond's phone number, nor his e-mail address, he had no idea where he lived, nor where he hanged out. He knew nothing about this boy. Yet he'd been all that had been filling his mind, and week, for Reita was literally almost everywhere he was, physically and not. So much so, that having to realize just how little he knew about him was another reason to resignedly sigh, and feel even worse about the situation.

    Those were all things which however he could have asked the blond on Monday, if it weren't for the fact that he wasn't just going to go up to him and be like "hey I was just thinking that even though we kissed, I absolutely no shit about you, so ... what's your number?" Right ...

    Especially when now more than ever, he had this very strong feeling that the blond will have forgotten everything, that Monday at school for him, would be like any other Monday, in which he'd hang out among trash and smoke-peeps, while observing the world passing him by, Kai being part of it, nothing more, nothing less.

    And that was what hurt the most.

    Alas, five-hundred seventy-six sighs later, since he counted that he had an average count of a sigh every five minutes, Monday came around. And there he was standing like a freshman in front of the school door, afraid to take his first step forward. Particularly knowing, that the trash in question, would have been right on his way to his first class.

    Making his five-hundred seventy-seventh sigh, he took a step in and practically stomped his way, completely ignoring the trash section as he did, the tail of his eye no even able to discern whether Reita was there or not, his head had been so low. But he couldn't raise it.

    He didn't want to. He feared the moment he'd make eye contact with him, and all he'd see again would be those empty eyes, and no recognition whatsoever of anything that concerned them. Kai's brain was fixed, that was definitely goign to happen.

    Finally reaching the door to his first class room, he breathed out, not having noticed that he had indeed held his breath, he then slumped at his desk, and calmly waited for the class to fill, and lesson to start in fifeetn minutes.

    Laying his head on his arms over his desk, he stared out side the window, and he had been so lost in the thoughts of nothingness, that at the sensation of fingers lightly caressing his hair he jolted to a start. Raising his head, and turning himself to face behind, he saw a smiling Shera, grab a chair and seat right next to him.

    "You were incredibly lost in thought ..." observed the bleach blond "what were you thinking about?" he then inquired, randomly scrutinizing the brunette, as if he could read all his secret on the skin of his face.

    "Nothing actually ... I was just ... lost" Kai replied, lightly smiling at Shera, whom leaned forward and moved Kai's bangs out of his eyes way, action which made the brunette, instantly blush; Sera was incredibly smooth with everything. Without citing that he was smart, good-looking, hundred percent gay,and doubtlessly interested in him; so why ever why, was Kai so stuck on Suzuki Reita.

    "Okay ..." suspiciously replied the elder "... I am glad to see that you do look better though" he then observed.

    "Yeah, I am actually perfectly fine now, don't know what got me on Friday ..." trailed off the brunette.

    "Happens ..." resumed Shera, nodding his head in agreement with what the brunette had said "... in the same way I happened to wonder, whether you'd go out with me tonight ..." he then almost hesitantly inquired, receiving a wildly wide-eye blinking Kai as a reply "... since I didn't get to spend absolutely no time with you on Friday, and I really would like to spend more time with you" sincerely professed the elder.

    I think I like someone else
    would have been a valid reason enough to refuse, but it wasn't like he had exactly given him a chance. In a way Kai felt like he owed him that at least, after having literally "barged into" his life and almost sort of gave him false hope right from the start.

    "Alright ..." smiled the bruentte, making the elder exctedly grin and sigh in relief.

    "Damn, I hadn't been this nervous in a while ...." he admitted.

    "You? Nervous? ..." cynically laughed the brunette.

    "Yeah!" exclaimed the elder between laughter "... yeah, you really make me nervous you know, in a good way, I think ..." he then smirked, making the brunette smile in reply "okay then, I'll wait for you outside after school, is that okay?".

    "It's a date" serenely replied the brunette, as he watched the elder exit, some of his classmate walk in, and life just move on, like always. Everything regular, the only thing out of the ordinary this time around was himself, and the sky outside his window. Gray, so freaking grey.

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    Post  Reita on Sat Aug 20, 2011 12:49 am

    The weekend had passed by without too much trouble, but still a lot more thinking and pondering than the blonde was used to. Monday had come faster than expected, but he assumed that it was just from the weekend being unusually plain and boring. Saturday afternoon, Sakito and Mally had left a little early to go visit a relative out of town with the rest of their family, so Reita was pretty much sitting back to relax for the two days, even if he didn't want to.

    But, Mondays came as they always did, muggy and grey with a slight chance of some ridiculous humidity. Reita pulled his jacket a little tighter around him as he walked with Sakito to his first class-- it was on the way to his own anyways. 

    By this time, though, Sakito had thankfully stopped asking him at every turn what was wrong and trying to convince him that he could help. It was a relief, really.

    They stopped at the doorway of he class and said their good byes, Reita stopping before he turned back. 

    Kai and Shera? He felt just mildly irked. Until Shera went to brush Kai's hair away from his face, of course. Then he was just riled. 

    What had he been saying before about Shera not being good enough?!

    He bit his lip and turned back before Sakito or anyone else  caught him staring. This was ridiculous... How had that simple scene get him so irate so quickly?

    That kiss... Did it mean anything at all to the brunette...? Had it meanr anyhing to the blonde himself...? ... Of course it had, he wouldn't have pulled something like that otherwise. 

    But had it meant enough to have his feelings hurt like this after seeing Kai with someone else? The blonde stared at the floor grudgingly as he made his way to his own class and sat down. It shouldn't have goten him like this, but as it were, Reita really didn't appreciate Shera's existance right now.

    Reita could still feel the sof pressure of lips against his own and it made him dizzy in a way he wasn't sure was good or bad. He frowned when the idea of wanting to feel that plushness again flitted over his mind. 

    How pathetic. No one got this hung over on one kiss-- i only happened on TV and movies. 

    ... So why was he thinking about it so much...? Ugh... Whatever. He would think about it later. Right now, was naptime. 

    You know, time to obsess over that kiss and why Kai was even allowing Shera to be so friendly with him. Hadn't the blonde made it clear that-- wait no probably not. 

    Reita dropped his head on crossed arms. What the smallest buzz would do to a person... How infuriating. 

    It was third period by the time the blonde came back to conciousness and thinking that maybe this wasn't that big of a deal at all. Friends were allowed to be friends, right?

    What kind of friends let each other make such intimate advances, Reita had no idea. Then again, he himself knew less than nothing of the brunette. Not a single thing. Was that upsetting?

    Not quite-- the blonde had this stupid thought set in stone that if he understood that look in those eyes, then it was all he needed. He just didn't want anyone else going through the same thing as him. Was he even sure that it was the same thing? Not a clue, but did it matter? Tch. Hardly.

    That sullen thought of Shera, though not knowing nor understanding that secluded feeling, being able to take it away from their innocent little classmate was something terrifying all on its own. Why terrifying? Because, at that point, Reita would probably not be needed.

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    Post  Kai on Sat Aug 20, 2011 9:17 pm

    Today was proceeding incredibly slow. Class seemed slow, people seemed slow, just everything around him seemed slow. Almost like wanting him to take a moment to stop and think.

    But he was quite saturated of thinking. 

    Quite honestly, all he wanted right now was to go to Reita and ... maybe question him, but really, he just wanted to see him, maybe.

     And now, why would anyone feeling the way he did accept to go on a date? Why would he take the time to keep deceiving someone else, including himself. Wasn't it despicable what he was doing?

    All this time his being telling himself that he was just trying to spare Shera from pain, but in reality wasn't he just trying to cover his ass? He didn't want the bleach blond to hate him. 

    The possibility of not having Reita and losing Shera's friendship wasn't exactly appealing. That would have him going back fine sad and empty Kai, the good old Kai with his good old problem which where still there, but which he hadn't had the time to depress over thanks to his new interaction and quite frankly; he did not want to go back to that.

    But he also couldn't keep doing this, he really couldn't. Perhaps he should set things straight with the elder after school instead of going on a date with him. Perhaps he'd ask Kazuki first. Perhaps he should get up and go get lunch.

    Dragging himself to he cafeteria, he absently looked at his selections, randomly picked a mere sandwich  and walked back to his the room where his following class was going to be held.

    Sitting as usual by the window, he stared at the grey sky and before he could mentally make whatever wish he was about to make, he snappily stood up and walked his ass back to the cafeteria.

    He shared the same lunch period with Reita so there was a chance that the blond would be there. Thus, standing out the doors he searched for the blond head. He just wanted to see him, and it was a desire which was now stronger than he thought it could ever be.

    He just wanted to see him. 

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    Post  Reita on Sun Aug 21, 2011 3:20 am

    The blonde dropped his head onto the cafeteria table, the only thing saving his brain cells from destruction was the meat of his arm. He groaned from the small pain of it and lolled his head to the side, earning a few disgruntled looks from around the table before they resumed their previous social duties. But, of course, the blissful silence was short-lived. Sakito almost instantly leaned over the table and nudged him. Thankfully, he was sitting next to Mally today or the brunette might as well have been on his lap. 

    "How did you manage to get so little sleep, Suzuki? Even wihout us to bother you all weekend, you're still sleeping left and right. Get some food and--"

    Anything that Sakito said after that hadn't even reached the blonde's ear, seeing as Mally was now jabbing his side with a manicured nail. He glared over at her to see her just barely turn her head to subtly point to the entrance of the large room, not taking her eyes off of her work. He crunched his brows in slight confusion and, still ignoring the brunette across the table, locked his eyes onto anoher brunette looking quite lost standing at the main doorway. 

    Huh. So Mally did know. Interesting.

    The blond wasn't sure what to make of it all, but Mally always seemed like the kind of person to just sit back and watch things unfold for her instead of doing any real work to help or destroy the cause. Interesting, indeed. 

    Oh well, he had better things to take care of. 

    "I'll go grab a bite. I'll be back in a bit." he declared, getting up and strolling off. Sakito was surprisingly quiet about it and his sister had let out a small snicker-- Reita had missed something, but he really wasn't into caring right about now. 

    Right now, he wanted to know why in the world Kai was standing like a lost turkey in the cafeteria where everyone could see. Sighing as he got closer, he accidentally bumped into Kai's elbow again-- just more than brushing against it and not enough force to make it look purposefully done. Reita didn't know if Shera ate here at the cafeteria, who easily could have been the person Kai was looking for but he figured that even with that much he could get Kai's mind onto a certain Friday that they had spent together. 

    He didn't even know what he was doing. What was going on? ... Whatever. He didn't even care.

    Kai probably didn't even care. He probably thought it was nothing, that night. But did Reita care? Of course not!

    Shera could have Kai all he wanted and-- fuck, what the hell was he talking about?

    ... Shit. 

    With a grumpy face and without looking back, he moved to the lunch line and leaned against the glass. Why was the line so long today? This was frustrating. He was upset. 

    See, now he was just getting upset at nothing. Lying to himself always got him in a crummy mood. 

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    Post  Kai on Sun Aug 21, 2011 8:16 am

    His reaction had been about right. As soon as his eyes finally caught his target, his heart skipped a bit, a fastidious pain then quickly surrounded the muscle, but withstanding all that, he felt happy. Really happy.

    Even though as thought, he received no special from the blond when they finally saw each other, he still couldn't help but be happy. Pathetic, he knew that, and he also supposed it was safe to say that his alas couldn't be described as a simple crush anymore.

    Yet, he couldn't stand forever immobile the way he was. He found what he wanted, and also got what he had expected as well. Thus he was about to turn his heals and leave, when all of a sudden he felt a rather familiar forceful shove at his elbow.

    Turning towards the owner of said arm, he saw the blond walk to put himself in line. Lowering his head to his feet, Kai lowly smirked to himself not to cry; so he hadn't been ignored after all.

    Reita had pulled the same stunt some time the previous week, in an attempt to get his attention, and even though the brunette still thought it was a rather childish way to do things, this time around he couldn't bring himself to frown about it. Instead he was just so incredibly happy it made no sense.

    There is nothing he could have done of the fact that the blond's way to get to people was by acting in that way, he wasn't up to change him, and in fact, somewhere in his brain he was starting to believe it cute. Definitely reaction caused by a feeling stronger than a crush.

    Moreover, all this actions and reactions from the blond, weren't something he could put into his mental box for Reita? There were still quite minimal things, but it was still something that allowed him to try and understand him, and perhaps one day confidently say "Suzuki? oh yeah I know him".

    Without even noticing his body moving in the right direction, before he knew it, he was standing behind the blond, staring at his shoes, wondering exactly what it was that he was ought to say.

    Yet, his emotions were all so jumbled up, and the pressure of his happiness was so strong, that something pushed itself out of his mouth anyways "you really tall you know ..." fact which he was sure Reita was absolutely not aware, so just in case, his brain decided it best to inform him about it.


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    Post  Reita on Sun Aug 21, 2011 5:50 pm

    Reita jumped on the inside when Kai spoke behind him.

    ... He was here? Talking to him? And not out there looking for Shera? The smallest voice in him cheered in victory, before quieting down and putting on that cool face once again. 

    It was nearly a scoff. "Not that much taller than you, am I?"

    He leaned against the glass between them and the food  and shot a curious glance at the brunette, aware of the people around them and both of their reputations around the school. Why couldn't he have been this aware last Friday?

    There waa only one real thing on the menu today though-- it made Reita a little nervous... He'd just get a juice for today. But having only  that really just killed the only relavant conversation topic, huh? Oh well... 

    "Where are you going after this? I don't normally see you eating here."

    That second statement wasn't quite based on oservation, but rather the look he'd seen on he other's face as he searched. If Kai had been to the cafeteria more than twice before,  he would have known exactly where to find Shera or himself.

    ........................ What? He was only trying to make conversation...

    It was also golden how Reita totally missed the chance to ask what Kai was doing there at all anyways-- had he been looking for Shera but gave up and settled for Reita?

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    Post  Kai on Sun Aug 21, 2011 7:34 pm

    As expected, hearing his voice talking back at him, made him feel ten times happier than what merely seeing him had. He hadn't even said anything special at all, just a mere regular conversation, which considering their conversations, was quite something.

    "I used to grab my lunch and eat it in class, though lat-" he then suddenly stopped, the words lately I have been spending lunch time with PRIDE not quite making it out of his mouth. For some reason, he absolutely didn't want to bring up any of them. No matter how silly it might have sounded, he wanted this conversation they were having to be about the two of them, period "... I actually left, my sandwich in class right now ..." he then randomly informed.

    And now he had a dilemma. On one hand, not too deep inside of him, he really wanted to ask Reita if he wanted to finish his lunch with him in the classroom, which was daring, extremely daring. The blond was with his friends, and he doubted he'd just leave them to go and seat with them. On the other end, he could join Reita and his two fiends, but he for some reason didn't think that to be a very good idea.

    So it wasn't much of a dilemma now was it? All he had to do was just tog o back to his class and finish his lunch, like he did all the time, and dismiss himself saying something on the lines of ... I came to see if I could find you, and now that I saw you, I guess I'll go back to my class. Though I really wanted to talk about what happen on Friday, you know, the kiss and all? But is not like we could talk about something like that in here now can we? ... yeah something like that would have been optimal. but what came out of his mouth was.

    "I came to say something real quick to somebody, but since they are not here, I guess ... I'll go back ... to my lunch ... in class ..." he very awkwardly stated, nodding to himself.

    Oh magical hole upon beneath me and take me to a place from which I can return NOT. Sigh.

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    Post  Reita on Mon Aug 22, 2011 2:17 am

    Reita almost had to double take at what he was hearing. So Kai... Left his lunch in the other room to find someone here, and in not finding that person, followed the blonde [after thr incentive, of course] to the cafeteria line in order to accomplish what? It would be a miracle if anyone knew. 

    And then he just left! The nerve of kids these days...

    And so, Reita was left standing idle in line without anyone to talk to nor anything to look forward to. What was all that about anyways? 

    Well, it meant that the little detour to the line was just for him, right...? Should he have been happy for that?

    He barely registered the buzz of his phone, but quickly read the message before any school authorities could see him. It was from Mally. 

    You're just going to go off and let him eat with the PRIDE kids just like that? Suzuki, you're getting soft.

    Oh wait, what? Oh hell no. He needed to have a talk with this bookworm as soon as possible. 

    **text me once you read this...! Where are we going? I feel like I should start the next scene, but definitely not mandatory. . I want somethig bad to hallen by the end of this schoolday. Hope you had a good mornkg/afternoon! *chuu***

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    Post  Kai on Mon Aug 22, 2011 5:03 pm

    Well wasn't happiness ephemeral? He finally got the guts to go and fill his happiness tank just a little, and before he knew it, as he dropped his miserable self back on his chair, it was already empty. And no, he wasn't going back to the cafeteria, it was enough awkwardness for one day. Perhaps ... he should followed him to his table though, silently sat at the corner, and conspicuously stared at him for the rest of the day, as he talked to his friends. Creeper, yes, but watch him care.

    His sandwich was still looking at him, half unwrapped, completely untouched, but for some reason, he really wasn't that hungry. Sighing, he watched as some of the students, whom also brought their lunch back from their cafeteria sat down, and talked to each other, it was mostly girls, those it would have been gossip.

    That is how he had ended up knowing half of the things he knew about people in the school, because of all the lunches he'd had spent in the class, letting all does words bounce into his uncaring ears. Whether they were true or not he had no clue, and didn't care at the time, but it certainly had been entertaining a couple of times.

    Reita had come out, in their story-telling time as well, but at the moment he couldn't quite remember what they had said about him; he wish he did right now though. It was something silly he was sure, most likely not even true, who knew. Thinking about the possibilities, he hadn't noticed his silly grin, on his face, until he heard some of the girls giggling, as they were looking at him, and quickly turned away once he stared at them.

    Aaah, he really didn't want to become a talk, and given as how he really wasn't sure he was in full control of his body, he decided to get up and maybe stand out the door for a sec, since they had a good ten minutes before the beginning of class.

    Trying to get up as smoothly as he could, he randomly fixed his collar as he walked towards the exit. Opening the door, he strode out, but didn't go an inch further away from the door, as he instantly bumped into something.

    "Yo kid, 'aight thrr? ..." spoke a rather cool sounding voice, as Kai looked to his right, and observed a rather tall boy, whom wasn't wearing any uniform, full of piercing and quite distinctively long multicolored hair, with a prevalence of pink.

    Dazedly looking at whom he was now trying to double-check wasn't a girl, but from the Adam's apple, and the b-boy tank and baggy clothes could for the 75% say was a boy, he then blinked out his stupor, and silently nodded in agreement. The boy wasn't too old, he was probably a first year in college, and he looked familiar for some reason, he probably had been a senior in their school. but he wasn't too sure ...

    "Miyavi-senpai!!" squealed ALL the girls in his classroom rushing out to meet with the boy.

    "Shh ..." calmly smiled the pink-haired demanding for the girls to keep it low, as Kai finally recalled. He hadn't quite since him per say, but his name, oh his name was quite the infamous legend in the school; but the girls just loved him.

    "What are you doing here?! How is university?! We miss you?!" they all quickly blurt out, as Kai couldn't help but stand and watch.

    "Just had a free day y'know, so thought I'd come and see how ya'll suckers doin' ... though ..." he then paused, shoving himself through all the girls, whom didn't seem to care that they had just been pushed around "... I came lookin' fo' a particular sucker ... has any of you bitches seen Reita?" he then inquired, placing both his hands in the pockets of his sagging baggy jeans.

    "This is lunch period ... so he might be eating in the cafeteria, with Sakito ... and Mally ..." quickly informed one of the girls, implicitly looking at the other girls when she said the name Mally, as if insinuating that something was going on between the two; which Kai didn't like at all.

    "Oh, no wonder this place seem empty as hell ... 'aight" he then nodded and went his merry way towards the cafeteria. The girls excitedly got back into the classroom, frantically text on their cells, most likely spreading the merry news of the presence of the pink-haired at school, but Kai was now staring at the parting figure of Miyavi.

    Why had he come looking for Reita? It obviously should have been none of his business, but he couldn't help but want to know. He needed to know.

    Thus, against his better judgment, he gave the pink haired a few more steps, and nonchalantly got himself on Miyavi's tracks. Once the pink-haired had got to cafeteria, Kai didn't even have the time to hide, given as how Reita was right there at the entrance.

    "Oh shit!" snappily exclaimed Miyavi, still holding the cafeteria door open, while wildly grinning, as he forcefully grabbed the blond from his collar out of the room, allowing the door to close behind them. If he had the means, Kai would have dug his own hole right in that floor with his own hand; who the fuck got caught going back to the same place twice?!

    And now it was him, Miyavi and Reita standing in the corridor, doing nothing. But not for long "Miss me nigga? ..." amusingly inquired the pink-haired, after which with no warning and no hesitation, he lowered his head and grabbed the blond's lips between his.

    Kai stared.

    What else was he supposed to have done? His brain couldn't think, his body wasn't moving, and he just suddenly felt like he wanted to either punch the first person that passed, or simply cry; the second being more likely to happen however. As predicted, tears wear violently trying to push their way through, and there was no fucking way in hell he'd make any of the two, or anyone for the matter catch him crying; again.

    Lowering his head, he rushed away in the first direction his brain could rationalize, and he just walked, and walked, and walked, faster and faster, he had probably began to run, he didn't know, but he stopped when he suddenly felt air hit his face. How had he managed to get on top of the roof he had no idea, but as he dropped himself against the first wall, he fell to ground, and cried.

    Silently, and desperately, just cried, and cried, and cried ... how ... why had he allowed himself to get to this point? Why had he allowed all those emotions to rush back in to his body the way they did? He had let them all flow out of him, had he not? When did they even find their way back? But the real question was ... why did pain always find a way to get back to him.


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    Post  Reita on Tue Aug 23, 2011 1:17 am

    Reita had just opened his drink when he was throughly and effectively disturbed. He'd just opened it. Just now

    And it had nearly spilled, hence the close call to getting stuck with the most sudden of aneurysms. Don't mess with Reita and his damn juice...

    Miyavi. What a freak. High as hell too. 

    Scrunching his face in the most obscene of ways, the blonde pushed his ex-classmate away and wiped at his lips furiously, glaring in his own way. 

    "Mi-ya-vi." the last person he expected to see here. "What are you doing? How did you get in smelling like this anyways?" he grunted out an uncomfortable noise and shook his head, taking a sip of his unfinished juice. He looked around boredly, glad that there wasn't anyone else there. 

    Rubbing his forehead, the blonde was still felt the popping o his bubble. "You scared the shit out of me," he mumbled nonchalantly-- as if he hadn't just been kissed. 

    With the smallest of sighs, he hooked his arm around Miyavi's neck and nearly dragged him into the cafeteria. "Nigga my ass. Let's get inside-- tell the old group about how University's treating you and of that girl you finally got."

    Ah, what a pleasant surprise. In the back of his mind [one that he would never admit existed], Reita subconciously wondered what Kai was doing. 

    ... Probably eating with PRIDE as Mally had said. She had a pretty solid watch on the map of the school more often than not, so it was better to believe her rather than ignoring it. Shera...

    He sighed to himself and decided to think more about it later. For now, Miyavi was here and he had been a distant older brother to the blonde at school before he graduated-- Reita at least owed him a good time while he was here... Even ifbhe was drugged out of his mind.

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    Post  Kai on Tue Aug 23, 2011 4:28 pm

    Sitting down exactly where Reita had sat Miyavi, looked at Sakito and Mally, smiling like he were the ruler of the world "How ya niggaz been man ... lookin' hawt as usual Mal ... and ya lookin' yo usual hot mess Sak ..." he giggled, shrugging his shoulder in amusement, after which he turned to Reita.

    "Son ... lemme tell ya ..." he then leaned forward as if he were trying to tell something secret "... uni is fuckin' hard dawg! I never smoke or take no shit son! I won't last a goddawg day if I did ... shit" he declared in a loud whisper, lightly hitting his fist on the table, and then leaning back in to his char, crossing his fingers on his flattened and toned chest.

    "That's why today ... on ma free day, I smoked this shit ..." he then giggled, full teeth in sight "... this shit's dope dawg, like ... I feel normal, but I know I am high as fuck!" he giggled, snapping his finger as if he had something incredibly fun "... like ... I keep forgetting shit I did every five minutes ... right now I don't even know how I got here" he admitted shrugging.

    "Which is why ... I won't do this shit no more dawg ... today was first and last da~wg" he giggled "... but ... it was sho' worth it!" he concluded, stealing whatever Sakito had into his tray,and happily eating it.


    Kai splashed his face one last time, for safety measures. The redness was practically gone, but the puffiness was totally there. He still had three more periods before his date, hopefully by the time they were gone, the puffiness would go as well.

    Date ... date which he had planned to totally cancelled because he felt confused. But was there to be confused about now? Not much now was there? Stop there mister!! Screamed his brain, as he felt tears newly pushing through.

    Checking his watch, he concluded that he was thirty minutes late, which would have made any professor bitch, but he truly wasn't feeling well. If they didn't want him in class they could have let him stay out he didn't care.

    "A bit late are we Uke? ..." instantly observed the teacher, as the boy walked into the class, quickly glimpsing at the instructor, and instantly lowering his head. He had given her a full view of his face "... sit down, but if you feel unwell feel free to go to the infirmary" she stated as all the class began to whisper, once Kai sat trying to hide his face the best he could "... let's proceed" snappily stated the instructor, as the class newly turned silent.

    He needed to get Reita out of his system quick. Quick, because this almost excruciating feeling wasn't going to do him any good. Not at all. Fuck. Why was the sky so fucking grey but no sign of rain?

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    Post  Reita on Tue Aug 23, 2011 10:50 pm

    Reita and Mally shook their heads as Sakito barked out a laugh. "Miyavi, you've always been too much." Sakito commented, scrunching his nose, "What did you take?" he whispered excitedly.

    Reita rolled his eyes and let his mind drift off; he smiled, laughed, and tossed in a brash comment wherever he needed to, but other than that, he was gone.

    Why the hell did Kai run off without giving him a chance to say a word? He hadn't even managed to grab his own juice yet... And then the freak sitting next to him had to come and interrupt his game as he was formulating some random excuse to leave and find out where the kids from PRIDE ate and such. Tomorrow was another day, right?

    ... Hopefully.

    But, it wasn't too soon afterwards that Mally was giving him a knowing look that the blonde knew only signified trouble. He almost jumped as he found his phone again, the text this time reading:

    Are you thinking about him? Don't look so distant. I can have his number by tomorrow morning if you'd like it. Drama's a killer and I can never wait until the next episode.

    Wow. He really hated how easily she could read him. ... What, another text?

    Oh, and for ten, I can get it to you by the time you get out of detention.

    WOW. Now he just hated her.

    Let me think on it. Start looking.

    He hated himself too, but that was for a completely different reason that wasn't quite as important as Mally knowing about his little secret.

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    Post  Kai on Wed Aug 24, 2011 1:00 am

    Rushing out of class before anyone could stop him to ask him if he were alright, or just to avoid hearing all the girls began to gossip about him, Kai walked straight to his next period class, where he resolved he's place his head between his arms, over his desk, until class start.

    Or so he intended to have done, if it wasn't for the fact that his arm had suddenly been grabbed. Turning around in great stupor, he found himself face to face with the lip-pierced red-head ethereal-being, whom saved him on Friday; Kazuki.

    "Tears seasonal allergy? ..." he kindly inquired nudging at his face with his chin, at which Kai instantly lowered his face "... we have ten minutes before class, come this way ..." instructed Kazuki, walking behind the brunette and pushing him out a door, which took them in the school backyards by the students little gardening projects.

    "is it so noticeable? ..." suddenly inquired Kai, once outside.

    "Nah ... the puffiness is going down, but you must have cried a big one uh? ..." lightly smiled the red-haid "... I only know, and noticed, because I used to be around a big time crybaby, whom right now is a studdish brunette, college student, whom throws senseless parties on weekends ..." he explained matter-of-factly, while rolling his eyes.

    Once again Aoi, the owner of the house where they had the party, had found his way into the red-heads speech. Yet he rolled his eyes, he never smiled, and looked rather annoyed when mentioning him, but was it for real? Obviously there was something going on between them, and one, or both of them were being difficult, but did they have to? Was there any reason to make things difficult when they could just be together?

    "Do you like him?" rather bluntly asked the brunette, forgetting his tactfulness "... Aoi, do you like him? cause ... I am pretty sure he likes you ..." he then added in a better, calmer tone.

    "Of course I do ..." smiled the elder calmly shrugging "... if I didn't I wouldn't have been at that party in the first place" he added.

    "So- then- I mean ... why run around each other so much?! He likes you, you like him, why not just get together!" exasperatedly inquired Kai, whom felt like he was alas about to cry again.

    "90% of the time it is not as "straightforward" as we see things to be ..." tenderly smiled the red-head "... you saw me kissing someone else right? and I can guarantee you he saw me too, yet he did nothing, why do you think? ..." he then inquired, but Kai merely shrugged silently "... there are infinite reasons for people to act the way they do, you could never tell. But I have known Aoi since we were in kindergarten, and I know he is playing a game, he is always playing games ... we've been playing since middle school, and now I am tired ..." explained the red-head with a bitter smile "... I don't like Aoi, I love him, I do ... but I think I've reached my limit, and I will leave it at that for now ... let's get back to you".

    "Me ..." cynically smiled the brunette "... nothing to say"

    "Well you needed to sort things out between your blond, and my blond ..." gingerly pointed out Kazuki.

    "Oh it has just sorted itself an hour ago ..." cynically smiled Kai, at which Kazuki looked at him rather perplexed "... I saw Reita kissing someone else, so ..." vaguely spat the brunette. Thought it was Someone else who kissed Reita, but; did it make any difference?

    "Well ..." cautiously began Kazuki, looking at the other with a mildly sorrowful face, trying to keep up some sort of grin "... given by the way you reacted at the sight of that ... it is clear that you had sorted out your ideas yourself ... and in that ..." stated Kazuki, pointing at Kai's figure with his index finger "... there is no space for my blond, for I doubt you would have had the same reaction if you had seen Shera kiss someone else ..." concluded Kazuki.

    "That I knew already!" frustratedly exclaimed Kai "... I have known for a while now, but now I am the one who was fucked over, and it hurts, and I don't want this, and I just want it to stop, and go away and ... fuck!" finally blurted out the brunette, as Kazuki took his head in his chest, and his tears on his uniform.

    "Shhh ... it's all good ..." tried to sooth the red-head sadly sighing "... Shera asked you out right?" then inquired the red-head, as the brunette nodded into his chest "... well ... though we obviously do not want to deceive him, even though at this point he is taking it as a personal challenge ... I think that you should go out with him just for today ... he really is a born entertainer and he can take you head away from Suzuki-san at least for the time being ..." he suggested, at which Kai nodded once again "... lets go back in now ... so you don't worry about anything uh?" he reassured "... whereas I might just have to exchange a few words with Mr. Suzuki ..." he then stated so lowly that Kai didn't catch any of it.

    He really didn't like the idea of having to go on the date, but he knew for sure that he'd end up thinking and crying over Reita for the rest of the day if he was left to go him, so perhaps Kazuki had a point. He'd go on the date, and just leave it up to Shera, and hope from the bottom of his heart that he wouldn't end up doing to the bleach blond, the same that wa sbeing done to him now.

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    Post  Reita on Wed Aug 24, 2011 1:55 am

    Two more periods. Two more and he would be set. He would be free... and he would have Kai's number.

    Scratch that. Two more periods, one detention, and ten dollars later; he would have the number.

    And he was awake in class-- check out what Kai was doing to this poor kid. But he wasn't just awake, no. He was nearly rocking back and forth in anticipation.

    This was terrible, what the hell was he doing with himself? How had he gotten to this point?

    ...Whatever. At least Miyavi was out roaming the school and following Sakito or someone else from their group and not the blonde himself. That freak was the last thing Reita wanted to show off to Kai-- proving that he only hung out with trash.

    Well, "trash" to be more correct. No one that Reita hung out with was really all that bad... just deeper into drugs than most teens should be with poorer grades than many-- but that didn't make them bad people. Contrary to fact, most were kind enough to spare a word to anyone that talked to them and gave them a chance; it was just that the chance itself never really showed itself.

    He couldn't say that the chance meeting with a certain brunette was a bad thing at all though. Maybe he'd be able to show someone completely different from him that the people he hung out with, including himself, weren't the kind to stray away from and deserved to be given a chance... He felt his toes curl nervously at the thought of Kai giving him a chance at friendship. It was an interesting thought, considering that they only had one thing in common.

    But would the blonde consider anything more? ... What the hell was that supposed to mean?

    Remember that kiss, stupid? ... Oh. That. Well... Reita would tackle that obstacle when it came. Right now, even talking to the brunette and maybe getting to know each other would be enough, wouldn't it?

    He was rocking back and forth again. The teacher called on him-- what a terrible move on his part. A smart-Alec comment later, and Reita was left alone again, minding his own business and still not sleeping-- the teacher should have been glad that Reita had graced his consciousness during class time like this as it was.


    ... Speaking of losers...


    It was a good thing that Mally was good enough at this whole school thing that paying attention to her phone wouldn't impact her negatively.

    It's done deal, my good sir. Another ten if you want it right now.

    Screw off, beggar. I can wait until after detention.

    It's what a bug says before getting snapped on by the jaws of a fly trap plant. Maybe you should take it now.

    Reita wasn't too sure if it were a warning or not, but he figured it not to be so.

    Maybe you should find a job. You done good, m'lady.

    If you say so.

    Reita would have replied back, but he was getting a look from the teacher warning him to cut it out. He would save it for later when he actually got the number.

    Two periods, one detention, and ten dollars to go...

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    Post  Kai on Wed Aug 24, 2011 10:26 am

    The remaining of the periods had breezed through with no further accidents, and now Kai was checking himself in the mirror one last time, glad to see that the puffiness had almost all gone away. That pencil that Shera had used on him would most definitely have come in handy.

    Taking a big breath, he tried to make a big smile, but the effect on his heart were disastrous, so he quickly stopped. Best to not to force himself, though he needed to show signs of happiness in order to avoid the bleach blond to worry. Sigh. He'd do his best.

    Walking out the institution, he quickly spotted a brightly smiling Shera waiting for him at the gates.

    "Hey there handsome ..." greeted the elder with a genuine smile, which Kai replied with a seemingly quite genuine one of his "ready to go?" inquired the blond, and Kai nodded "... everything okay?" then inquired the elder taking a good look at him "... something feels off" he stated looking a bit concerned,

    "Nah ..." sighed the brunette in pretense smugness "... school is uneventful, that it brought me literally to tears ... I tell you, I have been looking forward to this our date right now!" lies, lies, lies! you are a despicable liar Kai Uke and you will burn in hell for that! "... so where are we going?" he curiously inquired managing to brightly smile.

    "I want to show you something ..." stated Shera as they reached the parking lot, and without even a second look at the group of students around it, he got into the car and allowed the elder to drive him away.

    They listened to the same visual kei station, and to the bruentte's surprise he could recognize some of the songs, even hum to hum along to some of them, which for some reason made the other particularly happy. He was really so such a sweet person.

    Stopping by the rather tall red bridge, which was an attraction in their town, they parked in the tourist parking, and Shera walked him over it, and right in the middle they stopped, the elder leaning on the rail staring into the horizon.

    "Not too long ago, perhaps in middle school, if you had seen me, you'd probably wouldn't have recognized me ..." began the bleach blond, as Kai leaned right by him, staring forward as well "... short black hair, the nerdiest glasses, god, the perfect bookworm, whom however began to realize that he wasn't exactly like every other bookworms ..." expressed the brunette with a nostalgic smile.

    "Yeah, cause differently from all the other, he was unbearably handsome ..." teasingly pointed out Kai, making the other lightly shove him in the arm.

    "That aside ..." swiftly replied the elder in a pretense haughty tone "... I'm always preaching about accepting your inner self, your sexuality, right? But truth is that when I found out that I like men, I didn't take it too nicely ... at all" he began to explain "I wanted a normal life, like everyone else who aspired to maybe become a highly paid politician such as myself, I had dreams of success of having that prototypical family with a beautiful wife and a kid, but nothing about a woman excited me, in fact it quite repulsed me ... and I couldn't quite live with that, not talk about facing my parents ... I couldn't" he paused.

    Kai attentively listened to every single word, it didn't take a genius to know that this was extremely personal, and though he felt incredibly honored that he other felt like he could confide in him the way he did,he wished so much he didn't; wish Sehra could stop falling in love with him.

    "Needless to say, I wasn't thinking properly on that day when I came here and decided that jumping off of this would be the best turn of events ..." he lightly laughed, Kai impulsively turned to look at him still staring in the distance "... and that is when I met Kazuki, he was just passing by in his bike, and totally almost fell from it, as he smashed on his breaks" he laughed.

    "Figures, that Kazuki would come to the rescue ..." lightly giggled the brunette, the boy had truly have to be sent from up above, if that existed.

    "Yeah ... I tell you ... he said all sort of nonsense that day I can't even remember, but he did tell me that if I didn't jump, he'd help me find a way to still "raise to power" in a way it suited us, because he had then reveled himself that he liked men as well, had known for quite a while, and wasn't fazed by it in the least" he continued explaining "... but I was just a real hot mess, and didn't trust him, and that was when he told me that as a sign of his promise he'd dye his hair blood red, and that I should at least come and witness such ... and he had, and I witnessed it, and ever since its been red ... like this bridge" he concluded, now staring back at the brunette, whom couldn't help but smile at him.

    "I am glad you didn't jump ..." Kai genuinely stated, and he meant it, just because he didn't feel for him what he felt for Reita, didn't mean he couldn't care for someone in a maybe particular way, and Shera had done so much for him, it was quite unavoidable.

    "Me too ..." whispered the bleach blond, and it was just one of those moments, it was the right moment, and Kai for the first time realized how hard it was to properly react in certain situations, because he saw it happening, yet he didn't exactly move away like he had wanted when the elder's lips landed on his.

    And then he wished people could just be in control of their heart, could just order each other to fall in love with someone. He wished this kiss gave him all the electrifying sensations that Reita's had, he wished that his heartbeat had sped up even just a little bit. But it hadn't and he knew it wouldn't, and now he felt like crying. He wish he could like him like he liked Reita, he really wished he did.

    "Sorry I-" replied Shera soon after, but Kai politely interrupted him, with the best smile he could.

    "It is okay ..." he reassured, landing the side of his face on the elder's shoulder, whom then held him, as the brunette dried away a traitor tear.

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    Post  Reita on Wed Aug 24, 2011 5:00 pm

    Reita was walking back to his locker and staring at a blank message on his phone. A blank message to a person he'd labeled as "Troublemaker" on his phone. Why was he so nervous about this?

    Maybe it was because he had nothing to say. Maybe because it were creepy and stalker-ish that he had this number right now. How had he gotten pulled into all of this? Did he really want to text Kai so badly?

    ... Well, yeah, but that was a rhetorical question as it were, so...

    He closed his phone. Maybe he would have more guts tomorrow after talking to him again. Mally did send the number to him with the hint to act like a dead fish looking for water and that time was of the essence... some crap like that.

    But waiting was always a better thing, right?

    Reita had hardly slept all day, with that small visit from Kai enough to keep him nervously anxious until he got the number. Now he just had cold feet because he was at a loss of words. How could he just text someone because he wanted to, with no indication of how the number itself were obtained.

    He was rocking back and forth again. It would be a long stretch until tomorrow.


    Reita ended up breaking down after dinner time... With the lamest and creepiest text known to man.

    At the arcade again?

    He really hated himself. There was no one worse at this than him. There was not way that he could be this terrible, right?

    Maybe there was. He had even forgot to even hint that it were him texting the brunette... He dropped back on his bed, phone on his stomach and hands folded behind his head, mind racing without any hope of rest. He felt like a love struck, immature little girl.

    Whatever. He didn't give a damn.

    ... Yes he did. Why was this reply taking so long anyways...? Maybe Kai didn't respond to people he didn't know? Maybe Mally got someone to tell Kai ahead of time that Reita had the brunette's number. Maybe he Kai was too busy thinking about Shera to text him back.

    Was Reita so easily jealous? It was a possibility.

    Was he wondering too much? Most likely.

    Did he really have to wait so long to scrounge up enough courage to send a simple text? It was pertinent.

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    Post  Kai on Wed Aug 24, 2011 5:53 pm

    Dropping himself on his bed he took a deep deep breath and realize he was truly exhausted. He would have loved to say that his date had nothing to do with his tiredness, but having to keep up appearances was quite an effort, and added to all the stress of the day it just finally killed him.

    Staring into the emptiness from over his sheets, he stayed immobile immersed in the semi-darkness of his room. The feel of Shera lips gone long ago, hadn't last anything in fact, nothing compared to Reita's, which alas he could still quite feel, same has his hands on his waist and back, and his entire scent of smoke and beer as well.

    What he couldn't quite understand right now was why did he let himself keep thinking about him if it hurt so much, what kind of sickness was this? Where was the cure? He'd pay any amount of money, and do anything just to get rid of it.

    Then unexpectedly and untypically his cell phone chimed. Kai was about to ignore the thing, many people didn't have his number, so the chance was that it would have been somebody from PRIDE, in which case he wasn't in the mood for any interaction.

    However, it occurred to him that it could have been Shera. The bleach blond seemed worried about him, and now Kai wondered if the elder thought that he was thinking about perhaps ending his life as well! How and where would he have got such and idea, if that where to have been the case ... however, pushing himself up, he got to his cellphone in the pocket of his bag, and read the message from an unknown number.

    "What the fuck ..." he lowly whispered reading the text over and over, and after which he placed his cell phone on his desk. That was a weird coincidence. A freaky coincidence. The person was perhaps supposed to meet with this guy at the arcade, but out of all the wrong nubmer's he could get he got his a frequent arcade goer. That was really beyond creepy.

    Dropping back on his bed, he returned to stare in to darkness, and thinking of Reita. Somehow he really didn't want for things to just end like that, he wanted the blond to get a piece of his mind, maybe that would help Kai obtain peace of mind.

    Then as he turned around, something made him think that perhaps he should have informed the person that he got a wrong number. He would have liked to be told so if he were the one. Supposing he thought he had texted Reita, and no reply came back, he'd probably die, and would love to have the other person to tell him that they mistook number or something, so that he could calm down.

    Not that he could start hoping for any text from Reita now anyways, or ever for that matter. Picking up the phone, he quickly typed

    Sorry i think you mistook number.

    and after pressing send, he dropped back on his bed.

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    Post  Reita on Wed Aug 24, 2011 7:31 pm

    What what what what what... Reita shouldn't have felt so nervous after only one text back. ... ... ... Did he have the right number?

    After a long and extensive, word-based argument with Mally, he decided to stop being annoying and believe that this was in fact the brunette he was texting. He had also made sure to interrogate her as to whether she told Sakito yet or not as well... What a relief.

    He stared at the phone, message open and without a clue as to what to say back. What could he have said?

    "Oh, this is Reita, by the way. Just checking in to make sure." What? No.

    "Oh really? Because I--" Wow he wasn't even going to finish that, it was so lame.

    Okay, so... Now or never, right? Never live life with a ton of "What if's" to steer you away from everything.

    This isn't the kid from Friday night?

    ... Yeah, that sounded better. Or at least, as good as he could get it and promptly enough so that the brunette didn't think he was a real creep. He nodded to himself and got up to swing his feet back and forth over the edge of his bed, still childishly nervous. Why did this almost feel like a bad idea?

    Fuck you, bad idea feeling. Reita wanted to talk to Kai.

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    Post  Kai on Wed Aug 24, 2011 10:07 pm

    he was about to doze off when his cellphone vibrated again. Once again, thinking that this time it might have been Shera, he reached for it, and read the message to find out that it was the same guy, with an even creepier message.

    What the fuck.

    His mind kept searching among people he met on Friday, but he couldn't come up with anyone but Aoi. Yet, if this were to truly have been Aoi would he be texting him? Had he seen him and Kazuki go home together and now he wanted to ask him questions? He could have at least remembered his name kid from Friday, Kai did remember his name after all, supposing this was him. But else would it be?

    The more he though about it, it made sense, probably him and Shera met, and he vaguely asked about that kid, he copied that the number from the cell phone, and didn't bother to write down the name cause he really didn't want to talk with him but just get information.

    What kind of info could he get from him anyways? He knew nothing. Well he knew how much Kazuki had said the other day, but that wasn't anything that he was sure the brunette didn't know.

    But what if it wasn't Aoi? Who else could have been texting him such cryptic messages, but then again many people went to arcades, many people went to parties on Friday. That guy just didn't want to give up and realize that he wasn't the person he was looking for.

    Is this Aoi? My name is Kai the guy that came with Shera the other day ... I don't know why you'd have my number, but if this (1/3)is not Aoi then, once again you might have mistaken number. And not to criticize but this might make your (2/3) life easier saying things like "still at the arcade" or "guy from friday" is very vague many can fit the description. (3/3)ok. bye.

    And that would have put rest to it. If anything he might have sounded so full of himself that the other guy would have probably given up.


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    Post  Reita on Thu Aug 25, 2011 1:52 am

    Reita stared at his phone, flipping through the three messages incessantly, trying to figure out where, how, when and why this message seemed to appropriate to this brunette. And now Reita knew it was him, but how to illustrate that that this was the blonde texting and not some random creepy freak.

    Party goers don't normally go to arcades in their free time.

    ... Oops. He sent that without thinking.

    Aiight, aiight... Now what? Reita got up to pace nervously with his phone-- maybe he should send something else to level out this conversation. Maybe... Maaaaybe...

    Maybe Kai was already working on his reply. Oh well! Here went nothing.

    At least, not too many that go and try to mount other people on the shooting motorcycle game. Just saying.

    Yep. Nothing. Absoloutely nothing. Reita was done thinking for these texts, he was just happy to have something more interesting in his life than the next high.

    He scratched his head and frowned at his phone. Was that too straightforward and blunt? Kai would [or at least should...] know who he was by that last text and... maybe he'd text him back. Maybe. He was really really hoping that Kai wasn't upset at all about what happened that Friday night.

    It was all a slip of mind, really. A weak moment of the night.

    Was his phone broken at all? Was Kai even going to text him back...? THE HELL WAS THIS TAKING FOREVER?! He was nearly skipping with anxiety.

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    Post  Kai on Thu Aug 25, 2011 2:09 am

    So this person wasn't going to give up uh? What the hell, what was wrong with people nowadays, couldn't a person be successfully asocial and be left alone?

    Then again it was probably his fault for having replied to all those texts in the first place, as to give the person a reason to keep texting back. So he would just ignore this text, and that was definitely going to solve the problem.

    No it didn't.

    Not too long after another text came through, and at this point it was really just out of sheer curiosity that Kai went to check and see where he was being perhaps cursed at, or whether ... the last of people in the universe he expected a text from was currently the person texting him.

    Thanks to the last text, Kai had absolutely no doubt that the person texting him was Reita. He almost dropped his cell phone from the shock. Why was he texting him? Why did he need to communicate with him, instead of maybe smooching with hsi boyfriend. Jealousy was really ugly.

    What do you want from me? Please tell me because I really can't take it anymore. Just tell me what you want from me, or just leave me alone please.

    He tremblingly wrote, and before he could even think it through he had sent it. This is was so annoying. It was annoying how truly happy he was that Reita had texted him beyond the whole anger at eh kiss he had seen.

    He was happy, and so miserable because of it. So so so sad Kai.

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    Post  Reita on Thu Aug 25, 2011 5:49 pm

    Reita stopped his pacing and stared at his phone for a solid ten seconds before plopping onto the floor. What was that supposed to mean...?

    He put the phone on the floor and stared at it, cheeks resting in his hands. Reita was feeling a little more disappointed than he thought he'd be at a text back. He swallowed slowly, why did he seem so aggravated still...? Surely Kai knew it was him, right...?

    That was a good point though... What did he want...? Why was he bothering the poor kid?

    But even more importantly, did that kiss mean nothing to him? He crossed his legs and sighed lightly, still boring holes into his phone.

    Can't take what? He frowned deeper when he found himself getting the slightest bit frustrated-- this wasn't as exciting or fun as he'd originally thought.

    Just wanted to wish you a good night and sweet dreams, princess

    Oops. He forgot the period. Oh well. Kai wasn't happy to text him, so he wouldn't bother him past that, right? Right.

    So he had to stop staring at his phone now and find something else to do with his time. Like now. No, right now. Stop staring.

    ... But what if he texted back? The blonde bit his bottom lip and went to text Sakito instead-- something mindless to give him an excuse to stay near his phone, just in case.

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